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Most people would assume that wrestling fans are only interested in the characters and storylines that we see on television, but reality is there are plenty of fans who are also interested in their personal lives. And that is normal with celebrities since everyone has an extra interest in their dating choices. Since wrestlers have the opportunity to date the finest women out there, most of us would guess that their partners look like models for the most part. And that is true in so many cases as we will come to learn through the list. Physical appearance doesn't matter on the dating scene for these wrestlers since they have the advantage in many other areas such as money, fame and body. So you may be shocked to some average looking wrestlers hooking up with women that look much better than them.

Cody Rhodes looks just fine and one could say that he is truly dashing. But there is levels in the dating world, and he happens to have a partner who would be labelled as a perfect ten. Brandi has a case for being the finest WAG today, which is why she has gained such huge following on social media. If her wrestling career doesn't take off, then she will surely find work in the media elsewhere due to her great appearance.

There is no shame in being out of Brandi's league, as most men would be. And Cody probably doesn't feel too bad about it, if anything, he should be bragging about having locked up the premiere WAG in wrestling today. And regardless who Brandi was dating, they also would have likely ended up on this list which says plenty about her if the photo above didn't make that clear enough.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

It seems like they have been together for a while, although they have somehow managed to keep a low profile. They reportedly met when Dillinger was still in NXT, and they clearly got along very well from the start. Dillinger isn't bad looking per se, but Peyton is obviously the one who would gain all the attention. And the photo above doesn't do her any justice since she is one of the finest talents on the roster. Not only has she impressed inside the squared circle, but Petyon has managed to already steal the hearts of so many viewers.

And with her star guaranteed to grow soon, it will only make it even more obvious that she is way out of Dillinger's league. But he probably hopes that she won't notice it as we all probably will. That ended up on a very sour note with rumors suggesting that it was due to an ongoing affair between Sky and Bubba Ray.

As far as appearance, she clearly downgraded from Sabin to Bubba, but the latter is obviously a greater wrestling figure.

10 Wrestlers Who Are Dating Way Out Of Their League And 5 Who Could Do Better. via Alexa Bliss is perhaps the most improved wrestler on the WWE roster of the past two years. While she still isn't quite to the level of say a Charlotte Flair or Sasha Banks in the ring, she's arguably the best on the mic in the women's division and. The Divas and wrestlers are being involved constantly so sparks are bound to fly between a few of them. It usually doesn't end in any real love, but Divas sure have played the dating field in the WWE universe. Some of these Divas are known for Author: Griffin Leyden. Watch Nude Women Wrestling - 48 Pics at! xHamster is the best porn site to get Free Porn pictures!

Bubba Ray probably jumped at the opportunity to date Velvet Sky, knowing that he would never be able to top her. And all their photos together suggest that he probably is well aware of that since he always seem to be extra happy around her. To his credit, he does look better these days than he did in his younger years. Not only is he in better shape these days, but he takes better care of his overall appearance.

But still not quite enough to be on the same level as Velvet Sky. Dean Ambrose and Renee Young seem like complete opposites in terms of personality.

Oct 09,   Besides the aforementioned, Andrade Cien Almas is or was dating NXT trainer Sarah Stock aka Dark Angel and Aiden English is married to Shaul Guerrero, daughter of Vickie and Eddie. Outside WWE, Sami Callihan is dating Jessicka Havok, NXT bound Crazy Mary Dobson was engaged to Mad Man Pondo and Davey Richards is married to Angelina Love. May 05,   Complete List of WWE Wrestlers Who Are Dating Other WWE Wrestlers Share on Facebook Share on Flipboard Share via E-mail More share options Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Share on Author: Brendan Morrow.

Whereas Renee seems very outgoing and sociable, Ambrose seems rather reclusive and reserved in his personal life. Fans were able to catch a glimpse of the two's relationship on Total Divas and it was clear that Ambrose was very uncomfortable being on the show.

It's very unsurprising to hear their wedding was an extremely private ceremony. Luckily for viewers, they got to see some of Ambrose's softer side that he otherwise wouldn't allow others to see and it was clear to viewers how happy the two are together.

Feb 09,   Dating an athlete isn't some movie drama, perfect teen life dream. As high school sports seem to get more and more competitive, the more dedicated the athletes are. It's uncommon for an athlete to not play off-season. Talking from experience, dating a male athlete isn't as Troy and Gabriella as it may seem. I date. Hey guys, today we want to talk about Tna Wrestlers Dating Knockouts hooking up with sexy Tna Wrestlers Dating Knockouts girls in Batam at the Nagoya Entertainment District. Every weekends thousands of guys from Singapore get on a ferry and come over to Tna Wrestlers Dating Knockouts enjoy themselves. They know that the nightlife here is Tna Wrestlers Dating / Which wrestlers are not in a relationship, dating or married to anyone? Close. 0. Posted by 4 years ago. And I think Emma is dating some random dude that is a bodybuilder or something (I'm going off what I saw off her IG a couple months back). help App coins premium gifts.

Still, anybody who would catch the two out in public and seeing how different they are wouldn't be able to resist asking; how'd these two end up together? Most readers will be quick to assume that we are throwing shade at Finn Balor by claiming that Cathy Kelley is out of his league.

Balor certainly has the looks, but he lacks "it" to make him stand out. As for Kelley, she is one of the most charming personalities in WWE. Her smile alone would put her a notch above Balor, and that's not going too far into details. They have been together for at least a year as they have been spotted together in public numerous times, including an appearance at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

For whatever reason, the couple doesn't appear to be quite ready to make their relationship public just yet. And based on many entries here, that seems like the common theme in today's WWE relationships. And it's probably for the best until they are comfortable to share with the public. Baron Corbin is truly proving himself as an overachiever.

7 Tips for Dating a Wrestler

In the WWE, he has already reached levels that are way beyond his talent. In real life, he is dating the fine woman seen above.

Girls Need To Stop Doing This At Dates!

And it is evident that she is way out of his league but Corbin is probably just happy to have her by his side. And based on that photo, it seems like she has him wearing a beanie at all times, which the WWE should probably consider due to Corbin's awful looking hair. Corbin should definitely do his best to keep her around since it's probably as good as it's ever gonna get for him.

If he wasn't a WWE Superstar, it is very likely that he would have never pulled off a woman like that, but luckily for him, he made it to the major league and it is now paying off.

Seldom.. possible tell

Maryse and Miz just had their first child together after a few years of marriage, so obviously they're committed for life to each other. The two have been the WWE's most entertaining on-screen couple of the last couple of years and fans have gotten a glimpse of their relationship on Total Divas and while they have their disagreements, it does seem like true love.

Still, when people think of how nerdy and dorky The Miz can come off as in real life, it was a little surprising when they found out the French Canadian beauty and Miz were a couple.

The two definitely have amazing chemistry, but we're sure The Miz wakes up every morning and realizes how lucky he is. One of wrestling's greatest mysteries is how Kevin Owens managed to pull off his partner.

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Some may say that it's easy for WWE Superstars to attract the finest women out there, but the couple had been together before he even made it to the WWE. Owens realizes that she is way out of his league and has acknowledged it numerous times through some of his tweets. That's not to throw him under the bus because he does look like a regular guy after all, but certainly not good looking enough to outshine his partner.

She is fine enough for fans to follow her Instagram account despite the majority of her posts being related to her kids.

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That is the ultimate proof that she could give any wrestling WAG a good run for her money as far as looks go - as she could probably be a model if she wanted to. When the photo above was published on social media, it went around on Twitter and wrestling forums. You are commenting using your Google account.

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Search for:. Get used to not seeing him. Practices are after school, two hours long, in the winter.

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Well, he has some free time but not enough to satisfy the urge of needing to see him. Wrestling meets suck. I love going to a meet more than anything, but they absolutely suck. If you are a fan watching, then they might as well be enjoyable not not for the girlfriends. I used to think that I was worrying about nothing, until I had to see his body be put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

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The nervousness makes wrestling meets unbearable. And the likely chance of your boyfriend messing up and getting hurt. I get mad because I have to watch him make the wrong moves and then also having to see him lose.

His face after a loosing match is awful. He is angry with himself and knows coach is going to tear him a new one after this.

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And no matter how you feel about the match, you have to comfort him. They get bruised up and have pulled everythings. Black eyes are common and my boyfriend in one season tore his meniscus, got slammed on his neck, had pinched nerves and a cervical sprain. If you are not used to seeing loved ones hurt, get used to it.

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I had to see my boyfriend be put onto a stretcher and taken to the local hospital in an ambulance.

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