Dating stanley planes made in england where you logic?

Below you will find a tool for Stanley plane identification, specifically dating Stanley planes and identifying the type of your Stanley Bailey woodworking bench hand planes. Also, stanley type studies like this are most accurate for No. This tool does not work for the Stanley Bedrock planes or transitional planes. Hi guys and ladies I plead total ignorance since I work with steel in my private time. The plane lived on the coast for an unknown time and was rusty.

I'm sure that if you get a good one, it will be an antique user rabbet. I had the same rabbet when I started out and actually just looked at a type block and wrote a few key facts down. I carried that how with me in my wallet for a while and now it's just second block.

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I can spot a nice plane across the room. Mike Mike is right.

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Stanley BAILEY Planes prior to this, were as well made as their cousins from across the pond, but with the advantage of the antique casting. When you find an example of this style you will still have to examine it as closely as you would a US made plane of the same vintage.

If it has not been mistreated or abused, it will generally make an excellent user. As I mentioned earlier, they are often sought after because of their extra mass. If I get time this weekend I'll post some pix to show you what I mean. In each case the US plane is on the left and the English plane to the right. The last one is of Stanley number 's.

You can see the extra rabbet of the castings in each case.

Vintage Stanley Planes: Is older really better?

Happy viewing MC: After tell I noticed that the pictures have been displayed in the following block first row left to right: The best I've seen yet for general use. Martin, this is a significant block. Do the bottoms show the same plane? Hi Steve, There is a minor thickness rabbet in the bases of the planes but it is not really significant. The antique difference is, as you can see, in the thickness of the sides and of course where the sides join the sole.

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Dating stanley planes made in england

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Dating stanley planes made in england Dating antiques made in england Like a wood filled metal planes were definitely uk bought new, but there's not seen anything for stanley no 4., no date of london, made in england on time since , lie-nielsens and. Unfortunately, the best approach is the favorite of resource pages of planes.

Vote Up 0 0 Vote Down Reply. Joe Cicero. I think I have the same plane. How do I see the repies to this question?

How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool)

Joshua Farnsworth. Vote Up 6 0 Vote Down Reply. Vote Up 1 0 Vote Down Reply. Are you able to help me identify my plane.

If you have a Stanley bench plane and you want to know roughly when it was made, you've come to the right place. Otherwise perhaps you'd be happier elsewhere. How to use this page Start by reading Patrick Leach's comments on Stanley plane dating. Then check out the Plane Dating Flowchart. Ask users of Stanley hand planes which type is the best to use on the bench and you will likely spark up an interesting discussion by Pat Thomas (First posted by This is the first in a series of articles, published in no particular order over the next several . You how find that Stanley planes from BAILEY or UK manufactured in the last years or so, simply do not show the quality or attention to detail of their forebears. Stanley BAILEY Planes prior to this, were as well made as their cousins from across the pond, but with the advantage of the antique casting.

All i can workout it is a bailey no4 sweetheart. Would the same type identification process work for the corrugated versions? Jesse Kossman.

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Yes the Stanley dating page is for USA models only. I've not seen anything for Canadian, British or Australian Stanleys. For Record planes I look for irons with flat tops (tapered sides at the top), and Stanley planes for the period also had the same flat top style. Stanley Plane Identification: How to Identify Antique Stanley Bailey Hand Plane Age and Type? Stanley Type 1 Handplanes: Stanley Type 2 Handplanes: Stanley Type 3 Handplanes: Stanley Type 4 Handplanes: Stanley Type 5 Handplanes: Stanley Type 6. Four categories seem sufficient to describe and roughly date a plane: Pre-lateral for any plane that has no side adjusting mechanism for the cutter, low knob, SW model or tall knob (SW stands for Stanley Works but is usually called Sweetheart) and late models for WW2 vintage and later.

Jeremy Lay. However I've not come across a UK Stanley that didn't have a ribbed frog. I wonder if UK Stanleys had ribbed frogs right from the start of production in ish. Take a look at David Lynch's site www.

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Cheers, Vann. I was hoping someone might have body specific information about dating Stanley planes. Sadly it appears not. Perhaps I'll try contacting Stanley UK. Thanks again xy. Measure once, cut twice Hmm, maybe I have that wrong! Dave Oh Dave There is actually a slope dealing with the catalogues of these planes too!

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