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I wish you luck. If you clearly don't like what others answered then I'm not sure why you're even posting the same thing about your height. We all already gave you the answers. Lol 7'1" but not 7'2" at that height I can't imagine anyone can tell the difference.

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Freshman year of college a 5'2 Asian girl dated a 7'3" basketball player. Pretty sure they are still together 3 years later. He has to be the worst 7'3" badkebtall player in history though. I prefer slim women. I generally prefer them shorter too, but don't insist on the height as much. Forget it. I only date guys my height or taller 6'2 to 7'1.

Sorry but that's the truth. So you posted a question worrying about guys finding you attractive based on your height, but then base your attraction to guys on their height?

The official site for Dating #NoFilter show clips, photos, videos, show schedule, and news from E! Online. Jul 17,   With Amy Paffrath, David Dees, Natalie Jansen, Rocsi Diaz. A reality series in which a man and a woman date two different naked suitors on a remote exotic location/ Jul 15,   The five-part series, which premiered Tuesday night, follows four women who stand at 6-foot-6 and taller. There's Colleen, a 6-foot-6 former .

You do realize how dumb that is, right? I agree with yadda on this lol. You asked us if we'd date a tall girl and then you're all like "I won't date a short guy. You've essentially just wanted to feel good about yourself by asking us the question.

Tracy's been single for three years and hopes this revealing dating show will find her a man. And phone salesman Matthew is bored of dating apps and wants girls to see the real him. Feb 14,   Created by Chris Culvenor. With Gurki Basra, Kate Burr, Graig Couton, Jonathan A. Hanna. In a series of flirtations and fails, six real-life singles navigate five blind dates. Their mission: Find one perfect match worthy of a second date/

Most guys will date a tall woman, a short woman, or a woman of the same height. We don't discriminate too harshly. JoeE21 While that's true, I have to point out that she did ask for honesty, and she responded in the same fashion. Asker good luck to you, you are shrinking your potential dating pool for yourself. When a 6'4" guy can get a 5'6" girl, they ain't gonna go for you.

I suggest lowering your standards or hit the gym, improve your personality, and get good makeup. Otherwise you're gonna be solo for a while. I agree with Mr. You can't complain for guys having preferences of shorter women when you keep complaining about how "horrible" short men are.

Everyone likes different things, tough shit if you're not the preference. LOL some dude on here asked girls if they'd date a short guy but he said he wouldn't date a girl taller than him or a girl with small boobs. The real question. Would she date me? It's common knowledge that the majority of women want a tall man taller than them.

I'm only 6'1". Well bullshit. If you don't want to date a tall woman and only want short girls than your shallow as fuck! She's fine with the fact she doesn't want to date shorter guys, but flips out when a guy want a short girl.

Not if you knew her personality. Just read her comments here and see for yourself. Haha I read the below comments Well I like the way she talks directly to guys face Like forget it Fuck you Bullshit u just want sex from tall girls :p she is like a atom bomb to me :. Asker what's wrong with guys that are shorter than you? You prefer tall guys and plenty of guys prefer short girls, you shouldn't complain about men having height preferences when you do yourself.

Bysshe She's just a hypocrite.

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Asker Don't you see that what you're saying is no different from a short guy saying this: Fuck the tall hunky men! They get the petite women and I get nothing! Scorpio Indeed. You do realize that homo sapiens are the tallest, right To say she was a cave woman for being tall is just retarded, but that's too much reason for you.

And cave men were no fat, they were the most active of their time. They had to fight to survive.

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You're really too stupid. Go ahead and spew your garbage, because all your going to do is baffle us with your b. I said the girls that are 6'2'' are usually fat. Obviously that's you since you're so defensive about it About the cave woman, it's a figure of speech and not to be taken literally TallAmazonGirl94 Xper 4. Would you date a woman that tall? Please be honest. I'm 6'2, a female, large-framed and lbs.

Dating show 4 2 6

On and pear shaped. Hell no! That's too tall for me. Vote A. Vote B. I like short girls. Vote C. I love average sized women.

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Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Men: Would you date a 6'2 woman? Add Opinion.

I'm 4'11 and the first one was 6'1 and the second one was 6'0. I don't have a height preference, but I fell for them. Tall girls act as if similar height people have to be together lol Wtf No. Chill out. A group of single celebrities join an exclusive dating agency in a bid to find true love. Naked Attraction S.3 Ep 47 minSlayerxeee - k Views - Naked Attraction - Sophie. 52 secJimmyprotoon - k Views - Charles, 20 on UK TV show Naked Attraction 2 minNakedguyz - 2M Views - 42 minLucasxtgt - k Views - Adan y eva,capitulo tres. 58 minAdanyeva - M Views - Glam clothed dominas tug.

I like tall girls yes but love for me is too strong a word. It's not like I actively go seeking out Amazonians plus your last post was seething with only finding guys taller than you so how am I supposed to get my chance to flirt my ass off with you when you're not even letting me get a shot through.

There's nothing wrong with tall women, I actually don't look at height too much, it's one of those things where the girl's passion in life, characters, personalities shines more than her height.

But I am also not going to like I really don't prefer girl to be smaller than 5'6 but that can be looked over by what I had just mentioned a few sentences ago. If you actively put out the vibe that you're not interested in guys that are small in terms of height for your standards then I think you closing your net on the amount of good guys you could possible have and go on a fun date with. If you're open to more possibilities and widen your net you have a larger selection to pick from rather than a small net.

I totally would date a girl that tall. Maybe a 5'2 or 5'8 chick would date you but not me. Show All Show Less. I think you're a damn troll or a damn hypocrite. You find short men unattractive, coolio. But then you keep obsessing and complaining that some guys find tall women unattractive. We all have our own preferences.

It's fine to have our standards and preferences, but you're becoming obsessed and hypocritical now. Either learn to stop being so picky with height, or stop complaining about the men who do.

You're doing the same thing as the men who only date petite chicks, but with only taller men. Plus, a girl obssessing about her height would turned me off quickly. You've been a troll for a while. A bitter one at that.

People are so harsh to me. Asker Harsh to you? Have you seen how you've been acting toward others? I have a. She's super tall. Not big, just normal for. She never had boyfriend issuesespecially after highschool. KayKay89 Xper 4. When are you going to quit asking these kind of questions?

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Seriously it's getting annoying. No more. It's getting annoying. So I'm a fucking troll?

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Fuck you! Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Insaan Yoda. Actually the problem would be vice versa. Will you date guys shorter than you?

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Yes, back in high school I dated someone that tall, I'm 6'1 myself. No other guy would go near her except for a couple of basketballers who were of course, taller than her. People made fun of me for dating someone taller, but she was a luscious long-legged volleyball player who looked unbelievable in a miniskirt.

I never paid them any mind. I haven't voted.

What Women Who Are Taller Than 6-Foot-6 Have to Do to Date and Marry

I have a mild preference for short women. But it's not a dealbreaker.

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So the answer is yes, on the height, but not because I prefer it. But I'm taller then that, I could handle it. As for the weight, I can believe it's carried reasonably but would need to see. I'm taller, but lean framed, so she'd be outweighing me. Would you date a 6'2" guy? I'm guessing you would want taller like 66 to 68 range.

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