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Your landlord can't give you a valid section 21 notice during the first 4 months of your original contract. Your landlord must start court action within 6 months of giving you the notice. The notice becomes invalid if they wait longer than this. You're entitled to notice equal to your rental period if you pay rent quarterly or every 6 months. The landlord must start court action within 4 months of the end date on the notice. The landlord must also give you certain written information about the deposit and the scheme used before they can give you a valid section 21 notice.

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To cleanse your sins, feel free to read more about me and my blog. If you like what I do, you may want to consider supporting my addiction. Hi Niche It would have to be the date you are issuing.

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In your case you are giving them almost three months therefore do it from the 20th of September and yes the lad day would be the 19th December.

I am so confused its been a nightmare. The ast i issued had "tenancy beggining on 4- " However the agreement was signed on as i was away. How do i serve a valid notice an which date do i go by, itspossible i will need to get court order. Hello, I need some advice. My tenants tenancy agreements ends 18 December I am going to serve section 21 now i.

The dates for section 21 notices. Dating a Section 21 Notice caused confusion in the past - the act says that 2 months notice must be given, but at a different section states that the notice period must end on the last day of the tenancy period.

Which section 21 do I use? Lyndsay, a section 21 4 a is used once the agreement has become periodic. This is what im confused about, which one to use for the last month of tenancy in a fixed 6months agreement?

Have issued a section 21 to my tenants, there AST started on the 5th of june for 6 months Atleast the council have been helpful in alerting you to your invalid notice they could have gone to court knowing your case will be thrown out by the judge. You can search for specialist eviction services who will charge you less than a solicitor for same work.

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Rent due weekly Thursday after 6 months in the property and need to evict. A section 21 has been sent but to be sure it is correct, what date should I have put on the section 21? Hope this makes sense! I bought a large house that operates as an HMO that I wish to return normal use I want to live there my managing agent issued all tenants with section 21 notice to quit, with 2 months notice.

Some have left already but today one handed me a letter telling me he's taken legal advice and he has rights etc. Can anyone confirm this for me?

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My agent insists his sec 21 is correct. None of the AST's are signed by me, but rather the previous owner and the managing agent.

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Notes: 1. On or after the coming to an end of a fixed term assured shorthold tenancy, a court must make an order for possession if the landlord has give a notice in this form. Where there are joint landlords, at least one of them must give this notice.

The length of the notice must be at least two months, and the notice must be given before or on the day which the fixed term comes to an end.

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Hey there, I'm trying to fill out my first section My tenant moved in with a AST of 6 months on 14th March date also on tenancy agreement I intend to issue the 21 notice on Friday 4th so what date do I put for expiry of the 21 notice?

Please help me with this complicated question. My friend and I set up a small Charity that leases houses from Landlords. We house Vulnerable Adults in the Community. Unfortunately not all tenancies work out as you can imagine however we have been fortunate most of the time. We now need to evict someone who has been told to stay put by the Council and other local housing providers.

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I will be serving notice on my tenants under the section 21 periodicboth tenants are out of fixed term of AST. They're pay date is 1st of every month, I want to serve on 1st June for Them to vacate property on 31st of July, is this correct? Full two months notice?

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I have a question, I accidently protected my tenants deposit after the 30 days. I have protected it now and sent all the info to them. They have 3 months left on their fixed term and I would like to evict them in about 4 months.

Jul 08,   Section 21 notices are eviction notices used by landlords in England & Wales when they want to evict tenants at the end of the fixed term. Find out more on when they should be used and how they are served. The eviction notice's official title in the courts is a 'Notice Requiring Possession (under section 21 of the Housing Act )'. Notice seeking possession of a property let on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. Housing Act section 21(1) and (4) as amended by section and paragraph of Schedule 11 to the Local Government and Hous ing Act and section 98(2) and (3) of the Housing Act and as modified by section 81 of, and paragraph (6) of Schedule 29 to, the. If the notice is served with in the fixed term, but the expiry of the notice (the day of repossession) is during a periodic tenancy, you still need to serve the fixed term section 21 notice (Section 21 (1)b)). The date of expiry should NOT be the same day as the "fixed term start date" (typically the day the tenant pays rent), it .

They haven't done anything wrong I just want to move back in to the property. Am I allowed to serve a section 21 notice in this scenario? Thanks for this helpful advice. This post is very timely, just when I need it.

Good thing I've come across this site while working on my periodic tenancy form. I just thought to share this website I've visited prior to your blog, I find it very helpful, especially for people like us. I am a landlord. I issued a 21 1 b for ending a fixed term AST.

How To Fill In A Section 21 Notice

The start date of the agreement was 30th March for 6 month AST and I issued the notice on the 28th June which is more than 2 months. However I put the end date on the notice as the 30th September and I now realise that the lease end date was 29th September. Will this be thrown out because I got the end date one day too many?

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I need to know this before I put in for accelerated posession. As in original examples above at least 2 months doesnt mean you have to give exactly 2 months so why cut it so fine? I would always talk to the Ts as well before sending it.

Tenancy ended on the oct and I am serving S21 on the Nov can the expiry date be anytime after the 11th-Jan? I served a section21 on the 15 sep and ended it 20 nov it has gone in a periodic tenancy but im not sure if this will be alright with the court does any one know.

The tenant had agreed with my ex who'sjoint landlord they would pay 2yrs rent upfront for a reduced monthly rent so lease was drawn up for 24months. However after moving in she went back on her word meaning the incomplete building eork on our family home could not be completed and ex unable to rent room rto help pay lge mortgage when we split up.

There is a 'break clause in the lease but not sure if would stand up in court as it's not at the end of the fixed term 24months what notice can i use? Many thanks!! Hi, have a periodic tenancy, the initial contract was signed 16th January for 6months, the council pays the rent every 4 weeks, so it does not coincide with the 16th of each month but reduces a day or so every month, would I date my s21 15th of March to give 2months notice?

Would be grateful for a prompt reply need to get it in the next day or two. Also a slight complication, it is my niece's property, I handle any issues, problems, deal with the tenants, etc, but do not get paid anything, would I sign the form as an agent on her behalf or ask her to sign it?

The dates are calculated by the date you're meant to get paid on 16th of each monthnot the date you actually receive the money. Thanks for your assisstance, basically it doesn't matter what dates the council make payments, the contract was signed on the 16th January and since it is now a periodic tenancy I would need to give at least 2months notice expiring on the 15th of March? They was no deposit taken.

Section 21 of the Housing Act provides for repossession by the landlord if the landlord has served on the tenant appropriate notice that possession is required. No reason need be given. The tenant should vacate the property on the date of expiry of the notice period . The new section 21 notice, will make landlords' and agents' lives a lot easier, as it combines the old section 21 fixed-term and periodic notices into one simpler form. You do not have to give a specific end date, just at least 2 months' notice in writing. Your landlord could give you a section 8 notice as well as a section 21 notice. You might get a section 8 notice if you have rent arrears, for example. If you get a section 8 notice, don't ignore it. You'll need to deal with it as well as your section 21 notice - and the steps are different.

The landlord cannot use a Section 21 notice and must use a Section 8 Notice instead. Section 8 Notices can only be used when a tenant is in rent arrears.

Dating section 21 notice

A landlord must give a tenant a minimum of two months' notice, in writing. Serving a Section 21 Notice can occur at any time after the start of the tenancy but notice cannot end earlier than the end of the fixed term.

If the tenant is in the initial six months of the tenancy, then the notice cannot expire before the end of those six months. A general minimum notice period of two clear calendar months must be given to the tenant so, for example, if a notice is served on 20 March, it cannot expire any earlier than 20 May. The last day of a period of the tenancy will be the day before the day the rent was supposed to be paid in the fixed-term contract.

Section 21 Notice to Quit. Section 21 Notice to quit is a legal tool, which the landlord can use to regain possession from a property which is let under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy. It gives the landlord the right to request you to leave the property, giving you two months of time under the rules of Section Serving the New Section 21 Notices. Test Case: Spencer v Taylor and Section 21 Notices Spencer v Taylor had some major implications for landlords and agents when serving a Section 21 notice, but to some extent it simplifies things for landlords. Further legislation in the Deregulation Act further clarifies this, but adds some. 1. Check the form and dates. Your landlord can't give you a valid section 21 notice during the first 4 months of your original contract. The notice must be on Form 6A if your tenancy started or was renewed on or after 1 October A valid section 21 notice must give you at least.

For example, if the rent is due on the 1st of each month, then the end of a period will be the last day of the preceding month.

Dating notices for a periodic tenancy This is for tenancies that were never fixed, the majority of these will be where there is not a written tenancy agreement, although some written tenancy agreements state that the tenancy is a periodic tenancy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Rent Guarantee Insurance- where can I get it?

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