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Hot threesome always makes our minds sparkle whether we have this thought. This is probably the most common fantasy within men and women. Although it can get awkward when there are three people in bed.

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What to do? What are the rules? What positions are good and suitable? I am here to be your guidance. In a threesome topic, you should have one, especially if this is going to be your first threesome. You are going to have a threesome with your partner plus one more guest or just two random friends.

Those are two different types of relationships to have while arranging hot and stunning threesome. I remember the story when my bestie had a threesome with two guys. She told me about that on her way to their place, and she was damn excited about the idea of two whole men pleasing her all night long.

In reality, those two guys thought that they got their porn threesome fantasy alive. The entire thing was just too odd and sometimes too awkward.

On the other hand, my favourite couple occasionally has unicorn dates. They, as a couple, like to have FMF over, because girls are great, as the male in that situation says.

Usually, they have a first and only date with one of the chosen girls, and if the vibe is great, three of them end up in one bed. Easy like that, and none of them is jealous or has hurt feelings. To avoid the first scenario and know how to reach example number two, here are some main tips and rules for threesomes.

I collected 5 most approachable and comfortable threesome sex positions to make MFM and double penetration as hot as in the best Brazzers porn videos with that bold guy. It is easy to access. Your hot female should be in a doggy position. One of you penetrates her from behind while the other one receives a blowjob.

Then switch. To make it more interesting, use dirty talk, spanking from one side and hair pilling from the other side. The girl in between, meanwhile, will get the most pleasure out of it.

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Do add even more to it, the guy from behind can access her clit or use a sex toy to play around, and the guy up front should use his hands to please her nipples. Remember that all three of you should enjoy sex. Similar position to a high five doggy. Although, better for shy guys. For those who do not feel comfortable facing another man during sex, like it is happening in high five.

In this case, a girl stays in quite the same position. The guy from behind penetrates her while she is giving a blowjob to another guy who is laying on his back.

Dating Site jobs available on Apply to Agent, Operations Manager, Data Entry Clerk and more! May 25,   69 is the WORST. "69 is not fun and I think it was made up by people who want bodies to fit together in a way they don't really [fit together]. Just go down on each other one at a time!" - Sandy Author: Claire Lampen.

The eyes could be closed, and afterwards, either guys switch places, or a girl turns around. The main MFM fantasy. Double penetration makes those toes crawl even while thinking about it. One of the guys is on his back, the girl is on top of him in a cowgirl position but preferably on her foot instead of keens, and finally, the other guy is standing behind the girl to penetrate. The standing guy gets to penetrate anal and the bottom guy gets vagina. You might want to discuss who wants what or who gets which side first.

A woman between you two, meanwhile, has the best time of her life.

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She would feel two penises rubs against one another inside of her which will make her reach multiple orgasms and get to that G-spot with no trouble. For this position, you have to be open-minded.

The Best Anal Sex Positions for Trans Women Welcome to transgender magazine a place that trans people turn to for information on fashion, style, Sex Advice, hairstyles, beauty, health, relationships, trans women and trans men issues. How a Trans Dating Relationship Can Help You Become a Better Person. 10 Oct 8, Dating jobs available on Apply to Economist, Agent, Pharmacy Technician and more! Sex Positions. While we definitely don't think it's wrong to stick to what you like (and what works), we believe it's worthwhile to expand your horizons by trying out new sex positions.

All three of you should lay in a circle facing genitals. That way one of the guys will be facing another penis, and if you are not ready to a full diverse oral sex, the position is not for you. Though the chain position is awesome for giving and receiving at the same time and altogether, take your time with it and enjoy each other-no need to rush for the orgasm here. If you want, you can use it as foreplay before the penetration. Another awesome position for open-minded, queer, and bisexual people.

If in a regular high five position, the girl is the one who is switching in between two guys, in reverse high five a man is the one who is penetrated by the other one from behind. The girl is on her back, resting and receiving oral sex. It will be a perfect solution for guys who wants to have anal sex during a threesome and for a girl if her main pleasure point is her clit and oral sex in general. Easy-peasy oral position for the foreplay games or the final minutes of the entire intercourse - or add it somewhere in the middle.

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Whatever you feel like. A woman is on her knees - be nice and put a pillow under her knees - while men are standing facing each other. A girl is in the middle of it, giving blowjobs to both of the guys in order or all together or sucking on one penis and stroking another. It depends on how she likes it. The position is good to observe everything that is going on down there.

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15 Women Share Which Sex Positions They Hate Most

Replenish products on the shelf, rotating products and ensuring code dating procedures are followed and only the freshest products are available for sale. Related Forums: Content Writer. Be the first to see new Dating jobs. During the steamy foreplay, rub each other's entire body with a coarse salt scrub to stimulate nerve endings and blood flow.

Technique: Stand at the edge of a bed or desk while your partner lies back and raises their legs to their chest. Their knees are bent as if they're doing a "bicycling" exercise. Grab their ankles and enter them.

Thrust slowly, as the deep penetration may be painful for them. Also try: Have your partner place their heels on your shoulders, which will open their hips so their labia press against you.

Hot tip for her: Encourage your partner to play with their clitoris manually. Also, show them that they can control your penetration by flexing their thighs. Benefits: Good sex position for a quickie with deep penetration. Technique: A variation of The Ballet Dancer in which your partner raises their legs up and wraps them around your butt or thighs. Your kitchen counter is the perfect height for this standing-to-seated appetizer.

Benefits: Good for an outdoors quickie, while still avoiding prying eyes. Technique: Another variation of The Ballet Dancer.

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Your partner's buoyancy in the water makes this sex position easier to hold. And all you need to do is shift some bathing suit material out of the way of certain body parts; the lifeguards will be none the wiser. Benefits: Calorie burner because it's so athletic. You can stroll around the house in this position, but draw the shades first. Technique: You enter your partner as you would in standing, rear entry, but lift them up by the pelvis and have them grip your waist with their legs.

Summer camp wheelbarrow races were never this much fun! Also try: Ask them to rhythmically squeeze their PC muscles to help them climax. Benefits: Less strenuous than the standing varieties of this sex position, while still offering intense sensation.

Also try: Try the wheelbarrow while sitting on the edge of a bed or chair. Movement is limited, but penetration is deep.

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Hot tip: Make some noise. Explore the deeper sexual response and energy by letting loose with powerful sounds, a roar, perhaps? Benefits: An ideal position for G-spot stimulation. Seeing the round curves of your partner's rear tends to be highly erotic for you. Technique: Stand and enter your partner from behind as they pose on all fours on the edge of the bed and arch their back to lift their buttocks.

Also try: With your legs outside of theirs, use your thighs to squeeze their knees together, which tightens their vagina around your penis. Technique: Slip into a bathroom and ask them to look into the mirror while you enter them from behind.

It lets you have eye contact during the G-spot-targeting rear-entry sex position. Benefits: Convenient for a quickie and adds spice outside the bedroom. Technique: Ask your partner to bend her body over the arm of a couch as you enter them from behind. They can grind on the firm but cushy arm for multiple stimulation with minimal effort.

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Also try: Have them cross their ankles. This will squeeze their vaginal and gluteal muscles tightly around your penis. Benefits: Greater thrusting power, and good for quickie sex in your kitchen, especially if your partner is wearing a skirt. Technique: Ask them to bend at the waist and rest their hands on a piece of furniture, their knees or the floor for support. You enter them from behind and hold their hips for support as you thrust.

Also try: Reach below to caress their clitoris for extra stimulation. Hot tip: Massage their shoulders or stimulate their breasts by bending over them. Benefits: Creates great eye-to-eye contact.

Keeps your weight off her bod. Technique: There's a reason people swoon when they see a six pack.

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They know a man with strong abs is going to be great in the sack. The mountain climber position shows off your strength and hard abs if you have them.

While between your partner's legs, assume the standard "up" sex position. Also try: Lower yourself to kiss your partner teasingly while thrusting with your shoulders as well as your pelvis. Hot tip: Tease them with a series of moves: by entering with just the tip; thrusting just halfway in; then removing yourself and stroking their outside with your member. They can reach down and grab your shaft and rub their clitoris with it.

Benefits: A little bit of variety if missionary begins to feel stale; good upper body exercise. Technique: Place a pillow under the small of their back or their buttocks to tilt their pelvis and change the angle of your penetration for different sensations. Bracing yourself with your hands on the bed as in a pushup position, you take your weight off their body.

Technique: The most commonly used position in the world, the missionary is an especially intimate position allowing for face-to-face contact. You like it because you can control penetration depth and speed of thrusting. Your partner enjoys feeling your weight on their body, and the maximum skin-to-skin contact.

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Note that this position can make it more difficult to hold off ejaculation because of the intense friction and deep thrusting. To lengthen lovemaking, start there then switch to a position that maintains clitoral pressure without so much pelvic back and forth. Also try: Push up to create space in between you to sneak a small vibrator down for buzzing the top of their mound. Hot tip: Raise their left leg so their knee is level with your right shoulder.

Keep their other leg flat on the bed. Thrust toward the inner thigh of their raised leg. This adjustment forces tighter penetration and more clitoral pressure. Benefits: Comfortable sex position if your partner is pregnant or you're heavy. Also ideal for long lovemaking.

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Good one for falling asleep afterward. Technique: You both lie on your sides facing the same direction, you in back.

Feb 07,   The 45+ Best Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try If your bedroom routine is getting a little too predictable, here are a few ways to spice things up. You can thank us in the morning. Mar 05,   FFM threesome positions. FFM threesomes are easier and lighter to get into between single people. Lots of women don't have a mental barrier to have sex with the same gender, which makes it more fun. Below there are 5 easy-pleasing positions to finally have that threesome with your bestie and a guy you both like. Mar 13,   And yes, this applies to dating, too, but as Richardson points out, going with a FaceTime or Skype date rather than meeting up in person isn't necessarily going to be the difference-maker in Author: Alex Manley.

Your partner bends their knees and pushes their rear back toward you for easier access to their vagina. Adjusting the lean of your bodies will vary the angle of entry and help with rocking and thrusting. Also try: Synchronize your breathing. One of you takes the lead and the other follows so that you inhale and exhale together.

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The coordinated rhythm opens an unspoken dialogue of intimacy. Hot tip: To give them the sensation of greater width inside them, from the Spoon position have them bend and lift their top leg to their breasts. Adjust your position so you are more on top of them top hip than behind them. Technique: Your partner lies on their back, and raises their right leg so you can position yourself between their legs at a degree angle and enter.

Their legs will form the tines of a spork, a spoon-and-fork utensil.

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They can do this with you facing them or facing their back. Also try: If your mate is limber, lift their left leg up to increase the depth of penetration.

Hot tip for her: From the Spork position, have them lift their top leg and support it by resting it on your shoulder. From here, they can easily stimulate their clitoris using their fingers while you're inside them.


Benefits: Relaxing position with deeper penetration and increased intimacy. Technique: Both of you lie on your sides facing one another. Your partner bends and spreads their legs, and angles their vagina toward you. You lift your legs between theirs to enter while they wrap their legs around your back.

Also try: They can use their legs and feet to pull you close during thrusts for deeper penetration. Benefits: A very intimate face-to-face position that encourages hugging and kissing. Technique: This is an ideal position if your partner is pregnant or either one of you had a knee injury because it keeps weight off the body. To get into the position, begin by lying on your sides and facing one another.

Your partner spreads their legs slightly to allow you to enter them, then closes their legs so the part of your shaft that's outside can press against their clitoris. It's easy to kiss from this intimate face-to-face position. Also try: Because thrusting is more difficult in this position, use different techniques such as grinding, circular, and up-and-down motions for added stimulation. Hot tip: Hug eachother for 20 seconds before getting busy. Hugging raises your levels of oxytocin, a bonding hormone your body produces naturally, and that will enhance your connection.

Benefits: Prolonged slow sex to build arousal. Shallow thrusts stimulate the nerve endings in the head of your penis. Technique: Sit on the bed facing each other with legs forward. Lift your right leg over their left and they lift their right leg over your left. Come together so you can enter. Now both of you lie back, with your legs forming an X.

Slow, leisurely gyrations replace thrusting. Also try: Reach out and hold hands to pull together for pelvic thrusting. Also, take turns alternatively sitting up and lying back without changing the rhythm. Technique: This is challenging: Your partner lies on their back while you straddle them facing away. They lift their legs and wrap them around your back to elevate their pelvis so you can enter.

They then grab your butt to help you slide up and back. They can add a little massage action to their grip also. Hot tip: Spin around into missionary style to face them while trying to stay inserted. Then switch positions, this time with them on top and facing away. Technique: From The Spider, your partner can lift their legs onto your shoulders, which increases the muscular tension that advances the orgasm sequence. By elevating their butt off the bed, it'll be easier for them to thrust and grind in circles.

Benefits: You both can still maintain eye contact while viewing the action at center stage. Technique: Both of you are seated on the bed with legs toward one another, arms back to support yourselves.

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