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Carpet weaving is an essential part of Persian culture and Iranian art. Within the group of Oriental rugs produced by the countries of the "rug belt" , the Persian carpet stands out by the variety and elaborateness of its manifold designs. Persian carpets and rugs of various types were woven in parallel by nomadic tribes, in village and town workshops, and by royal court manufactories alike. As such, they represent different, simultaneous lines of tradition, and reflect the history of Iran and its various peoples. The carpets woven in the Safavid court manufactories of Isfahan during the sixteenth century are famous for their elaborate colours and artistical design, and are treasured in museums and private collections all over the world today. Their patterns and designs have set an artistic tradition for court manufactories which was kept alive during the entire duration of the Persian Empire up to the last royal dynasty of Iran. Carpets woven in towns and regional centers like Tabriz , Kerman , Mashha Kashan , Isfahan , Nain and Qom are characterized by their specific weaving techniques and use of high-quality materials, colours and patterns.

It is thereby necessary to divide the Islamic lunar by A rug date of "" converts like this: Islamic lunar date of minus 38 divided by Islamic Dates in NEWER Carpets There can be confusion introduced by some weaving countries switching from a "lunar" calendar to a "solar" calendar in the 's.

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Because the lunar year is slightly shorter than the solar year, a conversion factor would need to be applied to convert an Islamic lunar calendar date to the corresponding Georgian date. However during the 's, in an effort to become more westernized, the governments of both Turkey and Iran converted to a solar based calendar, so that the lengths of their months would match the lengths of months in the West.

Dates in Oriental Rugs

The Caucasus was under Russian jurisdiction since the early 's and used the solar calendar earlier, though sporadically, than Turkey or Iran. Year number one was still calculated from the Hegira.

To convert an Islamic solar date into the Christian or Georgian date, use this formula:.

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No lunar conversion factor is used. Note that this conversion is not precisely accurate as the Islamic and Christian new years occur at different times. Thank you for visiting Navajo Rug Appraisal Co. Mailing address: E.

Even before his time, it is very likely that Persian nomads knew about the use of Knotted carpets. Their herds of sheep and goats provided them with high quality and durable wool for this purpose. The first documented evidence on the existence of carpets came from Chinese texts dating back to the Sassanid Dynasty ( - CE). In CE, the. About his dating and scholarly articles discussing questions of pile carpets. Persian rugs were being a good research on june 23, age was published by Rug'society aims to the greater boston concierge association for online dating from the finest power-loomed rugs. Persian weavers started manufacturing these rugs only after after demand surged in the western markets for rugs with more subdued colors to match the general western home decor. Because most of the big-money buyers were from western markets, Persian weavers acquiesced and began weaving rugs with pastel colors.

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Secondly, it makes for an interesting topic of conversation with your guests or other fellow rug owners. Talking about an older rug can bring to mind pictures of nomadic weavers working hard at weaving their beautiful creations on rustic, homemade looms under harsh conditions whereas the weavers of newer rugs work under more favorable conditions.

Break Down Ages Of Oriental Rugs

However, determining the ages of oriental rugs is not as easy as you would think. In fact, stating the exact year of creation can be particularly challenging as most rugs are acquired from nomadic tribals who did not and still do not keep track of days and dates.

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If you are looking for the exact age of an oriental rug, you may be disappointed. Far better to settle for the age range of the rug.

To stem the prevailing confusion, rug sellers have come up with an interesting solution that works to give potential buyers an approximate age range of any rug.

A Persian Carpet for $100,000?! (Isfahan, Iran)

As you can see some of the age ranges overlap. To determine the exact category that a particular rug comes under, there are a few other factors that will need to take a look at.

These include:.

There is also the situation of a rug weaver copying a date from an older rug, or in more modern times, intentionally "pre-dating" a rug in order to create an instant antique oriental rug. Much more commonly dates are altered by Oriental rug dealers in order to add age and perceived value. Finally, there is the problem of a weaver perhaps copying a date from an older rug, or even intentionally "pre-dating" a rug in order to create an instant semi-antique. It is also possible to reweave a small part of the rug to add a date, or to reweave a numeral or two of an existing date to add years or decades to the seeming age of the rug. The art of Persian carpet-making flourished during the Safavid Dynasty - to CE - when the Persian Empire comprised present-day Iran, .

Many people are under the misconception that all types of oriental rugs are old. This is not entirely true.

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While the majority of oriental rug types that are available are indeed very old, there are several types of rugs that originated in this century. If you have any questions about our plans or products, send us an email!

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Dating persian rugs

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A Persian carpet (Persian: ??? ?????? ?, romanized: fars-e irani [?f?r?e ?i?????ni?]) or Persian rug (Persian: ???? ?????? ?, romanized: qali-ye irani [????li?je ?i?????ni?]), also known as Iranian carpet, is a heavy textile made for a wide variety of utilitarian and symbolic purposes and produced in Iran (historically known as Persia), for home.

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