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Bottles from larger cities are usually easiest to find, and, in general, the smaller the city, the scarcer the bottles. A common misconception is that the city name indicates where the bottle was actually made. In general, the city name, in most cases, has nothing to do with the location where the bottle itself was manufactured. Some of the larger glass manufacturing companies made Coke bottles and other soda bottles such as Pepsi, Seven Up, etc for hundreds of different cities around the United States. The irradiated color is NOT natural no Coke bottles of this style were made in such a color originally.

By comparing it to the glass, Exhibit E is more weathered.

Here is how to identify an antique Pepsi bottle. Look at the brand name on the bottle. Pepsi's true name was Pepsi-Cola in and antique bottles will still bear the Pepsi-Cola name up until Check out the label. Reproduction bottles will have a paper label, . Pepsi-Cola, Single Dot, 12 ounces > Pepsi-Cola, Single Dot, 12 ounces. ALERT There is a Pepsi bottle collecting section on one of those "How to" websites. I will not mention the name or url of the site, but it's got a section on how to identify Pepsi bottles and how to date bottles. The site shows up on all of the major search engines. I found. Standardized bottles, which bear the label on the glass itself (called Applied Color Label (ACL)), rather than paper ones bearing the company name, indicate a manufacturing date between and To confirm this, look at the company name. If there is a colon between the words 'Pepsi' and 'Cola', then this is a genuine version known.

It is frostier and more scratched and appears to have been in the water longer than Exhibit D. This leads me to believe that the 7 stands for However, that is simply my best guess and not a certainty. I know this was a long post, but I hoped you have all learned as much as I have.

Also, Pepsi and Cola were known for not exactly following the Owens-Illinois companies rules and standards when it came to dating and stamping their glass bottles. For example, instead of a date code on the bottom of the bottle, Pepsi and Cola often printed their date on the side of the bottle, so they could have left the I out of the symbol. Where is a site where a friend can match the numbers and codes on her bottles to dates and/or origins? Thank you. Seize the Day! 9, Views Message 1 of 6 Search how to date a pepsi cola bottle and go from there. 9, Views Message 4 of 6 0 Old PEPSI Bottle Date Codes in reply to c*me*4*lefton*info Oct 29, PM. Pepsi started in New Bern, NC in as Brad's Drink, but changed its name to "Pepsi-Cola" in A few early Pepsi bottles (before ) were made of amber glass, but be careful of the 75th anniversary reproduction bottle from New Bern, NC which is amber and came with a paper label and whittled neck.

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I have learned, thanks to other websites, that it is a Heinz bottle. For instance, I have one that says H with 12 i inside of an o 2 with an A like the one above. It has the number 57 around the upper body of the bottle embossed 8 times. I found out that was ONLY produced in The next year they were reduced to only 4. This is the biggest break through I have had trying to figure out what the bottle dates are!! I have a 4 inch tall brown jar with a 2 inch diameter and A 1. A single dot 6 just to the right.

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I think it is made in and it was a glue jar or an ink jar. Am I close?

Wondering How to Identify an Old Pepsi Bottle? Read on to Know

I have an amber colored flask shaped glass bottle. On the bottom it has 72, an N with an oval around it, D, and ends with the number 53 at bottom center. I can't find which number is the year of manufacture. It's certainly much too old to be from So, it must be or What do you think?

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I found a glass jar with an "I" in an oval, factory code 10 and year code That doesn't make sense. A factory code 10 indicates that it was made in the 30s, but a 71 date code says it was made in What am I missing?

If the glass is from then the I may have faded away over time, especially if you found it in the ocean. In Exhibit C, you can just barely make out the I in the photo, so it might be the first part of the symbol to fade. Also, Pepsi and Cola were known for not exactly following the Owens-Illinois companies rules and standards when it came to dating and stamping their glass bottles. For example, instead of a date code on the bottom of the bottle, Pepsi and Cola often printed their date on the side of the bottle, so they could have left the I out of the symbol.

Are you sure the glass is from ? From what I have researched, the company didn't start embossing glasses with the word 'Duraglas' until the s? I found your article very helpful. Made at plant 3 in Not sure if there is a dot after the 4 as there are many dots in that area. However, the Duraglas inscription is quite clear but the diamond trade mark only appears to have a circle within and not an I.

*NOTE* (this paragraph added to webpage on January 4, ): There are many types of authentic older amber ("beer bottle brown") glass Coke bottles in existence (from a variety of cities across the US), but they are usually the "STRAIGHT SIDES" types made between and If you run across an "Amber" HOBBLESKIRT STYLE ("curvy female" profile) Coke bottle. any of the. Cola bottles into categories according to the location of the Coca-Cola logo. Thus, a "shoulder-script" bottle has the logo embossed at the shoulder; "middle-script" bottles have the logo in the center area of the bottle, and "heel-script" bottles have the mark at the heel (sometimes confusingly called the "base"). Another tip to date Coke bottles is - above the base, sides of the bottles are molded. This is called a cup bottom seam. Additional Points that May Help in How to Date Coke Bottles. People assume that the city label on glass bottles specify the place where they are manufactured, but it is a misconception. The city name has nothing to do with.

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Dating pepsi cola bottles

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Amber more. History of the Owens-Illinois Glass Company If that was the end of it, this would be a pretty lame blog post, but as it stands I am a fairly curious person and couldn't help digging a little deeper. Sources 1: Lindsey, Bill.

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Pepsi-Cola faced bankruptcy twice in its history, in and The history of Pepsi can be traced all the way back to the summer ofwhen a pharmacist by the name of Caleb Bradham was trying to find a way to draw more customers to his store in New Bern, North Carolina.

He realized that there was nothing better than a drink for such a purpose. Would you like to write for us?

Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk Bradham soon realized the market potential of this drink, for which he sought a trademark inby the name Pepsi-Cola, named after two of its main constituents - pepsin and kola nuts.

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Bradham began selling his beverage at soda fountains, but it dawned on him that if he offered it in bottles, sales would shoot up, since people could consume it anywhere.

The company began by offering the drink in glass bottles manufactured by local glass makers, and it was only in that the first standardized Pepsi-Cola bottle entered the market.

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As such, let us learn how to identify an old Pepsi bottle. When deciding the value of an old Pepsi bottle, its year of manufacture, the logo color, and condition of the paper label, if present, are important.

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Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Read on to Know Old Pepsi bottles are hard to come by, but finding an antique Pepsi bottle can be a valuable addition to a collection.

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