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Neolithic statuettes were found in at the site of prehistoric village Ain Ghazal. Fourth century mosaics have been found in the church at the Monument of Moses at Mt. Neboand Byzantine mosaics at various churches in Nebo and Madaba. Other mosaics are found throughout the Jordanian desert at various castles dating back to the Umayyad dynasty. The Jordan Archaeological Museum was founded in in Amman, and archeological museums at Petra, jerash, Madaba, and Kerak have also come into existence. ACOR hosts visiting archeologists and anthropologists, funds ongoing discovery initiatives and offers fellowships for students in the region. One of the key cts of Jordanian culture is the hospitality shown by hosts to their guests.

With that in mind, Betty was hoping that she could save the diner for all of them.

Betty and Veronica entered the gymnasium for River Vixens practice, where they were greeted by Cheryl and the newest recruit, Josie.

Betty then asked Cheryl if it was possible that she would allow the Vixens to help at an event in support of Pop Tate. Unfortunately, Cheryl declined her request before rudely dismissing both Betty and Veronica.


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