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Among the four elemental Sang'gres , Pirena is - of the red Gem of Fire and mother of Mira. Filipina actress Sunshine Dizon played Pirena until the third book. Pirena also appeared in Mulawin as an accomplice of Ravenum. Her character was only seen as a ghostly image, with her face in shadow. It is quite unclear whether her appearing in humanoid form was prior to her being in a smoke form or vice versa. Sang'gre Pirena is the firstborn among the daughters of Ynang Reyna Mine-a. Her younger half-sisters are Amihan , Alena and Danaya.

However, this ability is useless against strong psionics as they can see right through the - Both the telepath Andora and the precognitive empath Cassiopea are able to see through her illusions.

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Pirena received the Gift of Fire upon birth that allows her to tap into the powers of the Brilyante, granting her the ability to create and summon flameat will. Among the Sang'gres, it is she and Amihan who rely heavily on their innate and acquired elemental abilities during combat.

Pirena wielded 2 daggers and used them in battle until the events towards the end of Etheria. Upon retrieving their abilities when the Bathalang Emre bestowed the Brilyante ng mga Elemento to the four rulers of Encantadia- CassiopeaMenoAegenand Bartimus.

Upon receiving the Brilyante ng Apoy's grace, Pirena received a boon on her arsenal as well as the twin dagger were transformed into a single broad sword. This red gem was created when Cassiopea cleaved the Brilyante ng mga Elemento using the Kabilan into 4 independent gems that correspond to each element- Fire, Air, Water, and Earth- to prevent the warring clans of Hathors and Mulawins.

The wielder of the Brilyante ng Apoy gets full access to the gem and can use it to its fullest potential. Whoever holds the Brilyante has control over the Basbas ng Apoy and is able to create or summon fire at will. On top of this, the wielder is able to bestow the Basbas ng Apoy to anyone they wish to. Due to this, both Hagorn and Mira had the limited ability to use the element of Fire when Pirena was keeping the Brilyante.

The gift was later taken away by Hagorn from Mira when the former stole the gem from Pirena. Aside from its control over the element of fire, the Brilyante has the power to resurrect any denizen of Encantadia. Though this can bring anyone back to life.

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One example of this was Pirena reviving Kahlil as a gift to Alena. Pirena obtains the Brilyante ng Apoy. Pirena immediately seeks an alliance with Hathoria and as a gift, used the fire gem to rekindle the fires of their forges.

Hagorn, the king of Hathoria welcomed her and she joined their campaign to conquer Encantadia. Back from the dead, the ungrateful Pirena still refused to join her sisters and she goes back to living alone. She could remember nothing of what happened while she was in transit to Devas, and she could not pinpoint what it is about King Hagorn that is tugging at her memory.

She will eventually suspect that he is her father. The turning point in her life happened when she learned, through Imaw's magic staff, how Gurna's web of lies had made her suspicious of her mother and sisters and blinded her to the love they were willing to give her. Angry at being manipulated, she kills Gurna. Full of remorse and guilt at the havoc she brought upon Lireo, she attempted to kill herself but was prevented from doing so by her sisters, who at the time were looking for her in the forest.

This time Pirena was sincere in asking forgiveness from each of them. Danaya healed the wound Pirena inflicted on herself and the four sisters were united once again. It would have been a happy ending had it been a time of peace.

Unfortunately, Lireo and its allies are still at war with Hathoria, and Pirena would lose her daughter Mira before it is over. It is Pirena who would battle Hagorn and his armies to aid her sisters in ending the war, and at his death Pirena would get back her fire jewel and confirm that she is the daughter of the last king of Hathoria.

Pirena would go back in time with her sisters to save her grand niece, Cassandra, who was kidnapped by remnants of the lost kingdom of Etheria. Their presence in the past distorted the history of Encantadia and Pirena realizes that her own existence is threatened. Originally, Pirena was to be conceived after Etheria had fallen as Mine-a was undoubtedly loyal to her engagement with Hagorn as she pointed out to Raquim after their kiss, that they've sinned against Hagorn.

Possibly, Mine-a had tried to love Hagorn but ended up being unhappy. However during the Sang'gres intervention the events immediately pushed Mine-a, her mother, closer to Raquim, Amihan's father without giving enough time for Hagorn to spent time with her. If Mine-a does not spend time with Hagorn and become pregnant by him, Pirena would not be born, and this disturbed the four Sang'gres.

In order to ensure her conception, Pirena goes to Hagorn. She offers him help in finding Mine-a and Raquim, both of whom have just eloped and have fled to the forest. Summoning the elemental powers of Fire within nature, Pirena succeeds in creating a fiery circle that detects the whereabouts of both Raquim and Mine-a. Hagorn then says that he knows where the two lovers are hiding. Pirena teleports Hagorn to where Mine-a is. Raquim decided to leave Mine-a's side for a while, this gives Hagorn the chance to be alone with Mine-a.

Pirena gives Hagorn a portion of her power to shape-shift into any humanoid form.

Encantadia: Mga brilyante laban sa mga Hadezar

She tells him that he can become anyone he desires. Hagorn then transforms into Raquim and approaches Mine-a. From this trickery, a red flower blooms which is a sign of Pirena's conception.

Due to the major changes that happened in Encantadia's history as a result of the Sanggres time-traveling, Pirena's history and age changed. Originally, Pirena was conceived during Minea and Hagorn's brief arranged marriage a few years before she became queen and divorced Hagorn.

However,after the Sanggre's time travel Pirena was born just before the fall of Etheria, this time due to Hagorn's trickery. She was born a few hundred years before Minea would take over Cassiopeia's place as queen of Lireo.

Minea's arranged marriage never took place in this alternate history. This makes her now a few hundred years older than her sisters instead of a few years originally. A year after destroying the Kingdom of Etheria and having returned from the present, Pirena lives peacefully along with her sisters. However, when the four Herans were revived by Ether through Cassandra's blood and cast a plot to destroy the good relationship between the four sisters starting with Avria disguised as Danaya decieving Amihan and Alena that Pirena which was controlled by Andora has gone back to being evil so Alena and Amihan decided to lock her up in Sapiro then Pirena unaware of what she has been doing like almost killing Alena has been angered by what her sisters are blaming her with Danaya Avria convincing Pirena to decide to rebuildHathoria.

Amihan due to Avria's trickery attempts to stop her from rebuilding Hathoria. Pirena, ends up dueling with Amihan and loses leaving her wounded. She escapes while Amihan is distracted by Azulan and was found by Andora. Andora then placed a spell on her convincing that they were her allies and her sisters were her true enemies. He always had a soft spot for his daughter Pirena even taking his own life at the end of Book 3.

Hagorn appears to have a white and black hair and hazel eyes. He also has a gold face paint on his face and black lips. In his youth, he appears to have black hair and brown eyes. In his late teens during the time in Etheria, Hagorn wears the same armor outfit as Raquim but in black and red motif. He also gains a bronze face paint at the left side of his face signifying as a Hathor.

In the present day as the King of Hathoria, he wears a dark gray openly jacket with the sleeves are below his arms, a golden sash in each sides and a large golden brown shoulder pauldrons to connect his jacket. Underneath, he wears a black high-neck shirt, brown baggy pants and gold and black warrior boots.

He also wears a large gold gauntlets along with black gloves and he wields his sword. During the final battle against the Encantadias in the first book until his last fight against his daughter, Pirena in the third book, Hagorn wears his own warrior attire. Hagorn wears a brown and gold samurai-esque suit of armor tunic with a black belt with several pouches, black pants and brown and gold armor boots.

He is adorned with a matching brown and gold crown with a black sash to cover the back of his head. He also wields either the fire or water gem that was carried by Pirena and Alena and the sword The Kabilan which is formerly wielded by Avria. In book two, a lot was revealed about Hagorn's past. That before he came to be the person who he was until he met his end, he was a kind and heroic person.

Although there is little doubt about the intentions of the ruthless, Machiavellian King of Hathoria, there is a huge mystery behind his motives for wanting to conquer Encantadia.

Gentle and meek in his youth, Hagorn was idealistic and upright, if a little naive of the ways of the world and the political machinery governing his life. He was to marry the young Minea through an arranged marriage concocted by Avria queen of Etheria.

He was also best friend to Prince Raquim of Sapiro. The father of the eldest among the four Sang'gre sisters - Pirena - is known throughout Encantadia both for his prowess in battle and his viciousness.

Aided by his right-hand-woman and half sister Agane and adoptive son Hitanohe wrestled, betrayed, and murdered his way to the Lirean throne and claimed lordship over all of Encantadia.

He is also the owner of a powerful and enchanted sword, the Kabilan. Hagorn succeeded his father Arvak when the latter fell under the sword of the Sapiryan king Armeo during the fall of Sapiro. He also battled Ybrahim, King Armeo's heir, many times. In those battles, Ybrahim was clad in the Kalasag, the powerful armor of Prince Raquim. Hagorn tried to use the power of Mine-a's scepter but it didn't work on the Kalasag.

Even the Kabilan couldn't dent the mystical armor. Ybrahim slashed and stabbed Hagorn's back and almost killed him. However, Asval interfered and helped Hagorn to escape. During the second to the last war of Encantadia, in the Battle of Adamya, Hagorn was killed by Amihan. In Book 3, Hagorn reappears as one of Ether's assistants against the Sang'gres and became Armea 's kidnapper and Alena 's slayer.

Hagorn dies a second time while in combat with his daughter Pirena. His original intention was to win her over and the Gem of Fire. He confidently derided Pirena's weakness by likening her to a fruit to his tree.

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