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She is designated by her father, Hagorn, to be his heiress as the ruler of Hathoria, but this did not come to pass when the kingdom was destroyed and then reestablished by her elder half-sister Pirena. Deshna was chosen by the Fire Gem to become its new master in the future - succeeding her half-sister Hara Pirena of Hathoria [3]. Deshna has a birthmark that Hitano does not recognize. It is certainly not the birthmark of the Sang'gres, for Hitano would have recognized it. Cassiopea saw Deshna, in the future, adopting the red color scheme of Hathoria [4].

Hathoria is known to have rich metal deposits, mostly used to create weapons for its military.

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A massive volcano located in Hathoria is the main source of Hathoria's "red metal. Hathoria is said to export their weapons to the other three territories to protect the entire Encantadia continent. The Hathors are skilled in the arts of weapon-craft. They could make the finest blades and could make firearms.

According to an Encantado, Hathors have the ability to handle fire. Before Minea's curse on the Hathors, the remains of a deceased king is burned in a funeral pyre, after which his successor is immediately crowned.

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This tradition can no longer continue, because Hathor bodies will vanish upon death but was restored upon the curse is being lifted.

The funeral pyre is considered as sacred ground by all of Hathoria since their former monarchs, from Bartimus even until Hagorn 's bodies were burned on this place.

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Hara Pirena takes pride of their Hathor ancestry due to their innate bravery. After Gurna revealed her reason why she poisoned Pirena's mind, [7] it can be implied that Hathors look at half-bloods children from inter-racial affairs ,except those descended from King Bartimus, with great disdain considering them as impure and disloyal to the kingdom. However, bastard children of any Hathor royalty also known as Avterde are pariahs in the royal family and are not recognized.

Hathoria seems to approve on whatever gender their ruler may be as long as this ruler has a strong and dominant type of personality - an inherent trait to all descendants of King Bartimus as proven by Sang'gre Pirena and Sang'gre Mira's character. Hathoria exercises a strict caste system, with its citizenry divided into four classes: The ruling "Overlords", the "Elites", the "Assassins" and the "Grunts".

Hathoria believed that the Mother Gemor all the elemental gems, should be in their possession because of the belief that the gem should be used for Encantadia's progress rather than the conservative attitude of Sapiryans and Diwatas to preserve it and maintain their traditions.

The royal family has a strict primogeniture method in succession. Like that of Lireo, the next generation is prioritized to become the successors in the throne regardless whether the successor is a male or female take for example Hagorn's designation to Deshna and Mira as his successors to the throne of Hathoria.

Sometime after Hagorn's defeat and death, Sang'gre Pirena went back to Hathoria and led its revival by being its first Queen. After Avria's death, Rama Hagorn of Hathoria is now attempting to contest the throne of Hathoria from his daughter, Hara Pirena of Hathoria, by destroying the Hathors who vowed loyalty to her through an alliance with the remaining Etherians who survived from the Diwata attack.

The Hathor military is very powerful. It has the best weapons in Encantadia, whether sword or firearms. Even without the aid of the gems, it was able to inflict great losses on Sapiro, effectively ending that kingdom as an independent entity.

It also uses sky ships that shoot fireballs against enemy Lireo sky ships. Smaller sky ships are used for efficient harassment tactics against the Mulawins. The Hathors include some females as regular soldiers. Upon the restoration, there are some Encantados who are recruited into the Hathor army under Sang'gre Pirena and have started to adopt the Hathor culture.

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The Ularka [13] is a type of Hathor soldier who resemble orcs and is made by Ether. Upon the restoration of Hathoria under Sang'gre Pirena, the Ularkas are no longer to be seen.

Hagorn later acquired the group of Hadezars from Balaak after the latter succeeding Arde's challenge.

However, they are all exterminated by Amihan and Kahlil, who are sent from Devas as Ivtres. Currently Hathoria is protected by the blessing of the Water Gem to serve as a line of defense against invading Etherian forces who will attempt to enter their kingdom.

Agane slew Deshna's guards and took Deshna away, since she believed that she, as Hagorn's half-sister and as a full-blooded Hathor, deserved the throne more than any of Hagorn's descendants, who were part-Hathor only.

Agane did not kill Deshna, but allowed fate to decide, by having a dragon take her to a faraway place. Deshna was found by the nymfas.

The nymfas Helgad decided to raise her as her own. When the Hathors came, they recognized the infant princess, but Alena defended the nymfas. Alena pitied LilaSari and took Deshna away, intending to return her to her mother.

Cassiopea stopped her and showed her the consequences of returning Deshna to LilaSari. Taking Cassiopea's advice, Alena returns her to Helgad. Cassiopea advised the nymfas to relocate to the mountains.

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Deshna is accepted as a member of the Nymfas and is christened a new name by the tribe, Luna. During her childhood, Luna met Gilas and they became childhood friends and also she has learned the hunting skills of Nymfas. Many years later, Luna has fully grown up into a young woman and she is being summoned by her adopted mother Helgad to rescue Sera's pet from dragon.

Luna sees the fireworks at Lireo faraway from her place. Luna asks Helgad if she would want to go to Lireo with her, which is her desire, but Helgad refused to do so.

Luna questions to Helgad why she is different from the rest of the Nymfas. Helgad dismissed her questions and asserted they cannot go down the plains and visit Lireo.

While traversing the plains, she accidentally met her biological mother, LilaSariwhere she felt instant connection with her by praising her beauty. She accidentally met Sang'gre Alena and taught her how to go to Lireo. She became excited to go to Lireo saying she might be a Diwata due to her similarities with their race [8]. Gilas and Luna wandered around the palace, where they see the statue of Amihan.

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Luna recalls that she saw Amihan at the time when she was an infant. As they took the food offering from the altar, Hitano sees them, thinking they were thieves, and calls the soldiers to surround Gilas and Luna.

However Luna and Gilas escaped by climbing up the pillars. The symbol of Fire Gem appears before Luna and puts on her right arm as she is chosen as the future Fire Gem guardian.

Samantala sa hatoria naman ay si NEXXUS namana ang bagong hari ng hatoria anak siya ni Lilasari at ang dating hari ng hatoria na si hagorn na ama ni pirena. "Hagorn, bakit tila malungkot ka yata" sambit ni lilasari "Naalala ko lng naman ang panganay ko anak na si pirena na ngayun ay nasa mundo ng mga tao"wika naman ni hagornReviews: Hagorn/Haring Hagorn is a character and the primary antagonist of the Encantadia series, written by Suzette Encantadia franchise, consisting of four series Encantadia , Etheria (), Encantadia: Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas , and Encantadia , is primarily focused on Hagorn's desire to conquer Encantadia and acquire all the Created by: Suzette Doctolero.

When Luna and Gilas are about to go home, they saw Quina crying. Luna asked Quina where are the Nymfas. Quina tells her that some of the Nymfas are captured while others escaped, until Gilas and Luna reached the lifeless body of Helgad, who was stabbed to death by LilaSari when the latter sacrificed herself to save a Nymfa.

Luna swears revenge against her Nanang's killer, unknown to her that it was Deshna's biological mother LilaSari. Upon reaching Lireo, Luna, Gilas and Quina are tired from travelling however Andora and her group of Hathor soldiers, under the influence of Avria's power, appear to attack them.

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As Andora is trying to subdue Pirena and Danaya, Luna rushes to fight Andora before she and her group teleport. As Gilas, Luna and Quina are brought in into the Lirean throne room, Lira and Mira noticed Gilas and Luna when they told them that they saved them from Avria's attack, so as Alena too noticed her when they had meet somewhere at Adamya.

Imaw confirms that Luna is chosen as a gem master of Fire Gem. Alena asked Luna where her adopted mother is.

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Luna replied that Helgad was slain by LilaSari. Pirena also confirms that Deshna is her half-sister by their father Hagorn. However, they decide to conceal this fact from Deshna until the right time.

Encantadia: Ang Mancao

Deshna was seen to be trained by Muros with the sword and made Gilas her sparring partner. She approached Hara Danaya and Nunong Imaw asking if the Balintataw can be used in order to determine her real identity. Danaya confirmed she is a Diwata with Hathor blood but promised she can ask anything about her real parents when the time is right. After the feast, she joined Gilas in the woods due to not being comfortable with luxury offered by the Royal Palace of Lireo.

She stumbled upon LilaSari who found out about her status as one of the chosen gem masters.

ated when: Apr 05, pm. John Arcilla, gaganap na Haring Hagorn sa inaabangang 'Encantadia'. Get the latest scoop on local and international entertainment and celebrity news from GMA News Online. Dating cassiopeia sa encantadia - If you are a middle-aged man looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this article is for you. Want to meet eligible single woman who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, internet dating can provide. Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today. Pirena is a major character from the Philippine fantasy series Encantadia, its sequel Etheria, and Pag-ibig Hanggang Wakas produced by GMA the four elemental Sang'gres, Pirena is - of the red Gem of Fire and mother of saporiviafrancigena.comna actress Sunshine Dizon played Pirena until the third book. Pirena also appeared in Mulawin as an accomplice of Also known as: Taksil na Kapatid (The traitor sister).

She, together with the other keepers, went to the Island of Cassiopea to be trained by the Ancient Queen. She failed the first trial given she also contributed in lying by saying they followed the rules of Cassiopea.

As punishment, Imaw ordered them to fill the empty jar with water using enchanted vessels.

Dating hagorn sa encantadia

After many hours, Deshna got frustrated and was at the point of giving up since she had herself trained in order to avenge the death of Helgad. She wanted to leave but the rest of the chosen keepers was able to calm her down. She decided to continue the task again until they were able to complete it. The Etherian mashnas have invaded the Capade in order to slay all the future gem keepers.

Gilas was stabbed to death, then Lira, Mira and Wahid as well. Luna mourns the deaths of her best friend, Lira and Mira, still unaware that Mira was her niece.

She vowed to kill the Etherian mashnas as a revenge for the deaths of her friends. Pirena and Luna went to Etheria to find Avria. However, they find the Etherian soldiers too many, so Pirena tells Luna to run, at the same time Pirena vanished through ivictus and transforms herself as Andora. Luna encounters LilaSari and she tries to protect her, however, out of her anger, she stabs LilaSari and escapes. After her escape, however, she encounters Asval and Andora.

But Luna is abducted upon Asval's orders.

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