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Dating Greek men is certainly an appealing concept. With olive skin, seductive accents and a reputation for being among the best lovers in the world, it makes sense that you would consider finding yourself a Greek God. This article is based on my own experiences as a British woman living in Athens with a Greek partner. Keep in mind that not all two Greek men are the same - especially when comparing dating Greek men that have never left their native Greece, to dating Greek men that have grown up in the west. The dating scene in Greece is still quite traditional compared to other European countries. Yes, we have dating apps like Tinder here, but most Greeks will try and meet people out at bars or through mutual friends.

Apr 13,   Any way you see it, marriage is rather big decision. It means you have found a person that you see spending your life with. Its very hard to find such person. As a Greek man I can tell you I am not into one night stands. I just don't see myself. Jan 19,   Dating Greek men: My Greek God and I in Sounio. Dating Greek men is certainly an appealing concept. With olive skin, seductive accents and a reputation for being among the best lovers in the world, it makes sense that you would consider finding yourself a Greek God. A factor that certainly makes dating Greek men appealing is due to how spontaneous they are. Greek men are generally very easy going and don't like to spend too long pondering over decisions. So if you are on a date with a Greek man then don't make too many plans

BE A WOMAN: Despite all this modern talk about equality, Greek men tend to be very traditional and at the end of the day, the man is the head, the woman only the neck blah blah blah. Greeks want a woman who will tend to them, love them, look after their children, cook them nice meals and keep their bed warm. So put the nun-chucks away, hide your presidential electoral speech and don the apron.

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Show your spontaneous side by surprising him with an extra helping of Moussaka, book a holiday to his mother-land, or simply turn up on his doorstep wrapped in nothing but the Greek flag. Most Greek men are all talk and little action, so rather than cutting him down, be positive about his plans to open up a lapdancing Greek coffee club.

Appreciate his interests and praise his efforts at all times. This fuss may be created over their appearance, their health, their home, their food or their car. While he may be allowed to throw his dirty underwear around because mama will always pick it upyou should be the goddess of cleanliness.

What are Greek Men like - Dating Men from Greece. Category: Greek Dating. by kalyani Greece is a Mediterranean paradise and men from this land appear to embody all the qualities of passion and drama that oozes from every pore of its art and culture. At the same time it is a challenge negotiating the fast changing world of gender and economy. Greek men and Greek women want to look good. "Good looks" is radically rising in Greece (to the borders of exaggeration in some cases). Don't forget that the Greek Gods literature played a great role on that. Greeks want to look fit and sharp. In the old days being "big" usually came along with lots of fat. Mar 29,   Greek women are not supposed to sleep around. If you go from boyfriend to boyfriend, or fling to fling, you easily loose your good reputation. Greek men, on the other hand, are allowed more freedom. Greeks Love a Good Party. Most, but not all, Greek men love a good party and some good old fashioned Greek dancing at certain celebrations.

Your attention to detail will impress him and have him daydreaming about the day when you pick up his dirty clothes. Wooing a Greek man by telling him that he is wiser than Zeus and more handsome than Hercules will have him begging you to go out with him.

Just remember that you will have to keep this up for the rest of your life. Drone Video Captures Majestic Mykonos.

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This is not to imply that nobody works in Greece or that there is no work schedule or work culture to speak of - its just that men enjoy living in the moment and extracting every bit of fun as much as possible out from the fleeting second.

In the same line, go anywhere in Greece, especially in summer and you will see large number of festivals taking place, with people participating and enjoying themselves - never mind a working day or a weekend.

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An endearing sense of spontaneity There is something in the air of Greece which makes the men spontaneous and happy-go-lucky. It is unusual for them to sit and agonize over whether a particular course of action would be right or wrong; so a guy may be comfortable walking up to tell you what a beautiful woman you are even though he is sporting a wedding ring.

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They are not likely to spend hours weighing the pros and cons of a situation but would much rather jump in the fray and enjoy themselves. So you will find a Greek man flirting outrageously with you, haggling with your over a piece of merchandise with great relish and even losing all he his money by gambling.

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At the same time though you can be assured that they will pick themselves up the next day and cheerfully start all over again. Addicted to high drama On the whole Greek men are highly emotional in nature.

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When things are going well for them, the joy and enthusiasm they radiate are exceedingly infectious and you cannot help but be drawn to celebrate the wonderful thing called life.

On the downside though, they are apt to get extremely worked up when beset by even minor problems.

Dating greek men

If you are in a relationship with a Greek guy, be prepared for huge temper tantrums when your guy would rage about how the world and all the gods are conspiring to pull him down - he may even smash a couple of things and kick around the furniture for good measure. You can hold the high sense of drama in ancient Greek tragedy responsible for this kind of emotional ranting but then this is how a large number of men here behave.

Best & Worst about Dating a Greek (according to Greeks!)

Smoky hot looks Not for nothing that you have heard about men here looking like Greek gods. You will find it very easy to fall for the perfectly-sculpted physique and the dark, raven hair of the Greek men.

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Add to this their brimming sensuality and you have all the makings of a passionate encounter at hand. So if you are on a trip to Greece, you may find men with greased hair and wearing gold chains, following you interminably even after you have made it clear that you want to have nothing to do with them. Be careful of another type who will woo you with amorous words and passionate gestures only to ask you to pay his bills and cover his rent.

In this sense, Greek men are largely like those found anywhere else in the world - some good, some bad and the majority somewhere in between.

Tied to the apron strings It is said about Greek men that they never truly get out from the shadows of their mothers. Almost every mama wants a good, virginal wife for her son who can cook, clean and bear lots of children.

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