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No, not at a movie on Saturday night. Not that kind of date. Instead, I mean how do you tell how old your Ball jar is? One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar-e. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to determine an approximate age for your jar. First check the logo, which changed fairly frequently until about

Nederlands: Oude Ball Mason potten dateren. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been rea times. Reader Success Stories. JK Joe Kr Jun 30, The Ball ID article was outstanding!

AM Andrea Morin Jul 17, I purchased bottles at an estate sale. It enabled me to date bottles back to the Also, it gave me a lead on a jar that just says mason on it.

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Thank you! MR May Reed Jun 20, It was also helpful to know which markings to ignore. JN Jon Nelson Jun 8, I hadn't even noticed that before reading this article.

JL Johnnie Lee Sep 25, Those and many things in your article helped me. Thank you!! AH Ann Hammes Jun 20, The number on the bottom explanation being a mold number was especially what I was looking for, thanks!

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BB Bethany Buisker Mar 23, It's nice to be able to place an approximate date on the sticker. Thanks for the help!

Lightning-Type Reproduction Fruit Jars. There are several reproduction Trademark Lightning fruit jars available today that are often sold as authentic. Right now, the reproductions are only known in two sizes, 1/2 pints and quarts. First, about the 1/2 pints. According to the Redbook of Fruit Jars (and several expert 1/2 pint collectors I have. Jul 19,   To date an old Ball mason jar, look at the logo on the jar. If the logo is an insignia made up of the letters BBGMC, the jar was made between and If the logo is written using block letters, the jar was likely made between and %. If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo. Every few years, the Ball Manufacturing Co changed the logo and if you compare yours to a reliable chart, you know how old it is. All you need is a chart like the one below.

LB Lois Billiot Mar 21, I learned something that will be of great use in the future. KR Karen Roemke Apr 9, LP Lynn Price Jan 13, Direct and to the point. Greatly appreciated. Great job, keep up the great work.

Fruit jar ID, auction tips & values. Amber, auction, Intro Jar collecting Midget jar, lugged lid.

DW Dorothy Wright Sep 14, Rated this article:. RC Rodney Clifford Jan 12, Well done! CP Charles Presley May 5, I never knew how to date them.

To get a little more help in determining the age of your jar, visit the Minnetrista Heritage Collection and do a keyword search on "Ball jar." Match your jar to one of those listed and check the dates. You can also go to the Midwest Antique Fruit Jar and Bottle Club website, click on "When was my Ball jar made?" and follow the instructions. Look for jars embossed with the Atlas name in raised lettering. Take note of any dates or other information on the jars. The Hazel-Atlas company was in business from to During s and '50s, the company was one of the largest producers of canning jars along with competitors Ball and Kerr. May 13,   The finish on a fruit jar can tell you roughly about the date it was made. If the finish on the base is smooth on the lip of the jar, it usually means the jar was machine-made after If the jar is rough and jagged at the base, it was machine-made between the early s to Check for mould seams.

Thank you so much for the facts. LW Linda Ward Jun 5, I enjoy reading about collectibles. I have several jars that belonged to my husband's grandmother. A Anonymous Jun 24, Thank you. A Anonymous Mar 26, Read this article top to bottom; I'm now a pro Ball collector!

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Follow Us. Thanks in advance. I will publish my reply here also]. Hi Davina, Thanks for taking the time to send me the pics! Hope this helps! Further research on this jar shows that the Ball logo is post I think this jar may be one of these. I have several Ball jars that are off size and I cannot locate seals and rings or lids to purchase.

They hold approximately 8 oz. Are the seals and rings still available? There are no grooves for a rings to screw onto.

Is there some other type of seal available? Thank you for any information you can share. What you may have are jelly jars that were made to seal with paraffin.

Antique Fruit and Canning Jars

Some had a metal cover that just sat on top of the glass with a lip that went down the side of the jar just enough to not slide off. Irregular screw sizing. Any info would be appreciated.

For those who still preserve, do not use older flat lids to process with. The rubber from the jar lids deteriorated in the water bath and the jars did not stay sealed. I just refrigerated and ate the beans and threw all the lids away. And thanks for the hints on the lids. Good advice!

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Those older lids are only good for collecting and displaying with the older jars, but definitely not actually using them for canning! I bought some at a garage sale and the lady gave me a ton of lids but only 3 bands. I found 1 box on of bands but cant find any more in fo on these. One box of lids says v 63 arro on it all the others say They are no longer available but I have picked up a number of boxes at yard sales and vintage sales.

Today I found a Ball jar in an old cellar.

Dating fruit jars

Both Ball and Mason are in cursive. Any idea where I can find more information on this?

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Thank you for your time. Nan, I believe there are several jars known that fit that description. I have a Ball Perfect Mason jar that is different from all others I have seen. It is logo 7, so to It is clear. Oddly, the mold number is not on the bottom. It is a number 7. There is no number on the bottom. Everything else looks normal. Does anyone know when they made that jar? I have some blue jars which are in the Logo 5 category according to the chart.

Laurie, in my opinion there is very little significance. Hundreds of different molds were used to produce those jars and sometimes the mold cutter engraved the lettering in slightly different positions relative to the top line of text.

Thank you for this comprehensive information. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge! I found a blue jar in my woods that seems to fit the model description. I want to be sure I found an original, not a replica.

Also, the older jars tend to be somewhat thicker, heavier glass than the new, modern Ball jars. I saw them at Meijer and Walmart. You could show a picture of the timeline. Hi Misty, I had two links to that chart posted on this article, but I have now inserted the chart itself on my page.

I hope this will be of help to collectors. I also hope everyone will follow the link to the entire article written by Karen M. Vincent, which includes more detail and context in addition to the chart.

Hi Christine, May I ask who told you? I mean, an antique dealer, a fruit jar collector, a friend?

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There are lots of rumors and stories that float around the country for many years, sometimes passed down from older people, and sometimes they have truth in them, sometimes not.

Your guess is as good as mine! I have a blue Ball perfect mason jar with what looks like a capital I with a line underneath it. If you have an old jar you want to sell, I suggestion you check on to see what similar jars are selling for. Good luck!

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Dating Old Canning Jars. Enjoy this post? About the Author:. Resources Canning Fermentation Jam Cocktails.

The only options for them was to use tin cans and solder them shut, or to plug their fruit jars-a term used by bottle maker Thomas Dyott-with corks, a practice that dated to the Colonial Era. The build up to John Mason's November 30th, , patent for the Mason jar, which ultimately revolutionized food preservation. Dating Antique Jars The earliest Ball jars, which were hand blown, are easy to identify because the bottom of the jar will have a mark called a pontil scar. This comes from the point where a metal rod was attached to the bottom of the jar for cooling while the blowing rod was broken away from the mouth of the jar after it was formed. According to "The Fruit Jar Works" volume 2, written by Alice Creswick, those jars were made by Illinois Pacific Glass Company, of San Francisco, and could date .

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