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Betty then accused her father of not only breaking into Sheriff Keller 's house but possibly murdering Jason as well. Alice accused Betty of sounding just as crazy as Polly, but she insisted that her sister wasn't crazy. The next day, Jughead came through Betty's window with a ladder, she told him about her worries concerning her parents, Polly, and possibly herself being crazy, Jughead calmed Betty down and reassures her that they are not their parents, then he kissed her, to which she smiled, right before remembering the car Jason had stashed out by an old maple farm sign on Route 40 that Polly was rambling on about. That night, they found the car, hidden under a tarp and filled with Jason's things, like his varsity jacket, as well as an abundance of drugs. They took pictures and alerted Sheriff Kellerall the while as they were unknowingly being watched by someone hidden in the woods.

Despite popular portrayals of James as an embodiment of Robin Hoo robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, there is no evidence that he and his gang shared any loot from their robberies with anyone outside their close kinship network.

This area of Missouri was largely settled by people from the Upper South, especially Kentucky and Tennesseeand became known as Little Dixie for this reason.

His father, Robert S. Jamesfarmed commercial hemp in Kentucky and was a Baptist minister before coming to Missouri.

Robert traveled to California during the Gold Rush to minister to those searching for gold; [3] he died there when James was three years old.

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