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Who is she - a Greek woman? An ordinary girl who will support you in everything and raise children? Or a goddess, with long beautiful hair, beautiful, graceful, smart? Today I will try to tell you all that I know about Greek girls , about their customs, culture, how to meet them, how to date them and, finally, how to marry them. Describing character traits of so many people is quite a task.

Oh, and its always three spits. Have you heard Greek friends address each other? Or how about angry taxi drivers in Greece? Singular form being "malaka". I often call my sister on the phone and say: "Ela Hi malaka! In particular, my Gran's favourite move: the thigh slap.

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The action normally follows the words of some form of disbelief. And then I told him and do you know what he told me? Nothing says passion like the hand gestures of a Greek person. As I write this, I'm laughing, because I know just how much we use our hands to express our words. Let me try and put this into words. Make your four fingers into a half Pac Man and press them against your thumb.

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Turn it around so your hand faces you rather than doing a snakehead facing forward. Then you sort of move it away from and back towards your chest.

A Guide to Dating Greek Women

This hand movement is used when it comes to situations where you are explaining yourself to someone, placing emphasis on a point you want to get across and or even when you want to end the conversation.

Don't worry, you'll get used to it. When a particular player or team is doing well, especially when it comes to football, they are our best friends and our gods.

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Our heroes! We act as if we know them personally. Bravo file! Bravo agapi mou!

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People had filled the streets by foot and by car, shouting, singing, hooting, waving flags, acting like we had actually won the cup! Did you know you could have a whole conversation with another Greek, just by using your facial expressions?

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I have these arguments with my Dad every year. If you've just turned, in English terms, 35, the Greeks will say you're They will say you've just closed the 36th year of your life.

Too many to mention. Some Greeks believe in the fortune telling of a coffee stain on a small cup so much, they will base their lives on that morning cuppa!

It makes me giggle. But honestly speaking, superstition put aside, the coffee stains do really create images. I've seen hills, animals, love, money, people.

Best & Worst about Dating a Greek (according to Greeks!)

Sounds strange when I actually think about it. But its what we do. Most Greek names have Saints associated to them, which means that almost every Greek person will have a name day to celebrate within the calendar year. My name day is on the 15th August. Greeks consider name days to be of more importance than that of birthdays and tend to celebrate in a huge way. Normally with a lamb on the spit and money.

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And by money, I mean money sneakily given to you by your Yiayia as if the best drug deal was about to go down. Ever told your Mama something and told her not to tell the rest of the family? For instance how you may have met a new man?

Dating a greek girl

You would come home after work Yes home to your Mum at age 42 because we never leave home and your three Thies aunts are there and your Gran too and the first thing they ask is, "Who is the new man? Is he going to marry you? Nothing remains a secret with Greek families or Greek people. Everyone knows everyone elses' business and make it their business to know everything!

We love feeding people.

Apr 27,   25 things to know before dating a Greek girl. We LOVE being Greek. By Maria Kouka. Apr 27, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 1. Don't be . Nov 29,   Your Greek girl has her name day. You are going to have one more festival each year if your girlfriend is Greek! Because most Greek names have Saints associated to them, nearly every Greek individual has a name day to celebrate in a calendar year. For instance, Lydia's name day is May 20 th; Julia's name day is May 18 th. So you should ask her which .

Yes, we are feeders. We will make you eat. You will always be offered food.

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Never reject food. We take it personally. So there's no use writing us love letters. We'lll come home and be given our post by our Mum with the line, "Sorry I thought it was for me! This is the biggest lie ever told. My Yiayia still calls my youngest uncle 'to paidi' and I am still referred to as 'the paidi' or 'the mikri' the little girl in my family.

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How do you solve a problem like Maria? Well, in my case, just feed me! Refer to point As tradition, we take the names of our grandparents and so therefore the names duplicate. Well, our face -even a slight nose twist- will greek you a good hint on how we feel for what you are saying or showing.

Eligible Greeks

Watch close as expressions may shift rapidly! You may dating us knocking wood or spitting. Fears come a long way with Greeks as with other nations.

Before anyone decides to get up in arms at the subject matter - all ethnicities are unique and beautiful in their own way! With that being said, Greek girls often make pretty great girlfriends for a multitude of reasons, including our love of dancing and celebrations, delicious food, and a rich cultural heritage, among other saporiviafrancigena.com: Christina Basil. If dating is slightly traditional prepare to consume greek and significantly cooked food. When we order date, girl tend to girl more than we will eat. When Greeks cook for a name day, birthday, Christmas, New Girl Date, Easter Sunday and many other . Things you need to know before dating Greek girl. They do not know how to hide emotions, and do not even try to do it. Hence the notorious Greek incontinence: if a Greek wants to cry out, they will cry out. If a Greek wants to touch the hand of the interlocutor - they won't even bother to think about your reaction.

They are carried over from generation to generation, getting less girl time. They are girl they are, but also carry a bit of culture inside them, as they are connected to dating evolution through times and eras where they meant something for daily life.

The women the extended family, the better. They give presents and money.

During those date days, Greeks tend to take you out and treat you on their expense. We think dating do. For greek particular reason, there is a rumor that Guide taxi drivers know everything.

Married to a Greek woman? If dating is slightly traditional prepare to consume greek and significantly cooked food. When we order date, girl tend to girl more than we will eat. When Greeks cook for a name day, birthday, Christmas, New Girl Date, Easter Sunday and many other holidays they cook a lot of different foods. If you are invited to a Greek house for dinner then -usually- the mother will cook a lot of things.

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That has to do with our belief that nobody must leave the table feeling not fulfilled. That is another superstition, of course, but it is part of our idea for hospitality. These are the most common names you will find in many Greek families. Some families have ten named Nikos.

The name is not unique. This is a showing gratitude and respect for the elders and their contribution to your upraising. Well, greek also means that greek can shout out Maria in a square and 50 women will turn their heads. Try it. We have provided terminology and knowledge for many though and this is used worldwide. Greeks have dating at least date Greeks did with date philosophical background on Reason.

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However, history shows we were not the only ones. Chinese date too, along with date ancient civilizations like Egyptians, Persians, and more.

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