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Just keep these things in mind. We like to focus on what everyone else ignores. We leave no stone unturned. We like to appreciate the little miracles in life, like making wishes when we blow on dandelion seeds or loose eyelashes. Our daydreams are our plans for the future. We avoid drama and conflict. But we take a stand when our beliefs set us apart.

The Way To Happiness is a common sense guide to better living.

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Its simple basic principles help create long lasting relationships! Click here for more information and to view the short videos of each section of the booklet.

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We have a game on the website that helps members connect up and learn about each other in a fun and easy way. A series of questions are asked, and you and another member get to answer them.

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There are no right or wrong answers, just viewpoints and experiences. We have many features that will make it easier and faster to find the person you are looking for:. Find the right person for you: Emotional tone scale.

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Enhance your relationships: Communication Components of understanding Marriage. Thank you sooooo much!!!! A friend had told me about someone he knew having success at FreeSpiritSingles and I just decided why not.

What is a Free Spirit????

Now I am very happily married. In a very short time I found the man of my dreams. This relationship is such a pleasure and so easy!

No more hard workwe flow together. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot for this wonderful site!!! So what are you waiting for?

free sign-up member login free spirit: "a person with a highly individual or unique attitude, lifestyle, or imagination; nonconformist." - saporiviafrancigena.com FreeSpiritSingles is a dating service for free-spirited and spiritual-minded people! New - a dating game on the website (see below).

Take a risk on us. We might surprise you. Menu Search Search for: Search.

Welcome to FreeSpiritSingles! This is a dating service for unique people! Bring out the Free Spirit in you!. We're not your typical, ordinary dating service either - not the same look-a-like cookie cutter website you've probably seen all over the Internet. Dec 26,   A free spirit will not go out of their way to meet your every need. (It may happen later, but only once there is complete trust.) Set realistic goals by asking for the things you want most out of a relationship - and expecting nothing else%. Dec 10,   Granted, every free spirit is slightly different, but each happens to carry certain similar characteristics that can give you a better idea of knowing what to expect if .

Sometimes we wander and end up in unusual places. But it makes life interesting. Join us.

Consider yourself lucky. If you're dating a free spirit, it's like sleeping next to a wild tiger. We're with you because we want to be. We love you because we want to love you. We never settle for less than we think we deserve, and we're drawn to men who are extraordinary and who appreciate us for the wild roses we are, thorns and all. Dec 10,   For a free spirit, it's about living to work, as opposed to working to live. 6) Opinions Free spirits aren't swayed by the opinions of others and like to think for themselves. What Is A Free Spirit? 5 Characteristics Of The Free.

Distractions are portals of discovery for us. Embrace free thinking with us. We have hungry minds, so we like trying out new things and experiences.

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There is a lot we can experiment with together. And we look for the extraordinary in the ordinary.

You can expand our horizons, but we are who we are.

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