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I have a Coach purse from , style number I have scoured the internet trying to find info on the name of the bag and series, etc. Any suggestions? I keep seeing these links to Coach serial number databases and none of them seem to work. BTW, I do know it's authentic because my Dad works for Customs and brings down huge counterfeit rings.

A word of caution: Even though most purses have a serial number, the absence or presence of one isn't always a sign of the bag's authenticity, because at certain times in the company's history, bags didn't have serial numbers. Keep in mind that just because the bag has a serial number doesn't mean it can't be a fake; counterfeiters often use legitimate serial numbers on their bags, too.

There have been some changes over time in Coach purse serial numbers. Coach began inand the company's earlier bags didn't have serial numbers. Those first appeared in Coach purses in the s. At that time, the serial number was three digits long followed by a dash and four more numbers in the format xxx-xxxx. This was a true serial number, unique to that particular bag, and didn't contain the style number.

In the s, the serial number was four numbers followed by a dash and three digits: xxxx-xxx. This number still didn't signify anything; it was just a unique number for that bag. Then this all changed. Starting inthe number on the creed isn't technically a serial number. The company and Coach aficionados refer to it as the style number. In bags made since then, this number, which is still widely called a serial number, includes production codes. The number can tell you a lot, including:.

In other words, the serial number was now made up of production codes, before the dash, and style number, afterward. This is the point at which letters started to be used, too, for example.

Here's what your post bag's serial number may contain: An example, according to VintageCoachBags. Today, occasionally a special edition Coach bag may have a serial number stamped on the creed. For the most part, though, bags have just a five-digit style number on the little white tag. Sometimes Coach puts a letter at the beginning of the serial number to indicate where the bag was originally sold. The letter typically appears after the hyphen in the serial number.

A "bullet" or target symbol stamped into the corner of the creed indicates the bag was a full-price boutique bag sold at an outlet at a discount. These are just more reasons why the absence or presence of a serial number shouldn't be construed as evidence of whether the bag is real.

There's a huge market in fake designer handbags. Some are fairly high quality and look similar to their authentic counterparts, which makes it tough to identify the real thing. According to Forbesin fact, it can even be difficult for the company distinguish the real thing, although they have both overt and covert ways to tell such as hidden stitch counts. While it's tough to identify a counterfeit Coach bag, the serial number contains certain clues.

Dating a coach bag

They include the following:. As we become more educated, we reduce the possibility of purchasing counterfeit items. Thank you! Is that why the original post was under Melissa Barnes and now you post as Melissa Dunlap? I would think you a better off without him because any good man that is supportive of his woman would recognize that you are pretty much and expert in this field and he should have recognized the time, energy, and knowledge that you have for this industry and respected and encouraged your expertise.

Thank you for this informative blog that is very helpful. I buy a ton of coach products from outlets, websites, and estate sales and it seems like every blog contradicts the previous except your very thorough presentation here. Thank you, Blake the Great. Blakethegreatking gmail. Hi Melissa, Thanks for the very informative site. I have a question: do you know if Coach ever made the Court model in green? I've seen a number of them available in but they all seem fake to me wrong hardware, no buckle in the long strap, NO is this an 80's number or fake.

The tag also reads Made in the United States. Back pocket gold tone hardware. I can't find anything with these numbers except for a little info about the 80s era. Thanks for the help. I found a bag with Any ideas on this one? It has the creed and made in new york city usa with the number stamped underneath creed.

I appreciate any info you can help me with. This was before Coach started putting their bags' assigned Style 's directly into the creed itself. I have a straw coach purse with a white leather flower on the right upper side.

The word coach is embroideryed under the flower. The is N2MOF If you go to the google search and type in - Coach F because the last set of numbers is the styleit will pop up what the style of bag that number goes with.

I did that and it appears that number belonged to a diaper bag. Please check this for yourself. Go to and put in Coach F and see what pops up. Is there any information you can give me on the year it was made. It also says made in China. I have a Coach bag that I know nothing about. It looks like a large duffle and the serial no. Can anyone give me any information on this beautiful burgundy bag? Thanks for your attention. Its made from water buffalo leather and its brownish red.

Any ideas? I also found this bag!!! Is it real? Can't find anything on it Can anyone authenticate disk read number at the bottom of the Creed its States made in the United States the bag is a small round looks like crossbody looks authentic vintage and authentic please let me know.

Ever since I saw fabulous collection of cheap Coach pursesI have gone mad about these bags. Now I am waiting for discount offers on these bags. Any thoughts? I have a Coach small shoulder bag with the small c signature. Is it vintage? I also have a bag like thisI have had it take off twice now for "copyright enfringment" Im trying to find out whyI do not see one thing that deems it fake.

I love this little bag! Im not sure why it is being taken down. Hey Melissa we've met on the purse forum in the past! And, Just a note to those asking questions about creed s from vintage bags. The is no help without a photo. Since each bag has its own unique untilmeaning there's not another set of s on the internet just like it at all! Please take your questions to the authenticate thread. There's also a great vintage Coach discussion group page on facebook called "Vintage Coach Leatherware-Rehabs, Rescues and Rarities", of which I am an admin and we can sometimes help you out with your questions.

If not, we have someone we refer you to on the Purse Forum who is a higher authority and who has many great and knowledgeable helpers there. I just had checked in periodically hoping to hear from you again, and saw you had come back! I recently inherited a coach leather purse No. It was my aunt's. I purchased a Coach No.

I found a vintage Coach in my mother-in-law's closet. It's small rectangular shaped, rust colored suede and has no creed or markings on the inside.

Today, occasionally a special edition Coach bag may have a serial number stamped on the creed. For the most part, though, bags have just a five-digit style number on the little white tag. Adding Letters to the Serial Number. Sometimes Coach puts a letter at the beginning of the serial number to indicate where the bag was originally sold. Shop Women's Handbags At COACH Including Satchels, Totes, Crossbody Bags & More. Enjoy Free Shipping & Returns On All Orders. Coach Creed is the same as in mid to late s. Serial number contains seven numbers in the format: xxxx-xxx. Both the first four digits before the dash and the last three digits after the dash are unique to each bag and do not correspond to the style number. The creed, printed in all caps, reads: THIS IS A .

Only a hang tag that says Coach Leatherware. I'd like to know it's age or value. Can I email you a picture? Hello and thank you for your info. Was there a messenger tan bag Thx. I have an older coach looks like a late 80s to type.

It was my grandmother's. I dont have any information on it other than the number says any help would be awesome. Hi, I just bought a coach bag from according to the numbers, how do I find out what the bag looked like? If the coach creed was stamped on then it seems it's authentic for that year, right?

History of Coach Serial Numbers

I have a Coach bag that I purchased in the late 80s or early 90s. The serial stamped on it is I cannot find any info on it and would like to sell. Any idea? Can anyone tell me if this Number is a fake? Read the and were fakes but said nothing about 's? The first one is the Soho Buckle Bag Model The other I am not sure. This site has been very helpful to me. I would like to help you back Could you please tell me if is authentic? Thank you, if you know the name of the bag as well as if it's authentic, I would appreciate it.

I've got my eye on a vintage bag with the last 4 numbers The first 3 digits are F6B, I think. I can't find any info on this bag anywhere. Any ideas? The auction ends tomorrow. Very interesting! This work is really satisfactory for us. Thanks Bidinis. I found a leather bag at the thrift. Can you please tell me when it was made? I believe it's called Ergo Bonnie. Thank you!! That is the Carousel Clutch and was made in Designed in-house by Coach. Very unique design reminiscent to the Bonnie Cashin totes of similar design.

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I read in your article that early bags didn't include the style number on the creed, and that each bag most likely had a different number in the early years. I was wondering if you know anything else about this particular bag, like a style name. Any additional info would be most helpful.

My purse has NO stamped under the creed. Also, do the words of the creed vary due to where it's made? Where should I go to sell it? I see a bag with style number I don't see it on this list, is there a real coach bag? I am seeking info on a large tan shoulder bag number I'm also looking for info on a large navy hobo or bucket bag numbered D3S and a red, double strap bucket bag B8C That one is also stamped FS on it. Any info appreciated. Thank you. The other is the Duffle Sac Model Can anyone tell me a bit more about a vintage bag with the following number?

I have a black leather bag that looks like a stewardess bag but the creed is ? Thanks for sharing them with us. I have a vintage Coach No. A little help would be truly appreciated. Is the called a Weston Shopper and manufactured in the late 90s. Would they have had brass or gold tone hardware. Do you know what colors they came in. Was there a burgundy and also a dark brown. Yes, the Weston was made in a variety of colors.

apologise, but

A majority of them had brass metalwork. Burgundy Oxblood and Dark Brown were two popular colors. I have a red bag that has a number that I cannot find on your list nor can I find it on a list of fakes. I guess if I can't find it anywhere, it must be a fake?

If it is the Hobo style with the leather caps at the strap ends, it is the Convertible Hobo Model and authentic. Hello, I have enjoyed reading the posts here and you are very helpful with your answers so I have a question about, of course, a Coach bag. I bought a beautiful leather bag with the No. D7B stamped into the bottom of the Creed. The leather is very soft and supple, light carmel color with a shoulder strap. It has a flap that covers the main pouch and closes with a magnetic button type closure.

It seems authentic from everything I have read but I have been unable to find an example by searching with the ID number. Can you help? Thanks much, Kathy.

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Any help to identify it would be appreciated. I have a bag with the number can anyone help. I am new to coach. Nice products really. I just acquired a Coach purse but its not listed here.

Please tell me more about it. Its a tan leather purse, plain exterior with no Coach markings. You wouldn't know it was Coach until you opened it up and saw the creedo. Any help is welcome. I know this may be a late reply and you may have the info on this Coach.

It is the Lunch Tote Model made in I don't have the bag anymore. I found out it was a vintage Coach and sold it anyway. I have since acquired a few more but I'm now more knowledgeable on how to authenticate them.

I was hoping if anyone could tell me the Willis bag was ever made in china? Thank you in advance. Looks like there are questions dating back a few months that have not been answered so wondering if anyone is still running this site. If anyone that is reading this, is very knowledgeable in Coach products, please reply to my post above. I really need to know the info on it and I've searched everywhere. I found a great bag with no.

A3P with a bulls-eye at the top right. I read that the bulls-eye means that it was a full-priced bag sold at an outlet not sure why. I see that it was made in January, can you help me with the rest? I have a coach purse, and I want to know if it is real.

The serial number is No A05U Purchase Genuine Gucci Handbags Online. Seems bag was made in Costa Rica "P". Could someone please help me with this? It is stamped into the leather.

Thank You, Linda Musgrove. I contacted Coach who has nothing on record. The did tell me thst I could bring this to a Coach Store and they would clean it to keep it in good condition.

Any clue on the No. It is pre and the numbers on the creed do not translate into the model number.

Find your ultimate match. COACH. Check for the bag's serial number, which is located on a stitch patch on the inside of your purse under the zipper. Since , serial numbers have been given to all Coach handbags except for slingbacks. Before , not all Coach bags carried this registration information, so bags manufactured before that date are much harder to identify. Dating Coach connects you to world class coaches and instructors all across the globe and on demand. Sign up now and get a 45 min FREE Coaching Session!

Also, it should have a hole at the very top at the end of the zipper for the handtag. I purchased a m6c red leather court bag couch purse it has never been 7sed and still has partial price tag on it. I was wondering when this purse came out and how old it is. I have an orange-red Coach shoulder bag with an antique brass closure on bag itself and on the shoulder strap buckle.

I believe it was purchased in the late 's.

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Can you tell me why it is not on your list? I believe it is genuine. My purse no is it has two handles an is brown leather. It is old. Hey I noticed that the Studio bag I think the name of it is that wasn't listed I looked it up and it's on and looks the same as mine, but i can't find any information on that style I'm french and today I purchased a vintage coach bag.

Coach-Handbags. COACH handbags are the perfect way to show the world your love of fashion. When you want to show off your personal style, a COACH bag is the perfect way to do it. There are many different types of bags, and the best comes down to personal preference. A clutch is a great option if you are looking for a small bag. Shop The Women's Collection At COACH. Enjoy Free Shipping & Returns On All Orders. This bag with the leather stamp inside but no creed is actually the same style of bag as the black bag above from New York City. This bag was made prior to the time when Coach adopted a creed, and prior to the time when they had serial numbers inside the bags, yet after the Coach metal tag from below, placing it late 's, early 's.

Mine has no number under the label. I have two photos and I would be very happy if you could tell me more about my bag! I am pleased to find your so good study about these bags. Would appreciate help identifying a small shoulder bag "made in the USA" with no. It looks like a miniature prairie bag. I have a vintage Coach that i'm not able to pull up any info.

How to Tell How Old Your Coach Bag Is

It reads, NO Could you please help me with this. Hi, wondering about a vintage Coach bag, marked made in the United States, No. Creme white, kind of oval shaped, with front exterior slip pocket.

Hangtag present. Kind of boxy.

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Thanks in advance! Need help ASAP. This was given to me and have no clue about it. Help help. I've got a red bag with a perforated flap. Serial number JP. Any idea of whether or not it's real? Nice details.

I have been trying to get some information on what type of Coach bag I have and when it was made I have one that was made in New York City and the registration number is and I've been trying to sell it but it's kind of hard to do when you don't have much information.

I have called The Coach Factory I have been to coach stores and they seem to know nothing about their own products. If you can help me out I would greatly appreciate it thank you so much.

Hi, I'm writing to ask if you have ever encountered a vintage coach bag with a missing registration number. It has the creed and a space for a registration number, but the number is missing. I believe it's a s - s era Bonnie Cashin, small briefcase style but you'd be a better judge of that. May I please send you photos? If so, how would I do that?

agree, useful

Thank you so much for this great resource and thank you for your time. Have a blessed weekend, Sherry N. Get designer handbags made in France varieties available for you at our store. The store offers classy leather bags, pure leather traveling bags, sling bags and much more at affordable price. Nice and interesting blog! Your provided information is valuable for us. Thanks for sharing. Hello, I have a vintage black drawstring-closure flap crossbody or shoulder bag, The serial number is: If you want to buy mens colored ankle socksthen visit Solowarrior.

If you want to stylish brown sunglassesthen visit Sizen. If you want to buy paw print clothesthen visit Petsy Dog Shop. I am looking at a vintage Coach bag and after reading everything you wrote, is there any way that the first three characters could be G82?

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