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He just turned 17 last month on the 22nd, and my birthday is coming up in July. I've known him for almost a year and we've been dating for 8 months. I really do love him and we aren't having sex. I don't plan on it. He doesn't have a problem with that and wouldn't force me into it. So don't tell me that "ALL teenage guys think about sex" Cause thats not true. I know him and you don't.

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They should group date if they're going to date at all. No, but a 21 year old depending on which state they live in can go to jail for dating a 17 year old. The 17 year old is a minor and the 26 year old an adult and if only dating is involved there is no problem. More than dating and the 26 year old could be arrested for rape.

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Asked in Relationships Is it legal for a 13 year old and a 17 year old to date? Dating yes, sex no. Especially if 17 is the age of consent in your state. Then the 17yo can be charged with statutory rape.

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Arkansas does not have any laws about dating. But the 17 year old could be in big trouble if there is any sexual contact.

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There are no laws about dating. Dating is never illegal. If sex is involved, it is another thing.

A 17 year old is way too old for a 13 year old. They need to date ones of their age! Asked in Age of Consent & Underage Relationships, Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out, Teen Dating, . Read 1 Answer from lawyers to I'm dating a 17 year old and I'm We are in a LDR and nothing sexual is being talked about. Is it ok for us to date? - North Carolina Family Law Questions & Answers - Justia Ask a Lawyer.

I hope so cuz im in love wit a 22 yr old and im I would say yes. It depends on how mature the 13 year old is and along as the 17 year old is not pressuring the 13 year old then it is fine.

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It's illegal until you turn 18!!! My best friend is 14 and she is dating a 17 year old.

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No, there are no laws about dating. Nothing illegal about dating. There are no dating laws in Texas. Once someone turns 17, it is legal for a 99 year old to have sex with them. I know him and you don't. The age of consent here is Im just wondering if it's alright for us to date until I turn Then if anything sexual does happen it would be alright.

I'm mature for my age and we both love each other. His mom just is very concerned and she would tell on him, instantly.

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But as long as my parents dont have a problem with it, it's fine. I'm just so confused, I dont know what Im asking anymore lol!

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Just let me know if its alright! That's not dating, that's baby sitting.

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You're simply being babysat by a pedo. His mum is so concerned because she doesn't like having a pedo as a son, no mum would be happy with their son who's almost adult dating a child, it's wrong, what's worrying is it seems like your parents don't mind, if i had a 13 year old daughter i wouldn't want her dating anyone, and if the guy was 17 i'd go straight up to him a warn the pedo to stay away from my daughter!

You sound like a smart girl, and I'm sure he's a sweet guy.

Dating a 13 year old at 17

He's He will soon be a legal adult, can drive, can work, can pay taxes, and soon can vote. He's done with puberty, grown up, and is soon to start another chapter of his life. You're 13 just starting puberty, have no adult like privileges, and you are legally a child.

Can your year-old friend "date" a year-old? Yes. However, even if it is not illegal, that does not necessarily make it a good idea. The 3-year difference in age is significant when you are a teen. I know you didn't request a lecture, but I doubt that you would have posed the question unless you were concerned about a possible sex crime. 10 Best Free Dating Sites for Teenagers ( to Year-Olds & Up) When I'm not writing about cheese or my year love affair with Leonardo DiCaprio, I'm listening to The Beatles, watching Harry Potter reruns (I'm a proud Slytherin!), or drinking IPAs. OTHER ARTICLES YOU MAY LIKE. Online Dating. 13 Best Dating Sites for Over 40 (Free. Let's say someone is 13 and is dating a year-old. Is it wrong? There's a little trick to tell when the age difference in dating gets icky. All you have to do is take the older age, in this case, 17, and divide it by two and add 7. 17?2+7 is

You may be mature. I am not saying he will rape you or anything crazy, I just personally think you two are at different points at your lives. Meaning you are under the age of consent and if he did anything with you he can go to jail.

Sep 05,   There's a really complicated situation. I'm a 13 year old girl, and he's a 17 year old guy. He's told me he likes me, and I've told him I like him. I recently got a friend to ask him out for me, and his reply was " I really want to, but I'm just concerned about the age gap. I don't want people to think I'm a kiddy fidler or something!" and then to me he said " I will treat you like my. Mar 02,   Especially next year. If you really like him, and him you, then you can wait three years until you're legally and mentally more mature. If it's meant to happen, it will happen down the road as well. Source(s): I'm 18 and have plenty of year old friends and would think it would be weird if one started dating a 13 year old. A 23 year old should not be dating a 17 year old. Single Dating is when the dating person is ready to marry. The 17 year old is not ready at all. They should group date if they're going to date at.

That doesn't mean just sex either. Having sexual conversations with you, making out with you, spanking you playfully. And it is unhealthy for any relationship to rule out kissing and affection, but sadly you will have to because of the age difference.

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It's not something to play around with, he can get in big trouble. Especially next year. If you really like him, and him you, then you can wait three years until you're legally and mentally more mature.

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If it's meant to happen, it will happen down the road as well. I'm 18 and have plenty of year old friends and would think it would be weird if one started dating a 13 year old. If you were closer to his age it wouldn't be an issue, but because you are not it is an issue. Four year difference isn't a problem if both of you were out of school or in college, but right now he is in high school and you are jr high which makes him look like a perv even if you and your parents don't, evidently it does to his mom and I am sure to everyone else around him.

I can also tell that he thinks about sex with you but be glad that he is strong enough to know that he shouldn't because if he did even if you say it was ok he would still go to jail as a sex offender, now you really wouldn't want to do that to him would you? Be his friend and when you get older and he is still around and he wants to be with you then then go for it till then I think you should give him up and just be the kid that you are Sorry that is not what you want to hear but it is what it is Good luck It sounds like you're a bit insecure about the relationship.

Like you feel deep down that this could be not that right and it doesn't feel comfortable enough. Otherwise you wouldn't be questioning the whole situation. Look, when I was 13 my boyfriend was Our relationship never went on the sexual side.

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Our dates were usually nice and sweet, we used to hold hands, cuddle, hug, but I never even let him french kiss me, because I just didn't feel ready.

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