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A client retains an architecture and engineering firm to design and supervise construction of a church building that features a geodesic dome structure. While the project is under construction, a dispute between the client and the firm arises over payment of the latter's fees. When the parties are unable to reach a prompt resolution, the firm resigns from the project, and its principal informs the county building department that the firm is no longer associated with the church project. The building department, in turn, revokes the client's construction permit and advises the client that the project cannot continue without an architect or engineer overseeing the project. Eager to avoid further delays, the client contacts another design professional-a civil engineer and ASCE member.

When used on a set of engineering plans or documents, the P. Inherent in the message carried by a P. With so much trust placed in an engineer's assessment of professional documents, it is essential to know that the engineer is certifying the documents not on the basis of blind trust or an unsubstantiated belief in another's work but because he or she has had sufficient personal involvement with the documents to know whether or not they meet the standards of the profession.

Accordingly, the requirement of personal involvement looms large both in state licensing laws governing the use of an engineer's seal and in the codes of conduct enforced by ASCE and other professional societies. Category c in the guidelines to practice for canon 2 of ASCE's Code of Ethics applies here: "Engineers shall not affix their signatures or seals to any engineering plan or document While the engineer's use of his seal in this case was not an attempt to mislead or deceive the recipients as to the extent of his personal involvement, it is nevertheless clear that he used his seal on plans that were not "reviewed or prepared" under his "supervisory control.

At that point he had the ethical obligation to verify through his own review and calculations that the documents were "safe for public health and welfare in conformity with accepted engineering standards. When contacted by the CPC, the member offered little in the way of defense. He observed only that he had made a "stupid and ignorant mistake" and explained that as soon as he recognized the nature of his violation, he accepted the board's proposed settlement in an effort to resolve the matter swiftly.

He expressed the hope that he could reach an equally prompt resolution of the matter with the CPC. The members of the CPC felt that the member had clearly learned his lesson with regard to the appropriate use of his seal. However, they saw the offense as being serious enough to warrant formal action.

Although cases involving misuse of an engineer's seal are not frequently reported to ASCE, they represent one of the most common cases adjudicated by state licensing boards.

Moreover, the use of a professional seal is one area in which the law's requirements are often higher than those imposed by professional codes of conduct. While ASCE's canons may require only a thorough review of another's work, many state statutes are considerably more exacting. For example, under Oklahoma law, an engineer seeking to seal another's work "shall perform or have responsible charge over all professional engineering or land surveying services to include development of a complete design file including work or design criteria, calculations, code research, field notes, and any necessary and appropriate changes to the work.

In other words, calculations, site visits, research and the like must be documented and producible upon demand Plans need not be redrawn by the successor professional engineer; however, justification for such action must be available through well kept and complete documentation on the part of the successor professional engineer as to his having rethought and reworked the entire design process.

If they have contracts in china you better run. Apr 24, Rating Re:Transfer of Funds by: OneThirdCultureKid To the person asking if any of us thinks this guy who wants you to transfer funds to him is a scammer, I say yes, he is a scammer and he wants you to be his mule, too. Apr 23, Rating Thanks by: Anonymous I want to thank all members who shared their sentiments about the situation I am going through with this guy Cool Boss.

Seriously block, you will be grateful to me. What once was a regular pic, now that person in the pic walks. This is spooky. What is it just another way of getting to us with lies. Scammers are way out of control. Everyone stay safe. Stole someone's pic too get to you. Need to know more. Could you leave email here for contact? Could this be my case too.

Would appreciate help. Thank you. They are Scary Smooth. Dont Do It. Apr 23, Rating Transfer of funds by: Anonymous He wants you to be a mule. You will be aiding money laundering and that is a federal offense. I know because it happened to me. Do not give him your account number. He will take all your money. Just because you have talked for a year means nothing. I played with one for 3 years and never gave him a penny. He asked and asked and asked.

They talk to so many women they cannot keep them all straight. Do not let him use that "trust" B. Block him before you regret it. Also, putting funds in your account if he actually did do that is money laundering and you would be complicit and that is a federal offense.

Don't be foolish. The money belongs to other women he is talking to. Apr 23, Rating Transfer of funds by: Anonymous I had been talking to this guy for about year now on and off LDR and now back to his home country in Nov from the Gulf of Alabama.

This time he wants a gift card to upgrade his cell phone worth USD.

Oil Rig engineer for dating scam. by Anonymous (USA) Well he won my heart and prayed for my sick children, and cleaned out my financial life. Suppose to be such a Godly Good Man but, still needs money to get off the rig, etc, etc, but, I'm broke and that wont change. The Nigerian dating scams target the singles looking for love online. Meet Ronald Kurt a civil engineer working in Sudan. The area was a war zone. And I met him on OKC. Oil Rig Scamming Format How it Works and Protect Yourself Not rated yet When someone chats you up on a dating website and tells you they are some contractor working on. The permit is approved and construction resumes, but a member of the architecture and engineering firm learns of the engineer's actions and reports the engineer to the state licensing board. The board files an administrative complaint against the engineer for violating state laws regarding the proper use of the P.E.

I said "No Way". His reasons were very shallow and did not buy them. Then he came back and said : are you going to get me the card tomorrow, Yes or No.? He first contacted me back several months ago by the name of Robert Amorrison and just a few days ago someone contacted me using the same pics and using the name Claudius Emerson but says most people call him Greg or Walker.

He's saying he's a civil engineer but not on a rig with a construction company in Scotland. I found this doctors name on IG OP.

Kerem Bikmaz. He's a neurosurgeon in Turkey I believe. Anyway I sent this guy all links and pics of this doc and he is insisting that his IG was hacked. While looking on the reverse image place I found another IG acct by the name of William Moran but he is sticking with his acct was hacked. He must take me for a fool. He wants to do a blood oath with me of course I won't but what the hell does that mean?

Beware ladies this guy is ignorant and thinks you are too. Run as fast as you can! The only thing I could suggest is some way they are getting the mouth to move. If possible on Skype I would give them directions like stand up, turn around, put a hat on your head or something and see if they can do that. I'm sure if they're using a still pic somehow or video with moving lips, they would not be able to follow through with these other commands?

Apr 22, Rating Pictures by: Anonymous If anyone gets a request from someone in the military and they are getting scammed more than likely their picture was stolen and is being used by a scammer. Apr 22, Rating The innocent face by: Anonymous To the person who wrote: "How do you go about finding the man in the picture that the scammers post? Clearly, they have no idea their pictures are being used. I found him in Georgia.

I reached out to him via phone, facebook and email.

Oil Rig engineer for dating scam

I am most concerned that his kids pictures are out there on the internet being used to help scam people. I have also gone to my police department as well as his. Honestly, no one wants to get involved in this sort of crime. Just an FYI, my scam went on for two years.

We spoke on the phone daily, emailed, texted and skyped. I wonder how the scammers pull off skyping? That kept me believing.

Civil engineer dating format

I actually saw him speaking to me. Turns out that was a scam too. Talked for a whole month and only today to be asked to pay an agent some money to get his money. Email is darylfrost12 gmail. Apr 22, Rating Nathan Davis by: Anonymous Has anyone been approached by nathan davis - son [ owen].

Apr 21, Rating Paul holbrook is also Chris Wilson by: Anonymous This same guy I met him and he was very romantic and sweet, 58 and his birthday he said is on April He also said that he is retiring soon, and he told me the same crap that he was coming to see me soon.

We spoke for 3 weeks when he finally came out with the questions about money. He said he lived in Illinois. He has a 12 year old daughter name Sarah that lives with her aunts. His wife passed away, and he got re-married and the new wife slept with his best friend. The guy sent pictures of himself and he is a good looking man, but unfortunately those are not his pictures. I found the owner of those pictures and I am sure the poor guy does not know.

This thief is using his profile to conquer weak woman and reap money off them. Just be careful, I think this is the same guy who many times has gone on different sites to chase and prey on woman feelings, to get money out of them. Do not accept any package from him or no doubt you will be his money mule and will get in Big Trouble with the Feds. Yes it is illegal. If they check it you are the one to be arrested not him.

Pull away while you can. Just concerned. Been there done that. Apr 21, Rating Oil rig scam by: Anonymous How do you go about finding the man in the picture that the scammers post? Apr 21, Rating Paul Holbrook by: Anonymous Just got out of this scam when I searched for his photo on Google and found that he'd stolen it. He was very handsome, clever and very romantic. I couldn't believe it - and I shouldn't have. He says he's an engineer on an oil platform in the Gulf. Wife died 5 years ago, daughter in college in England.

Retiring soon. So - beware! I fell for his romantic patter he fell in love with me way too soon! Never asked for money and was coming to see me in 3 weeks or so. All too good to be true. Please don't fall for this. It's heartbreaking. And a waste of many hours, in my case. Admin: is there a way someone can search prior for a particular text, as in someone's name? Thx ED: Yes you can use a function called Sitesearch to search the whole site for names, etc. On the homepage it is the second choice in the drop down list under the "Welcome" tab.

Apr 21, Rating Blood oath by: Anonymous Many in africa use a blood oath in certain circumstances. It involves witchcraft which I could assure you is a very real thing!

Many of my friends are and have been missionaries to some of these third world countries and can attest to the power of this stuff, myself included.

To the person that did the blood oath, you need to renounce it in Jesus Christ name and declare that it has no power in your life. If needed to go a church that deals in deliverance ministry to get set free. Apr 21, Rating Hungarian oil rig engineer by: Anonymous So Im here again to warn you ladies don't do it!

In feb a lady on here mentioned a colin jussie coyne and everything else hit the spot and because it I managed to tell the same man. He was extremely good and photos were omg amazing and a video Im still working out how he did it but I did a google reverse image today on his photos and shows a russian presenter!!! So hes stolen all this guys photos off instagram and then changed the name and story!!!

My gut was right and to the lady on here posting back in feb thank you!!! Apr 21, Rating scammer by: Anonymous I am talking to a guy with the name of kendricscott a real nice man who says he is 57 years old, has something to do with petroleum and just got a contract. He says he lives in Wisconsin. He has a 18 year old daughter so please if you have heard of him let me know. He has not asked me for anything and he sent me pictures and a video where he was on the beach.

A nice looking guy. Goes by the name of Wayne Palmer age Birthday June 15th. Supposedly has 1 daughter in a boarding school in Texas although he states he lives in Michigan. Even got me to talk to his "sister" who was as convincing as he was.

I fell for it for a month - was ready to walk away from my life, my family, my home etc to set up with him is the USA but a friend emailed me photos that she'd found of him under the name of a turkish doctor - Kerem something. Amazing looking guy with an equally amazing talent for scamming. Further confirmed when he then asked me for money and scooted around answering my questions about his daughter, his home, why he couldn't call, could never send recent photos because his computer had fried apparently!!

Apr 21, Rating Contact details Mason Spielberg by: Anonymous Further to my comments on Mason Spielberg he has today said he was working on research oil rig construction engineer and he asked what city in the UK I lived and he would love my mobile telephone number.

We talk on hangouts, why would he want this info. I have refused this info. I'm actually not interested in him but since he started talking to me then we started talking. I answer all his inquiries then one day he confesses his love for me and he says his wife died due to car accident and with one child who is in the USA. Actually he is working as an engineer in Eni Spa oil company.

Lots of talking. Then one day he is telling me how much he invested in that company and his project will soon be finished and he is actually almost done after 1 week yesterday. He suddenly messaged me and told me that he is in need of because there is an incident that happened on the site. I told him that since the accident happened in duty hours the company is the one liable for that incident and that he keeps on saying that the doctor doesn't want to help him because he has no money at all.

I started doubting him and I explained very clearly that since it happened in your duty hours they should be the one responsible for that. Actually he got mad and was stating that I dont love him anymore. Actually I didnt love him in the first place. It is important for every one to be Smart and think wisely before sending money. If in doubt never ever trust anyone on a social media site as not everyone is real.

I actually messaged the company and Im still waiting for their response to my inquiries. Apr 21, Rating Do you know these names? I know for sure that Mike Andy is a scammer but not sure about the second one. He seems sincere and says he will not ever ask me for a dime. It is most likely a scammer so wanted to know if any of you had encountered them?

Apr 20, Rating Re: Mike Scott by: Anonymous Perfect example of setting you up to pay out money to him or become his mule. Read the stories here. This is ridiculous. You need to block him quickly. He sounds like a mad man. Girl block him!! Apr 20, Rating Response to Michael Scott by: Anonymous The Security Company will ask you to pay for the number of months this Security consignment box was held by them before SC could deliver the box to you.

Our sister saying she had similar. Dont even think about doing anything for a man you've never met and wasting your time and energy on! Please save your sanity! Look at his writing there are red flags all over this so do not ignore please!!!!

The longer you stay, the harder it is! You will never change these people ever! He even wrote it out for me! Mike Scott. My name is Xxxx and I'm from the United States. I'm contacting your Security Company on behalf of Mr. Mike Scott in respect of his Parcel No. Could you please inform me what the necessary requirements are in order for me to receive this Parcel on behalf of my fiancee Mr. Please reply back to me as soon as possible. Thank you, So what is his angle? Am I doing something illegal?

Am I going to have to "Pay" for this package to be delivered to me, and it never shows up. Apr 20, Rating Independent contractor by: Anonymous Yes - saporiviafrancigena.com contractor thing was used on me too for a bunch of money.

Also if they tell you to send a package with iPhones etc to a weird address and not their supposed company address be aware!!

The guy that scammed me told me to send via FedEx to adlove shipping in Houston Texas. I decided to send initially via United States Postal Service and it got returned to me and I thought it was strange.

He said they don't accept from the post office and I thought that was the weirdest thing I ever heard. But I didn't know any better so I went with it and sent via FedEx. That place is a scam Center for Nigerians. I did some upfront checking with that company and really didn't see an issue with it. Afterwards I did a little more checking and other people reporting it also. Be careful folks. Apr 20, Rating Be careful by: Anonymous Ive had another today on linkedin but aware straight away with lack of language and abbreviation, so i blocked and reported.

This one was easy as the last one was an engineer who was very clever and realistic apart from a gut feeling. Got a mail from the company today that they are closing down the company that I should come over and claim my package babe. Apr 20, Rating Maxwell Qunintin by: Anonymous Same identical scammer story that got me for 15, What established oil company gives contracts to oil engineers?

I've never heard of oil rig engineers bidding for a contract. The other red flag is the "caught girlfriend in bed with best friend" sounds familiar, too. Block him and run. Apr 20, Rating Reuben S. From ScrabbleGo by: Anonymous I figured this guy was a scammer right from the start. He is divorced and has a 14 year old son named Kelvin who lives in Poland. I believe he had another name on the online game which is Samual S. Almost the same story under this name. Be careful ladies!

Professed love and soulmates within 2 wks of meeting online. Sequestered as "boss" on rig for 5 months. Born in Poland. Found girlfriend in bed with his best friend.

Loves coffee. Asked for iPhone replacement as his phone got water damaged. Also requested Walmart gift cards and iTune gift cards. Son and daughter, Kelvin and Lisa in school in the UK engineering and accounting, respectfully. Apr 19, Rating Engineer by: Anonymous It's interesting to note that most scammers I've run across are all engineers.

I'm an engineer myself and I KNOW there aren't that many in that career as are showing up on these dating sites. I thought they use that because engineers are known to take in a good salary and could be looked at as good financial providers. Another warning sign. ALWAYS consider the possibility that the approach may be a scam, particularly if the warning signs listed above appear.

TALK to an independent friend, relative or fair trading agency before you send any money. NEVER give credit card or online account details to anyone by email. BE very careful about how much personal information you share on social network sites. IF you agree to meet in person, tell family and friends where you are going. If this includes overseas travel, consider carefully the advice on smarttraveller. WHERE possible, avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for upfront payment via money order, wire transfer or international funds transfer.

IF you think you have provided your account details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately. MONEY laundering is a criminal offence: do not agree to transfer money for someone else. Apr 19, Rating Mason Spielberg by: Anonymous I think I may be scammed by a guy called Mason Spielberg who once used fake pics of Stephen Niese but finally owned up, but still not sure about him.

There is a name of a bank connection to Monza bank called Rhona Mary Holbrook. He is 55 plus, says he is a marine engineer with a 23 year old daughter Anna, he has graying hair, used to have beard but shaved off. First contact was wwfriends. His real name is Clinton oge. He swooped me off my feet with a beautiful picture stolen from an actor in North Carolina. He told me the exact same story about wife dying at childbirth. And having a 14 year old. Only it was a girl when we talked.

English bad. Poetry by the tons. Copy pasted plenty of sayings. He wanted me to sell my house and give him k!!!!! Wants you to prick your finger and take a picture. He broke my heart. We continued to talk so I could fix him! Told him he was evil and to get a real job. That was in January. If you see either of the following words chances are you are not talking to anyone but a Nigerian.

Oh I normally don't do things this way. LinkedIn isn't a dating site but yet he's using it as that, even though he's telling you he won't use it as that. I like to get to know you. I'm being honest here is my information etc etc. I don't do things like this but you seem special to me, so I'm taking that chance.

authoritative point view

On and on on Is there somewhere within this site that lists sites to use for reporting? I found somewhere for tax scams in US, and will use that, and well as an Aus site. I used a mixture of transfer methods: Transfer Wise with bank transfer, direct bank transfer to Australian accounts name Kay McKenzieand credit card with Transfer Wise. I am thinking of starting a podcast about scamming I'd anyone is interested you contact me on Twitter using bronfoth This has to be discussed more.

The guy that scammed me was trying to get me to use Bitcoin because there is no way to trace any of it.

will know

Most of these ones that want Bitcoin are from Nigeria. Also the guy that scammed me sent me flowers. Well I sure paid a lot for those flowers. He had contacts within the United States also that I'm aware of and probably used them to get the flowers to me. Don't fall for ANY of it.

join told

I lost a bunch of money to but because I used my credit card through PayPal I was able to at least get that much of it back. If you use the credit card you might be able to retrieve some of it.

I did another one through a wire transfer which I was not able to get any of that money back. I'm 62 and disabled and haven't worked in over 20 years. He knew that up front and it still didn't make a difference. These people are sick in their souls. Everything has red flags. When you really think about it when you're just new in a relationship or a few months into a relationship why would anyone be asking for thousands of dollars from someone they supposedly love?

It doesn't make any sense. The guy that scammed me was using the same religion as I was.

Adam Todd AKA James McCoy or Matthew Cutriss Claims to be working on an Oil Rig - in The North Sea This person (could use the name of Matthew Cutriss / Adam Todd / James McCoy) poses on dating sites claiming he works as some kind of Sub Contractor on an Oil Rig (engineer) - self employed, supplies his own equipment etc. Jul 11,   Considering dating an engineer? Here are 15 reasons why you should. 1. Your parents will approve. 2. You'll always have a pencil when you need it. Just look behind his/her ear. A New SCAM FORMAT!!! scam on STATOIL LTD by Super am On Mar 11, ; ATTENTION: (my name), With reference to your application with us, as screened and evaluated by us over your submitted resume/CV, STAT OIL AND GAS Company Ltd is pleased to offer you a provisional appointment as an ADMINISTRATIVE saporiviafrancigena.com are desirous of.

He was sending me music and poetic writings which I found afterwards we're just templates they were getting off of their own scam websites. Try to put in some of those poetic writings of his and see if it doesn't come back with already being out on the net. I had the same thing such and such is broken and I am a contractor and have to pay out of my own pocket.

I really shouldn't be using my phone only for such and such business and I'm risking everything. Same old story I was told after I lost a bunch of money. He said it would only be a loan and he never did pay me back.

Come to find out he's a young person from Nigeria. They were many ways I found out and it was verified. Stay clear. Even though you saw him on video chat it still doesn't mean he isn't scamming you.

Also if the video chat wasn't coming through clearly enough you might not have been seeing things clearly. Here are his recycled words: "I read your profile on linked-in and you caught my eye,I am interested in communicating more and sharing more about me with you and hope to learn more about you too that is if you are single and interested in communicating further.

This is all new for me, it is the first time i would ever go against protocol of doing business only on the Linked-in website. I do believe everything is possible if we put our mind and heart together just like i believe that good things can be found in the least places and when we least expect. I do not just give out my personal details like email or phone numbers to people on linked-in or off it, but i am willing to make a compromise to communicate with you so here am i emailing you off the site because i really wanted to touch base with you.

I am interested in communicating more this is me being honest. I hope no offence is takeni understand the medium is a business networking medium and not a dating or social networking website and i don't intend to use it for one. You should check me out and let me know what you think. I have no picture on my profile so i am sending you couple of recent pictures too just so you know what i look like.

Warm Regards, Austin Wagner". Please block and move on. You know who they are and if its not sitting well with you there is a reason, so dont delay and do the best thing for your own mental well being!!

Move on and Block. He is selective and very different from others. Talks on the game for some time and tells his story. Oil engineer on contract in Gulf of Mexico. He chooses who he will scam. Thinks women are daft and don't know what Hangouts is. Asks for your address and refuses his.

Takes 2 days to get it from him. He accepts, then you receive 3 different invitations. Him and 2 others. One with same last name.

The 2 others say they are from the game and it has been awhile you've forgotten them. They send pictures as does William. It is a changed image from his WWF profile and one used by scammers. It is the same man or maybe an associate. William then shows a great interest in who you talk to on the app. Time and again you answer the same questions. He also is obsessed with your online status. Almost every 2nd or 3rd message is you're not showing online, change your setting to show online, why aren't you showing online.

I refused to show online and he goes quiet. The other 2 then start messaging you. Both send scam images. William didn't like what I said so off he went. Name on game Williamhoward Email: williamhowrd gmail. This sounds like the same guy that talked to me.

He did a live Vedic chat with me. The man in the pictures he sent me and was in the Vedic chat were images of Steve Shermett. The only way he is responsible for a crane part is if he owns the crane.

Be careful he also has a fake online account that looks real. I was not able to confirm anything he said was lies despite ringing consulate in Dubai.

My final step was ringing US consulate. His response made me stop. This guy is very good. He had someone else working with him as a "lawyer". It was elaborate. The major clue was his website. He did not have kids. Def had a US accent, and I believe he is in fact a widow. I'll be doing my best to report him as I have IP addresses for him that are traceable after setting up traps. I'm really angry.

He won me over which is not easy. And the coronavirus is working in these scammers' favour. I don't have a lot of financial resources and he conned me into loaning him substantial sums of money.

Wish me luck even though I know there's pretty much no chance of getting it back. If not, I'll survive, just minus my savings for the future, and being 45 and without earning capacity, that makes me really sad.

I messaged him back. He wanted to go to Hangouts which I never heard of before, so I downloaded it. Claims he was the same religion as me, looking for someone to share his life with. Saying all the right things. Said he loved me very fast. Said he worked on a oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. He did manage to video chat with me.

Resume Tips for Civil Structural Engineering - Real Resumes Reviewed

He looked like his pictures. But the internet was glitching and he cut out. I could see he was in the ocean and it appeared that he was on some sort of rig. Name Jack leewoods 42 from Michigan or new Jersey. Asked for iTunes card, but I said no. Here are just a few of the names that have been used: LarsonMartins5 gmail. Says he works in Dubai and has a kid in Virginia. He uses several numbers. The numbers Wasn't born last night! You are their Queen, their world, their wife, and I have never met the man.

You are their Queen, their world, their wife and I have never met the man. He lives is Texas, is widowed and has 2 girls in boarding school in New York. How stupid Melvin. This was on fb. I tried three times to say good bye to him, but he would call me and romnce me back.

Single widow with son really good talker builds relationship then goes for the money. Sweet talker then goes in for the money.

Just another sick individual Scammer - David J. It contains shoes, jewellery, clothes and money. I gave a fake address. They all say they are widowed with a child. Wife died. Lifetime with daughter. Same song different page. After a few rounds on the game I gave my google phone. Wooed me for a month with darling, baby, Click here to write your own. His accent is totally not German but Nigerian. Said he was a senior engineer on an oil rig in Louisiana. Lives in California but originally from Germany.

Keep sharing and crush these guys. A simple hello and then eventually he invited me to talk on Kik. Then move over to hangouts. Texted for 2 weeks. This dude showed up on Words with Friends as well. He asked my ring size and address. I usually do not accept strangers but he was kinda cute. He was polite and understanding. He claimed he was working on an Oil rig out of Tampa. Immediately falling in love with my photo Which was an immediate red flag.

Oil rigger Phone numbers. I know one women 26, Anyone else want to join in? He quickly engaged me in conversation and the match was on. Didnt get any from me but please be aware of these names. He was handsome and was in Syria with nato and was a neurosurgeon on his way to Afghanistan then home. He has two children Dr Frank Williams. On Facebook. He told me he was in Kabul. Afghanistan with nato as orthopedic Surgeon in the war zone.

He said he loved me and wanted to be out as Click here to write your own. Here is the latest one-following the model as they all do. On a rig in Dubai. Has a daughter 16 lives with her teacher in California. He needs money to pay a chef's company. States he works on an oil rig in the Gulf. Sweet talks for a couple of weeks and introduces his so called daaughter and starts asking for money. A widower with a son.

Wife killed in a "ghastly" car accident. We started using Google hangouts to chat and he would email me every day. Same photos that "Ryan Moloney - Civil Engineer" used. Reading the profile you can tell this person is not well Scammed?

Lap sending pre-written messages. If I ask a question got no answer. Started out asking what I wanted in a man. Widow from Oslo Norway with 13 year old daughter named Alondra living in boarding school in Texas. The usual story being "i am a Building Engineer".

Wife dead with cancer. He was a really good looking guy and we hit it off great. This guy is the bad of the baddest. He's been featured on a segment of Dr Phil. He is a frequent flier on Tinder and Plenty of Fish. David Bustamante claimed to be from Dallas and stationed in Nigeria with the army. I have more if you'd like to see. He then texted me on that site and I started responding. He told me he's a widower. We talked for a month and a half. He then become Steven Molta a single father of 2.

The children Neal Richard Beckman - nealbeckman12 gmail. I was contacted by this guy, Marcus Patal Gustav on Zoosk. Getting ready to retire. Goes by murrayscott UN ortho surgeon in Syria, etc, etc. I met a woman on Facebook who seemed to already have the hots for me. She supposedly said that she lived in Texas, then Oklahoma, and now Ohio.

Immediately asked me to chat to him on FB. He is a Tinder catfisher with an incredibly boring script. Both widowed oil rig engineers. I too met an oil drilling contractor who works on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico. We met while playing Words with Friends. He pursued me and Chris Grant, Trauma Surgeon? I've only been chatting with him one week but there's red flags all over. Nigeria or money has not been mentioned yet. Widow, with daughter Mr.

MANUAL FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS COAL INDIA LIMITED Civil Engineering Department 10, saporiviafrancigena.com, Kolkata ated upto JULY File Size: KB. Mar 04,   Teresa's Story - Dating Scam. Civil Engineer and widower. I met him online through Yahoo Messenger in October I was going through a difficult time personally and wanted to meet some friends. I knew people that had met great people online so I thought I would try it. Paul reportedly was born in Leiden, Netherlands, attended the. civil engineering dating scam. Elderly Nanaimo woman loses almost $K in online dating scam. An elderly Nanaimo woman learned a hard lesson when she was looking for love and fell prey to a.

It's the same exact story as everyone who's posted to this site, except this time I walked right into a nightmare. I think he Dr. Harsha Kumar, Is he scam or for real? Met on shaadi. Told me he was in the sea off Perth, Australia on an oil rig. He stated he was a widower Click here to write your own. He said he is an orthopodic surgeon, working at Aleppo Syria. He had one 16yo son. What do you think? Have you come across this one?

Hello dear, It is such a great pleasure to meet you and i'm happy with Another one. There are so many of these cat phishers. This one contacted me. Boy does he pour it on. Anyone else have a similar story.

One son Chris age 9. Poor English and does not keep track of his story. Thankfully soon rumbled. I am not gullible but was interested in him. I attached the picture he used. He's supposed to be working on a oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico as a Independent Engineer!

Oil Rig Engineer now in Ghana to sell his contract. Cannot get out because he cannot get money from Houston where he lives. Thank you for creating this site. I have been in a two month relationship with Richard Milford. Man from Denmark named Billy Kieffer. Met a guy online who says he is a widower with a daughter Sarah going to boarding school in UK. I have red flags flying all over the place. Dad died when he was young, so he moved in with his uncle in Italy.

The alleged David Bernard has been targeting my heart and trust since Day 1. He works for ExxonMobile in an oil rig in Germany. He sent me a private message through Facebook, and like so many others My lion king. I couldn't believe my eyes again. This new jerk asked me for friendship. He has a Nigerian accent but poses as a US white caucasian citizen. He has a son named Lane and is a Widow. Has an accent that he says is Dutch. Martin Fredrick widow and says he lives in Arkansas born in Nizza.

I haven't texted for some weeks as too busy at work. I was scammed. Meet Ronald Kurt a civil engineer working in Sudan. The area was a war zone. And I met him on OKC. I was scammed 5 years ago and it cost me everything. She says she's 32 on May 24th, lives in Nigeria somewhere and sends some extremely nice pics not nude or Robert J.

Watch out girls they are terrible! I've got three new for you! You will not believe it! I've been contacted in two weeks by these first two creepers! He approached me on FB 'friending" me. Smooth operator in every way. He just asked me for fshp on fb and is calling himself Morgan Williams. His pic is attached. A friend of mine has been scammed by this guy named John Torbitt and they met on Tinder. I wish I knew the real name not this picture.

He contacted me on one of them with a profile reading "French Canadian Click here to write your own. Met on Match and he immediately wanted me to email him on his gmail account. He said he let his subscription run out. I've got a new one for you! Just texting with this Christopher Clark since February 19th. I have posted his pics already. Watch out for any kind of scammers! Oil rig engineer from Belgian as a kid. Lives in Georgia. But been out to sea a long time.

Shortly after joining, I got a message from a man named Steve. I say a little bit because he only got a refurbished iPad mini from me. His name is supposedly David Sierra. I met him on pof. Wanted to communicate via text. No email. Off the site. I never figured out how he knew my first name. Says he is from Germay. Very sexy 57 yr old man. White beard. Played me for a month before asking for money.

I reported him on Zoosk and blocked him. His email is jbradley yahoo. He said that he downloaded the App when he visited Cape Town last month. Won a contract for work on Cambodia oil refinery.

Wife passed away about 6 years ago. Click here to write your own. He needs to go to jail. He's originally from Paris France. He says he's originally from Norway working for the Exxon Mobil company in Idaho as a staff contractor.

I enjoy the thrill of pulling these scumbags offline so they do not prey on other women. Well she is a widow and this guy got her heart. I installed Hitwe tonight and I saw a nice girl there Clicked like and start talking to her. He said he was an under water welder and worked for BP. Claim to be an underwater welder. It's a test of your allegiance. He is divorced 3 years now. He picked my profile from Match. He goes by the name of Mr.

Handsome man. Got talking. On match profile white guy. Got talking very sweet guy. He's been active on Tagged, Mr. I had his page shutdown. Nigerian Scammers. They have reopened the page with the same stolen photo, different city.

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Thanks God, He sent me an alert. I met this guy from Christian Mingle, posted a very handsome man's photo. He said to be a Marine Engineer in Alabama Tomsondavis gmail. I have been so dum as I opened a checking account in my Bharatmatrimony.

Devraj Balavans claims to be a surgeon living in California. Well shortly after accepting me, he suggested we move it to his email. Said his name is Crawford John and is a sgt. Met from tender. Right before we were to meet on a date he had to go out of the country to Kuala Lumpur for a Soldier wana be on facebook. I was on a site called Baddoo just to me some people to talk to about ethics and try to get a feel of different countries around the world nothing more.

I am a very educated person and I ain't dumb either. His username was flut He claims to have been married and lost Eng. I had experience in the past of someone messing with my profile after they were given my email. Been scammed by a person calling himself Natan Hansen. A widower with a 8 year old daughter. He was a self employed computer programmer for 18 years.

Paul Bradley contacted me on Facebook. Said I was so beautiful and would like to chat with me. Within a few weeks he fell madly in love with me. He sent me a picture of a very handsome man. He left the Seattle area to work in the David Kelly is the man you need to stay away from! He is a very good manipulator! Tells you everything you want to hear.

His wife died of cancer. He has two daughters who are off in a private school. He told me a story about losing his wife and daughter engineersmithbrooks gmail. Just like everyone said, moved quickly to private email. He took down his profile quickly to show that he found the one. Said he was a construction engineer. Fell deep in love and he said he is in the military. Said he was deployed to Nigeria. I believe he Click here to write your own. I met someone off of okcupid stating he was an U S Army soldier special forces.

Met him on Skype. Said he was a widow and his son is stuck in Ghana and they stole his wallet, his passport and could I send his son money This guy is a scammer - a fake. Just don't talk to him john okosun a. Don't accept and believe him he as is a scammer. I come in contact with a guy I met on Blackplanet. He is very dangerous. He appeared on the site Be2. Beautiful presentation. Just fantastic. Beautiful photos, just not true. His wife died from cancer. She met a man on Facebook playing Farmville and it grew into a relationship to melanie.

I found her on cupid. Promise of love and marriage. Beware Michael Bernard. He is a fraud and will ask you for lots of money. Claims to being a widow. Using a blackberry to send emails. He said he was from Houston Texas and he is on assignment in Afghanistan fighting terrorism. I am a 55 year old widow who posted a profile on match.

I immediately Click here to write your own. He is also on skype. Just found his photo on the Hawaii models site - Hugh. Something in my instincts said that was not right. Suppose to be such a Godly Good Man but, still needs money to match. Just wanted to share this story so that it will not happen Nigerian Scammer He claimed residence in Irving Tx.

Self employed engineer. I was contacted by this guy the first note; Hello xxx I dont know where to begin, I'm so glad you wrote back!

Lolababy yahoo. I was contacted through skype by white man working as a civil engineer in Nigeria. Living there with his son who is 12 named Alvis. After careful consideration, I have decided to expose this scammer. Wife died of lungcancer. She will spend the necessary time to develop a relationship with you. I was a bit surprised because he gave me his phone number on his first contact and asked me to talk Christopher James aka christopherlovingsoul yahoo.

His pictures make him out to be a very attractive man and he is very well spoken. Emails will melt your Zoosk. This woman does not live in Colorado Springs, Co!!!! I was on Facebook when I recieved a message from a very attractive woman that goes by the name of Zusan Collins. I met him on Skout. He claims his mother is in the hospital with kidney problems. He's from LA and he is As I was in my 40's I thought I would join a site for over plus I've been scammed by the Nigerian dating scam!

I met Bobbi Mary Billard exactly one year ago. Not that I am in a desperate search for Mrs. He said was a widow living in BC. After 10 days of chattingon Nigerian Dating Scams - scammed big time!

congratulate, very good

I don't even know why I'm writing this - I think i'm just so full of hurt, anger and so many other emotions I don't know where else to talk about it. Will buy a house in Los Angeles. He caught me at a very low point in my life as I was emotionally trodden. Email jean lauwens gmail. Works on an oil rig getting ready to retire this month.

Please beware! It was a short meeting but enough to know he isn't a real person. He says he is German, 52 years old and in Munich. Works for an unknown oil company. Doesn't Click here to write your own. He comes on hard and quickly takes you to Hangouts. He seems young and new at scamming. All the usual scam approaches and moves you to Hangouts as soon as possible. He moves you to Hangouts and has no interest in telling you much about who he is.

It seems he has a script and knows nothing else but to look at it all the time. Then he wanted Details are hard to come by due to him knowing only one thing, how to throw love at a woman. Was living in Washington State but had to fly to Cyprus for investors or some such garbage. I am a businesswoman so many people request me to be in touch.

The name he used in June was Serge Michael. He is a miserable man and quite sick too. Luckily, they were not successful. I has a list more than 4, but the rule here is only LoL Click here to write your own. Albert Luke, manager on an oil rig in South Africa. Two children Kelly and Jonah in boarding school in Canada.

Millions in his account Scammer from many platfroms okcupic, facebook, ilikeyou Not rated yet He approved me on a dating website. Not rated yet Same person.

Dont be a fool as he is a big Liar and only interested in your monies. Dr garth POF When questioned about his pics he POF scammer Google his pics! He has lot of aliases. Widow, Swiss living in Scotland and bla bla. Easy to find if google his pic there. Have reported this to POD site also.

Widower of course, wife died of cervical cancer. Goes by several names. Easy to find if you google his pics. Not rated yet Texted on Instagram. STEAM cards is his vice. They have zero conscience and will rob you blind. I found him on another site with the name Kelvin Hill. He is scamming a friend of mine. What starts off as an innocent game of scrabble can end up costing you both your money and your heart!!!!

First they request Click here to write your own. He is a sweet talker and very easy to believe. He said his name was Anthony Tony James. Architect stuck in Dubais. Needs money to get some paperwork so he can get out of Dubais and come home. Buyer beware! Had fake romantic encounter with Anthony Blake. He found me on Zoosk dating website.

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