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See All. Hinako transforms into the magical Reflector form and protects the world from devastating forces for the sake of the world, and her own dream that she thought she had to give up on. Sephira appear at various points during the story, and Hinako stands up to fight them in order to both realize her own personal wish and to save the world. All Rights Reserved. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:.

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Loading reviews The true reason why she is fighting as a reflector, is to make her wish come true. However, as she continues fighting, she asks herself what she is fighting and why she is fighting, and what will happen to the world as she continues on fighting as a Reflector. The game was first revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu and Dengeki Playstation. It was revealed that Mel Kishida is the character designer and supervisor of the game.

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It was announced that the game is coming for the Playstation 4 console and the Playstation Vita handheld console, and revealed a 3D image of the protagonist. As of September 29th, the game is now out of development, as it's been released in Japan, North America and Europe. The producer of the game is Junzo Hosoi. Sign In Don't have an account? Don't forget that using supporters also builds up ether.

When you use the second x3 overdrive try to knock out as many of the other cannons as possible using multi hit attacks. This will give you some breathing room in the third phase. While the boss regenerate its parts you can safely build up your ether meter for the 3rd and final overdrive attack. You can skip preparing for tomorrow as both options don't get you anything new.

Blue Reflection

Note: Starting from this chapter you will encounter the top tier tier 4 enemies in the common. Note: You must go to the 2F Hallway for this mission to appear. Note: You must go to the Front Gate for this mission to appear. Note: You don't have to go home for this chapter, but if you do you'll get a cut scene about Hinako's socks and the next day Yuri will send you a Table Chat.

Just collect shards until a battle occurs. Before you head to the field make sure to save your game.

Blue Reflection - Nude All Girls Mod! PART 1/ (JavGame) 26 min p. Add to my favorites. Add this video to one of my favorites list: Report this video: Embed this video to your page with this code: Share this video: Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 - Jam Topless Mod! Arcade Episode (JavGame) 9 minJavgame - k Views -. BLUE REFLECTION Official site open! BLUE REFLECTION Official site open! Welcome to Neoseeker's Blue Reflection walkthrough. Blue Reflection follows the life of Hinako Shirai as she takes her first steps into an ordinary school life after a .

Note that you will have 2 growth points to spend. If you've maxed out all your bonds at this point you should be at exactly level Absorbs damage dealt to HP. Gelb Magie: Increases attack all targets. Riesig Strahl: Moves to third stage of battle. Vier Explosion: Attacks all targets. Causes blindness to target. Kreuz Strah: Multi hit attack 1 target. Dispels buffs on target.

Hohes Fleber: Attacks all targets. Causes paralysis to targets. Tephereth starts out with Gonbul and Vaspa from the start, in addition to two new parts Igaite and Ractol. Tephereth only resists heart, but all the other body parts resist everything except for one attack type which they are very weak to.

Blue Reflection - FAQ/Walkthrough

Gonbul is weak to slash, Vaspa is weak to impact, Igaite is weak to pierce, and Ractol is weak to heart. But none of this really matters since you can pretty much use the exact same strategies that you used for Cochma previously. Just build ether meter and go to town with x3 overdrive attacks. Once you report your progress to Yuzu and Lime you cannot do any missions or go to the Common for items for the rest of the game.

If you're looking to craft all the items for the trophy or strengthen fragments, make sure to do so before the end of the chapter. Note: You must go to the Library for this mission to appear. Note: You need to go to the Field for this mission to appear. Note: For this mission to appear you must have cleared all the other missions in the game for a total of PT. This is it. The final mission. And boy it's a doozy.

All you need to do for this mission is to defeat one enemy. Unfortunately, this enemy happens to be stronger than even the final boss of the game. From the start head to the right across the bridge and right again. You should see a "common" Leuk up ahead. This is the target enemy. The first thing you'll notice is that this Common Leuk has far more HP than usual.

The second thing you'll notice is that it hits extremely hard. It has two attacks. The first is a sword slash that does heavy damage to one target, and the second is a discharge attack that hits everyone for extreme damage. The key to this battle is keeping everyone alive while building ether to use x3 overdrive attacks on the Leuk. Stick it on one of Yuzu's multi target spells since she'll be the first to act.

After that it's a long battle to build up ether to use overdrive attacks. If you're having problems defeating the Leuk you may need reinforce some of your fragments to higher levels, or at the very least drop the difficulty down to easy. Try to focus on fragments that are useful in boss fights, as there will be nothing else until now to the end of the game. Here are a few recommendations: Color of the Void Reinforcement : This goes well with Yuzu, especially with a skill that is boosted by Rank Up such as Passionate Pitaya.

Overwhelming Thanks Anti-Sephirot : Stick this one on a move that your dedicated boss killer frequently uses. Unten Mund: Attack 1 target. Peitscheten: Multi hit attack 1 target. Feste: Increases defense all targets. Boden Smash: Moves battle to third phase. Warme: Increases attack all targets. Boden Berufe: Attacks all targets knockback.

Schlag Standie: Multi hit attack 1 target. Nothing much new here. Yesod attacks with Dahite and Dahti in the first stage, and then adds Deja in the second. You've pretty much got the hang of things now after fighting the last three bosses, and you can pretty much use the exact same strategies now as you did then. Table Chat: Yuzu, Lime more as you talk to your friends Store: Russian Dumpling or Sugar Candy, Fight Energy vending machine There's not much to do in this chapter except talk to your friends and get their final fragments.

The fragments you receive from them depends on whether or not you saw their max bonding event or not. You'll get the same fragment from her regardless of your bond.

Weibe Magie: Multi hit attack all targets. Absorbs damage as HP. Auge Strahl: Moves to second stage of battle. Unten Mund: Attacks 1 target. Boden Berufe: Attack all targets knockback.

Boden Smash: Moves to third stage of battle. Arm Kratzer: Multi hit attack 1 target. This battle is the same as the last one, except that Deja will be out from the start.

It doesn't really matter though since you will still stomp this boss flat with the same strategy you used last time. And the time before that. Seriously, once the overdrive party starts it's all downhill from there. Decreases target's ether. Rote Magie: Attack all targets. Decreases target's attack. Flamme Kugel: Multi hit attack 1 target. Biegen Schwert: Attack 1 target.

Oben Schwert: Attack all targets. Considering that it's the final boss Daath isn't that bad. Daath only has two other parts, Evanon and Evaine. Their attacks aren't that damaging if you use Just Guard, and they move fairly slowly.

The only thing is that they all have tons of HP and attacks that annoyingly drain your ether. Otherwise, if your characters are at max level and have decent fragments equipped you shouldn't have any great difficulty with this boss.

Just build your ether, buff your attacker, and have a go with the overdrive attacks. Cheese with Hinako: Have Hinako alternate between Fleche Sagittaire medium knockback and ether charge.

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Lets Lime do gobs of damage with her five moves of doom see below. Gameplay: Hinako is pretty much the well-balanced character of the trio. She has good attack and defense and a wide variety of support spells.

She learns some pretty decent pierce attacks by putting points into attack, and 15 points in both defense and support gets her a good coverage of healing spells to support the team. Hinako doesn't learn anything particularly useful in the technic tree, so I didn't bother putting any points there. Ignores defense. Thunderous Glissade: 16MP Pierce damage all enemies. Paralyze small. Deals significantly more damage to paralyzed enemies.

Lightning Ecarte: 23MP Pierce damage 1 enemy. Does more damage to paralyzed enemies. Daybreak Chaines: 14MP Pierce damage 1 enemy. Thunderclap Cabriole: 48MP Pierce damage 1 enemy.

Regal Pique: Paralyzes 1 enemy. Decreases speed. Lustrouse Herbe: Recovers 1 ally's MP. Inciting Branche: Recovers a large amount of 1 ally's MP.

Rhythmic Cloche: Normal damage 1 enemy. Damage depends on current HP. Rushing Porte: Normal damage all enemies. Pulsing Noire: Normal damage 1 enemy.

Full Body Seine: Normal damage 1 enemy. Power increases with number of overdrive skills used. Solemn Blanche: Normal damage 1 enemy. Surging Etincelle: Normal damage 1 enemy. Consumes ether. Reduces max HP. Saving Charite: 30MP Revives 1 ally. Prismatic Variation: Increases all stats for 1 ally. Embracing Armor: Revive 1 ally and recover a lot of HP. Graceful Soiree: Recovers supporter's HP. Courageous Concert: Recovers 1 ally's HP based on number of supporters.

She's the happy-go-lucky cheerful sister compared to her glum and serious sibling. She tends to give everyone nicknames and is constantly concerned the well-being of her friends.

While she might come across as being childish at times, she's well beloved by everyone for her positive attitude. Gameplay: Yuzu is undoubtedly the speedster of the group and will usually act first in any situation. She also has the highest defense. Unfortunately, she has the lowest attack and MP of the trio.

She does best as a supporting character, healing and removing status ailments. Truth be told the only reason I put 15 in attack was to get Passionate Pitaya.

Small ether increase. Consumes HP. Damage depends on speed. Energy Capture: 26MP Heart damage 1 enemy. Absorbs HP.

Blue reflection dating

Shadow Melt: 28MP Heart damage 1 enemy. Counsumes HP. Passionate Pitaya: Significantly increase attack for 1 ally. Pebble Shot: Normal damage all enemies. Damage depends on defense. Evil Form: Heart damage 1 enemy. Robust Pine: Significantly increase defense for 1 ally.

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Vital Expansion: Increases 1 ally's max HP capacity. Opportune Litchi: Significantly increases luck for 1 ally. Mental Overflow: Increases 1 ally's max MP capacity. Twisting Ivy: 20MP Adds knockback attack to timeline for 1 enemy. Swift Berry: Significantly increases speed for 1 ally. Ember Surveillant: Adds a slash attack to timeline for 1 enemy.

Clock Blues: Normal damage 1 enemy. Damage increases based on number of skills on timeline. Widespread Willow: 5MP Cures 1 ally of blindness.

Nov 12,   Blue Reflection FAQ/Walkthrough Version November 11, By Brian Nii (bnii at hawaii dot edu) Table of Contents VERSION HISTORY WALKTHROUGH Prologue: The First Step, - The Last Step - Chapter 2: Their Feelings, - Her Will - Chapter 3: Etoile, - Like the Moon - Chapter 3: Free Time 1 Interlude: Her Stroke, - Different Strokes - Chapter 3: Free Author: Bnii. blue reflection / blue reflection ???????? A clear summer sky spreads over the Hoshinomiya Girls' High School. This story begins with the belated start of school life for Hinako Shirai, who has just recovered from a leg injury due to a tragic accident.9/ Join Today And Start Exploring Blue Dating. Join today, create your profile then get chatting to adults looking for fun near you. We have like-minded members from all walks of life that are interested in all different kinds of sexual pleasures so no matter what takes your fancy - just click below and start get the party started right now!

Proud Oak: 5MP Cures 1 ally of paralysis. Vital Nectarine: Revives 1 ally. Guiding Camellia: 5MP Cures 1 ally of confusion. Cleansing Mandarin: 15MP Cure 1 ally of all status ailments. Time Health: 30MP Decreases 1 ally's speed to increase critical rate. A complete opposite to her sister, she seems very unconcerned with others and is very blunt while talking.

Despite her appearance she cares very much for both Hinako and Yuzu. Gameplay: Lime is the glass cannon of the group. She has the highest attack and can deal large amounts of damage, especially during boss fights, but she also has the lowest HP, defense and speed of the trio. It's a good idea to give her Fragments with passive effects that will boost her stats especially Attack and Anti-Sephirot.

Fen Fire: 13MP Slash damage 1 enemy. Flapping Firestorm: 21MP Slash damage all enemies. Decreases attack.

Meek Wolverine: Decrease 1 enemy's attack significantly. Fear Flame: 32MP Slash damage 1 enemy. Damage dependent on current HP and attack. Funny Blaze: Slash damage 1 enemy.

Feeble Rhinoceros: 8MP Decrease 1 enemy's defense significantly. Ether Recovery: Uses ether to revive 1 ally with significant HP. Ether Garner: Recovers ether gauge but pushes back allies on timeline. Frost Sprint: 11MP Impact damage 1 enemy. Consumes Ether. Damage depends on current MP.

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Frigid Clamor: 17MP Impact damage all enemies. Damage dependent on current MP. Sluggish Pony: 8MP Significantly reduces 1 enemy's speed. Cold Cry: Impact damage 1 enemy. Counsumes ether. Piercing Icy Glare: Impact damage 1 enemy. Ignores enemy's defense.

Icicle Trend: Impact damage 1 enemy. Dark Mangle: 30MP Heart damage 1 enemy. Damage increases over time. Blind low. Despairing Coldness: Decreases defense and speed for 1 enemy.

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Cunning Meanace: Normal damage 1 enemy. Decreases max HP. Smiting Woodpecker: Deals continuous damage to 1 enemy. Whale Groom: 35MP Decrease all stats for 1 enemy.

Now that Sanae is in the same high school as Hinako she's hell bent on becoming closer to her. She seems to be a bit obsessed with Hinako though nowhere near as obsessed as Shihori is. As part of the cooking club Sanae is a talented chef. She also oddly enough enjoys rap music. Oddly enough she's always wearing her tennis shirt unlike Rika who actually does have normal school clothes. She has an infatuation with a senpai from another school, and constantly obsesses over him much to everyone's chagrin.

Like Sanae she enjoys cooking, but this is more due to the fact that she also likes to eat quite a bit.

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Support Skill: Serving Ace - Normal damage 1 enemy. While she would never admit it, she always admired Hinako's graceful form and aspired to be just like her. With Hinako dropping out of ballet due to her injury, Sarasa tries to help her out as best she can under the pretext that she feels that Hinako is her only rival.

In reality, Sarasa is quite infatuated with Hinako has quite a tsundere relationship with her.

Support Skill: Majestic Dance - Increases ally's attack. In a way she's similar to Yuzu, but tends to be a bit clueless as to what's going on around her. Still, she has a indomitable spirit and never gives up on anything no matter how hopeless things may seem.

She also has an obsession with running into the sunset. Support Skill: Power Shooter - Normal damage 1 enemy. While her father is a wealthy rock star she was brought up quite frugally, causing her to scrimp and save money wherever possible.

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Ako therefore is quite obsessed with money and will do just about anything for it, even to the point of blackmailing people. Despite this, she's actually quite kind hearted and spends a lot of time trying to make others happy. Support Skill: Inspirational Broadcast - Decreases all allies wait time. She's an expert at everything fashion related from makeup to clothing and everything in between. She has an obsession with Hinako that goes far beyond friendship.

Support Skill: Miracle Makeup - Increases 1 ally's speed. She's extremely talented at crafting things ranging from stuffed animals to phone cases. Due to her lack of self confidence Chihiro has great difficulty interacting with others. She has an obsession with the death march and interestingly enough is a talented computer programmer. Fumio also has an unusual habit of speaking her thoughts out loud, even while texting.

Regardless of this, she continues to run and try to improve her times. Rika is very sensitive about being called normal and tries to present herself otherwise, often with mixed results. Support Skill: Total Analysis - Increase 1 ally's attack. While often mistaken for a delinquent, Kaori is in fact rather kind hearted and open minded. Support Skill: Lazy Kicker - Normal damage 1 enemy. As the only member of the school's science club, Yuri is investigating the strange phenomenon surrounding the school grounds.

Support Skill: Deadly Kugel - Normal damage 1 enemy. Support Skill: Call and Execute - Normal damage 1 enemy.


These short innocuous demons don't pose much of a threat by themselves, but often appear in large groups or with other more threatening demons. They tend not to have any particular weakness or resistances. They are all weak to pierce attacks and resist impact. They are weak against pierce and resist heart. They are especially weak against heart attacks and resist both slash and pierce.

They resist slash and pierce but are weak aginst heart.

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Note: Rank Up actually changes a skill to an upgraded version. The deadline for completing the non-story trophies is chapter 10, as you have no free time in chapter 11 and Brilliant Etoile Platinum Collect all trophies. The next 12 trophies are automatically awarded by completing the chapters in the game.

Take the last step forward Bronze Complete the prologue. Reward after the battle Bronze Complete chapter 2. Like a reflecting mirror Bronze Complete chapter 3. Rushing Journalism Bronze Complete chapter 4. The matter settled? Bronze Complete chapter 5. A Mermaid can not walk Bronze Complete chapter 6. The glow in the dark Bronze Complete chapter 7. An unfulfilled wish Bronze Complete chapter 8.

Be together again Bronze Complete chapter 9. The truth of the sisters Bronze Complete chapter Mind and Heart Bronze Complete chapter I will never forget you Silver Complete chapter The next five trophies automatically unlocking during their respective chapters. Going toward the sunset Bronze Complete Kei's intermission. This occurs automatically during chapter 4.

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