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Join Now Login Search Community. Topic: Do you believe in astral projection? Hello, astral projection is possible. I'm not an expert, but i have experienced this for myself since i was a little kid. Actually i think kids do more of this than adults because they don't hold themselves back spiritually to stuff like that. When I astral project i would go out of my body. My body still lying on the bed and i'm floating above it.

Anywho, my dad and I had a huge argument at the dining room table one evening, and I was so mad that I stomped off to my room and hyperfocused on astral projection.

First and foremost - what is an astral projection?

And, I felt myself sucking out of my physical body. The only way I can describe it is like a vacuum. I got up above myself and started to panic, and the next thing I knew, I was sucked back down again into my physical body.

It scared the crap out of me. For various reasons I never tried it again. But, I have to say that with some highly charged emotion precipitating the attempt to astral project, it was easy peasy.

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Now I am thinking about trying it again. My brain is obviously much more mature than it was when I was 13, and I think I could probably attempt it without the fear factor. I mean, if a 13 year old girl could do it with just the very basics, imagine what we can all do with the information highway!

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. First and foremost - what is an astral projection? Also called astral travel, it is the phenomenon of an out-of-body experience - the act of separating the spirit also called as an astral body from the physical body.

Oftentimes, people experience that their astral body moved into another dimension. If you want to experience an OBE out-of-body-experienceit is a good idea first to understand all the risks that are coming along astral projection.

Now, I will share with you 2 astral projection guides for beginners, including some commonly asked questions: What is astral projection? Is astral projection safe? What are the astral projection dangers? Can you die from an astral projection? Is sleep paralysis related to astral projection? How to astral project for beginners?

Astral projection dangers are possible mostly from the psychological side, rather than anything physical impact. 1) Astral projection as a form of escapism. You may experience astral projection and enjoy it so much, that you may want to do it all the time. May 13,   Astral projection (or astral travel) is a spiritual interpretation of the out of body experience. Astral Projection is a very common occurrence. Five to ten percent of the world's population has. May 24,   If you've never heard of astral projection, it's probably because you've been doing it your whole life without even realizing it. Astral projection is what spiritualists refer to Author: Rosey Baker.

What is astral projection? Astral projection is an out-of-body experience. Astral projection is the personal gateway into the realms of the consciousness exploration. It has been practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. You can experience out of body experience even if you are completely new.

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It can happen spontaneously, of induced. Is it safe to astral project? It has been reported in every culture and society of the world for many many years. This cannot really harm you. However, if you reach an obsessive level, the other cts of your life will begin to suffer. The lack of balance can be harmful to your productivity and personal growth.

But no, you cannot die because you are astral projecting. Even if it is possible, how are we suppose to know that someone died from an OBE?

Sleep paralysis occurs as a protective mechanism of our body to prevent us from acting out our dreams. It is the feeling when you wake up and being conscious but you are unable to speak or even move. The features of sleep paralysis vary from person to person.

The truth is that sleep paralysis is really the ideal time to try astral projection. How do you astral project for beginners? You will need to practice it and to be determined to learn it. Take into consideration the following: The levels of natural ability will vary - from some, it might be easier and faster, for others, it may take up to months.

Different factors might help or inhibit a projection from happening Be sure to follow the basics and stick to them for at least weeks!

ASTRAL PROJECTION Guided Meditation for BEGINNERS - 3-Hours - 3.86Hz Isochronic Tone

They are both perfect for people who are just starting! Astral projection for beginners:. Step 1: Pick a time in advance Decide on what time you are going to experience an OBE, and several hours before the chosen time, keep reminding to yourself of the focused goal.

Step 2: Set an alarm Put an alarm, that should wake you up approximately 4 hours after you are asleep. Step 3: Relax and go to sleep When you go to sleep, relax and keep repeating your intention to have a fully conscious OBE. Tip: A good idea is to meditate, while still keeping the intention in your mind. Lay down, close your eyes and relax. This is when the real thing starts. Almost all of the astral projection techniques are starting with complete relaxation of both your mind and body.


It is quite an important step for experiencing an OBE. Step 6: Focus on the intention Focus your full conscious awareness away from your body. Simply and clearly imagine how your body is walking in the other room, observing objects, etc. Hold this goal as your last conscious thought as you drift off. Jones It is a great approach for people who are attending to experience an astral projection but who feel they are having difficulty in imagining and visualizing.

Step 1: Relax! Take deep breaths, in and out. If you practiced meditation, simply do that. Empty your mind, and focus on your breathing. Step 2: Hypnagogic state half-asleep half-awake After feeling fully relaxed, you should enter the hypnagogic state.

It is a phase, where your mind is at the edge of sleep and wakefulness. Try to focus on an object that you see - stare at it until you can see it perfectly.

Try to increase the relaxation state. Still, be focused on the chosen from you object. Step 3: Deepen your state of relaxation After a while, the patterns and visuals should go. Once they are away, you have entered the deeper state of relaxation. Now, you should be so relaxed that you are no longer aware of your physical body. Step 4: The vibration state This is one of the most essential steps.

A lot of people are getting scared here and overwhelmed, but you should know that if you feel them, that is a sign that you are on the right way! The vibrations indicate that your astral body started leaving your physical body.

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Simply accept this and observe the vibrations. Focus on them as they move throughout your body.

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If it is one of your first times, just examine them and use your willpower in order to command them. Once you master this, you will be able to use them when needed. Step 5: Visualize the rope Here is another part, where you need to use your control and willpower. Imagine that there is a long rope hanging right above you. Slowly place a hand over hand on the rope as if you were pulling yourself up. The dizziness is the astral body loosening from your body.

You should completely concentrate on climbing the rope. Now you should be able to hover around your physical body!

Astral projection dating

The rope technique gives you experience with the mental action needed to astral project. Here are a few tips to take into consideration: 1 It is the moment of releasing out of your physical body, and you should try to focus on the feelings of dizziness. It is a feeling you must learn to control. You might think that you experience sleep paralysis, and that is very likely to happen.

However, another possibility is that your chakras will open up. After that, you might feel elevated energy and your body will continue to feel very heavy.

So, you want to understand completely WHAT is sleep paralysis and what to expect from it. But it depends all on you. Lucid Dream Tips. Lucid Dream Guides. It is better NOT to try it, if: not quite sure what are you doing if you have any doubts or fears. Turn your awareness to the fact that you want to get back to your body.

It is attaching you to your physical body, and it cannot be broken. So, your mindset is most essential if you want to succeed. You must free yourself self-doubt, anger, fear or any other negative emotion. Approximately, a technique should take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. To be blunt, it's astral, out-of-body sex with another soul.

According to Jones, "[astral sex] doesn't serve the same purpose as three-dimensional sex," because there's no procreation, there's no STDs, there's no pregnancy, and there's no rape.

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Astral sex is simply about two souls connecting in the spirit world and connecting in a deeper way. So basically, astral intimacy is better than three-dimensional sex in our physical bodies. Sometimes we have sex just to have it. It's a purely physical experience, and satisfies a purely physical need. It might be physically pleasurable, but that's it. But sometimes, there's a distinctly felt spiritual component to sex that can be felt while we are having sex. In the 70s I was thrown in solitary confinement while in prison.

I never left that cell for 4 years. Bread and water.

People who say they experience astral projection often say that their spirit or astral body has left their physical body and moves in another dimension known as the spirit world or astral plane. The concept of astral projection has been around and practiced for thousands of .

In the dark. No showers. No hour exercise. No visit. No mail. No human contact. The only light I saw for 4 years was when the guard opened the hatch to toss in a piece of bread and a tin cup of water. What do you think happen to the mind? You develop pyschic abilities because your mind, in the absence of stimulus, will rewire itself. When you are in sensory deprivation for four years, brain rewired, you don't see the material world. You see frequencies, and these frequencies are like the spoke on a wheel.

Higher the frequency, more of the future which many think is pyschic but it's not. The lower the frequency the more of matter you can see. Every cell has it's frequency. Every organ has it's frequency.

Every man, woman, animal, object, only exists based on frequency.

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Every disease is known by its frequency. You all use it but don't know it. When you feel repelled or attracted to someone, that's frequency. There is nothing static in this world. Everything vibrates, every thing is in constant motion. And you name it based on vibration, frequency, energy. You are aware of time and space because of this. Fall in love and time don't exist.

Get angry and time suffocate, in the form of anxiety. People will think you are psychic because you can tell them what they are going to do before they do it. You know what will happen because it has already happened in your body and mind. And the so called psychic key in on these changes. We all have the ability.

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When a dog acts funny before you have a seizure, is the same thing that happens with humans. We all have that ability. Now here's the down side. Once you reach that level, you can no longer participate in this world. You can't have family. You can't talk to people they will call you a know it all. You can't have a wife or girlfriend because you know what motivate and drive that person. It gets resentful real fast when you can tell your mate everything she or he does, even though you never left home.

Your mate will think you are spying on them and start hating you. When in fact we are creatures of habit. We do the same thing the same way, the same time. That's why animals know when the master will pull up in the driveway. When you reach that levelyou will long for being" normal" like others. But you can never ever go back. You can never be happy. You can never be sad.

I miss being just a regular guy. So don't obsess over all thay psychic stuff. You are human for a purpose, you are matter. For a purpose. Otherwise you will live a lonely, alienated life.

Hello, astral projection is possible. I'm not an expert, but i have experienced this for myself since i was a little kid. Actually i think kids do more of this than adults because they don't hold themselves back spiritually to stuff like that. Welcome to the ASTRAL PROJECTION Group! This group is SPECIFICALLY for members who identify with the group theme 'ASTRAL PROJECTION'.If you are a member of Psychic Passions and you are logged in, please upvote & downvote the members listed. Our system is built to keep the Groups area focused solely on the appropriate members & your votes help! Projection dating - Join the leader in footing services and find a date today. Join and search! Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Find a woman in my area! Free to join to find a man and meet a woman online who is single and hunt for you.

No family, no friends. Because like me you are a part of a different dimension, and all this stuff around don't exist in other dimension. Peace and love.

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And by the way I was finally released from solitary and my case became a landmark case that literally change how all of you are treated. You have to have a hearing before you can be fired or punished.

My law case is : Crafton v.

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Luttrell, federal supplement, And my real name is Calvin murry.

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