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Giving someone love advice that's actually helpful is a lot harder than it seems. In fact, there are a few common things people in relationships do wrong when they try giving their single friends love advice. It feels weird to say that a staple human activity as timeless as dating can change, but it really can. Dating apps, the MeToo movement, the Great Recession - all changed the landscape dramatically. When you're in a relationship and you've successfully overcome challenges , you've worked through communication issues, and you've found that perfect balance between being independent and being part of a team, it's easy to think you've got the whole relationship thing down. But as Ella says, relationships are like snowflakes.

When it doesn't, it can leave them feeling even more discouraged.

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So instead of bringing yourself into it, keep the focus entirely on your friend. How do they handle their emotions? What do they value in a partner? What are their long-term goals? Once you have that information, you can talk about a plan for moving forward.

Advice to give someone dating your ex

Since it's your friend, you probably have a good idea of what their dating life is already like. Chances are, they've vented to you more than a few times.

However, just because they're coming to you to vent, it doesn't mean they need you to offer up advice.

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The one thing that people tend to forget to do the most is listen. According to Chong, you never want to blame your friend for being single. The worst thing to do is to tell your friend that the issue is they're "too picky" or they probably come off as too intimidating. Instead, you should start by suggesting an action. Start by saying "You could try You never want to make it seem like it's your friend's fault for still being single. If you know that your friend keeps dating emotionally unavailable types or they're making choices that aren't really healthy for starting a relationship, you can help them see where they need to improve.

Being too direct can come off as judgmental. So the best approach is to ask them questions.

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When your friend is the one to identify their problem areas, they'll be much more likely to make changes for themselves. Marisa Francorelationship expert who has a PhD in counseling psychology, tells Bustle.

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They may just need to hear something like, "Dating is really hard and you're doing the best you can. You definitely deserve someone who's just as great as you are.

You're empathizing with them by recognizing how tough dating can be, while helping them remember their worth.

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Dating can be really tough on someone's self-esteem, so it doesn't hurt to remind them of how great they are. Telling someone that they just haven't found the right one yet is obvious and not helpful.

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If you really don't have a specific piece of advice for them, it's OK to just stay quiet and listen. Expect her real behavior.

What Advice Would You Give To The Person Dating Your Ex? - Romance (4) - Nairaland

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How To Give Your Single Friends Love Advice That's Actually Helpful

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What advice would you give to someone dating your ex? How do you deal with the urge to hook up with random people after a breakup? (F21) How often do you daydream about your SO/crush, and how do you experience being in love? What makes sex good/bad for you? What do. 1. He loves chess and he's darn good at it I hope you beat him at it once in a while. Keep that ego in check:). 2. He really haaates dancing so if you want him to do something for you, make a bet that involves dancing and that thing you want don. Jun 27,   Over the past few years, one ex has become my go-to person when I need advice for whomever I'm currently dating. I go to him when I'm trying to Author: Danielle Sepulveres.

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