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But Nate and Abby have had some rocky moments between them. First off, Abby got spooked pretty early in their relationship, when Nate innocently suggested that they go away on a trip together. This seemed to be in reaction to the bad ending that Abby had with Arturo - perhaps she was protecting herself from getting hurt again. Abby seemed to get over it, though, and she and Nate worked through that particular difficulty. And ever since Victor re-emerged and declared himself to be alive, the family and Nate have been dealing with the fallout. Nate has seen first-hand the pain that the whole thing caused to Summer Newman Hunter King , and now Connor Newman Judah Mackey is experiencing serious difficulties in part because of the ruse.

Later Mr. Burke turned up at the hospital all bruised, claiming that Abby had gotten so frisky he had lost control of his car and had an accident. Abby was hospitalized with minor injuries, but was very disappointed when Ben only gave her a kiss on the forehead when he had to leave.

Billy angrily confronted her, saying the deal would kill the company. Later Gabriel and Victor agreed that the deal was not that bad, and they would stand by the agreement. Victor teamed competitors Abby and Victoria and sent them to speak before a technical conference.

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Their presentation was a big success. Jack and Victor drew up an agreement to dissolve the merger of Newman and Jabot. Abby was put on the spot to choose, and she chose to work for Newman. Feeling that he failed James, and Abby being out of town on business, Ben poured his heart out to Ashley, who set him straight about discontinuing being a doctor. Ben admitted that it was easier to talk to Ashley than her daughter Abby. After detective Mark Harding was discovered to be the killer and was killed, Abby decided to move back home and asked Ben to join her.

Abby was proud of herself for renaming Chelsea by Jabot to Chelsea 2. Victoria tried to reign her in, asking if they could even fulfill the commitments. Kevin opined that the continual sales spikes may be caused by a computer worm. Abby became very cocky, convinced that she was a super successful CEO. Concerned that Abby was getting too involved in her work, Ben asked Abby to travel to Europe together.

But after Victoria admitted that she and Ben had planned the trip, Abby accused them of plotting against her, got mad and broke up with Ben.

The Newman quarterly reports showed that Chelsea 2. After Ian Ward and Adam Newman, alive and posing as Gabriel Bingham after plastic surgery, were discovered to be behind the Paragon project, Abby talked Victor into giving Chelsea back her company.

Out of the blue, Ben began to propose to Abby, but they were interrupted by Ashley. Abby confided in her mother, saying that she intended to accept when he asked again.

But in the end, Ashley gave them her blessing. Inthe annual Delia Halloween costume party benefit was held at Top of the Tower, and everyone attended. Abby was dressed as a flapper. Ben discovered a fire in the electrical room, and opening the door caused an explosion, knocking him out. Ben awoke to no working fire alarm, firehose, or cell phone.

He managed to make it to the top floor, and warned everyone at the party, prior to going back down to help others. Meanwhile, Abby stayed on the top floor, refusing to board the rescue helicopter, instead waiting for Ben.

She finally went looking for him, and found him unconscious and pinned under rubble with Ashley at his side. They were found by Abby and rescued by Adam who carried Ben's unconscious body down the stairs and out the front door over his shoulders in a fireman's carry.

Ben awoke in his hospital bed with Abby at his side. Ben finally admitted to Abby that he and Ashley had exchanged I love you's during the fire, but did not mean it. Abby reacted badly and called off the wedding. But Ashley was able to convince Abby that she did not love Ben, and that Ben really loved and wanted to marry Abby.

Victor decided it was now a Newman project, and Abby worked it out with Jack. On Zack's recommendation, Abby signed up Willie who had a GPS project, and then a third guy. Victor began pitting Abby against Scott, furthering their competition for Victor's favor. Abby and Zack began dating, and Victor actually approved of him. Abigail "Abby" Newman (formerly Rayburn) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap operas The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful. Actress History: Madison& Morgan Reinherz (Y&R: 11//; recurring), Amanda& Rachel Pace (Y&R: 05//; recurring), Darcy Family: Davis family Newman family. Abby, who was crushing on the hunk, called her worried mother from the motel room they'd holed up in. After Abby's return, she started dating Carmine, much to Victor's chagrin. She began working on the Restless Style TV show with Billy as well. Abby left town following her mother's move to New York and Carmine returned without her.

Abby began planning a New Year's Eve wedding, but the venue she wanted was booked for 2 years. Victor assured her that the Top of the Tower would be ready in time. Abby's hair and gown were lovely, the gown being a gift from Chelsea for convincing Victor to return Chelsea's company. The ceremony began with Dylan and Victoria standing up for them, Faith as flower girl, and Victor giving away the bride to flute and harp music.

Ashley, who was escorted by Dr.

Neville, fainted into the aisle, but she came to right away. Afterward both Ben and Dr. Neville showed concern to Ashley about her condition. Abby and Ben snuck out after the ceremony, and after making love, they left for their tropical honeymoon.

But they cut it short when Billy got beaten up, hit by a car, and went in a coma. Another shock awaited in the form of Ben's son Max, shipped in from Australia by Child Welfare after his mother Jenna had been killed in a car accident. A belligerent Max accused Abby of causing her death because Jenna had been on the phone with Abby at the time.

Though Ben and Max hardly knew each other, Abby and Ben agreed they needed to take Max home with them. But Max disappeared from the athletic club.

When told that Max has being detained by Kevin at Crimson Lights, Abby was disappointed when Ben said he had to go pick him up himself. Days later, Abby had not seen her new husband since that night as he stayed with Max at the club. Abby visited, and brought Max a pre-launch copy of a new video game. Max pretended to not be impressed and accused Ben of caring only for Abby, not him.

Abby did her best to win over Max, but confided in Victoria that he was a brat, and she wasn't getting anywhere. Abby felt left out of the loop at Newman, so when Jack asked her to return to Jabot and help him rebuild the company, she resigned from Newman. But, feeling she could make a better contribution to the world and stop being pulled between her two families, Abby ended up going to work with Ashley at the research project headed by Dr.

Simon Neville. Ben told Abby how much he missed her, and they ended up making love. But they were interrupted by Max. The next day Ben told Abby that he had had a heart to heart with Max, had quit letting Max run his life, and they were moving back into their home with Abby. Abby discovered she was pregnant, and she and Ben were overjoyed. Ben told Max who claimed he was ok with it, but Max had visions of pushing a pregnant Abby down a flight of stairs.

Max led his teacher to believe that his father was mistreating him. Ben was investigated for child abuse by CPS, but they dropped the case when Max admitted that he had been mad at his dad and exaggerated. Abby and Max were at Crimson Lights when Max caused her to get up quickly. Abby had some pain, and asked for help, but Max hesitated to call She had to beg him to call, Max finally did, and Abby later left the hospital pronounced okay. Ben was delighted when Max suggested they throw a baby shower for Abby at the Athletic Club.

But as Abby came down the stairs for the surprise, she tripped and tumbled down the stairs. Later at the hospital, Abby lost their baby which had been a girl.

Abby and Ben were inconsolable. Meanwhile viewers saw Max with a sly grin, removing the tripwire he had installed on the stairs. Because of the way he was acting, Abby began to suspect that Max had something to do with her fall. She asked him if he had done anything, and Max told his father that Abby hated him and was accusing him of causing her to lose their baby. Max refused to live in Abby's house anymore, so he and Ben left to stay at the athletic club.

Then after Max overheard them talking about checking security footage, a fire broke out in the athletic club server room, destroying all data. After Lily's son Charlie admitted that Max had talked him into getting Max the master keycard, and Max confessed both crimes to Ashley, Max was taken away for evaluation by Child Protective Services crying for his daddy - something he had never called Ben before.

Ben was livid with Dylan for not giving his best friend's son a break. It was determined that Max needed to be in a psychiatric facility.

Apr 26, † Abby Newman has her eyes set on Dr. Nate Hastings on Y&R Dr. ate Hastings may begin dating Abby Newman on Y&R. [Image Source: CBS Soaps-YouTube] Victor's personal physician and his youngest daughter may begin dating, but it probably will not Cheryl Preston. CBS 'The Young And The Restless' (Y&R) spoilers show that Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) has got some questions concerning her sibling, Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) getting back together with Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) and she's as appalled as we are! She's totally amazed and can't believe her brother would side with Phyllis' stance over his own sister. 'The Young And The Restless'(Y&R) Spoilers: Most recently, Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) sat down with CBS soaps in depth to discuss the budding new romance between her character and Chance Chancellor (Donny Boaz). Right now, Abby is really infatuated with Chance. He has her absolutely fascinated. He goes all over the place, saving the world, and this is right up Abby's alley right now.

Ben promised Max he would never abandon him again and they would start over. Ben withdrew, but Abby forced him to let her console him. Max's surgery successfully removed the tumor, but he began having seizures which caused memory loss and impaired motor skills. Ben was forced to put Max in a long term care facility. Ben began throwing himself into his work, and neglecting Abby.

Both Dylan and Ashley urged Ben to let Abby help him, and after drinks with Dylan and Sharon, they appeared to be on the road to happiness again - until Abby brought up having another baby. Ben withdrew again, and later sat in the nursery reminiscing about how happy they were when they had found out that Abby was pregnant. Abby was livid when she discovered that Ben had donated all the baby gifts to the hospital pediatric wing, and she took them all back home.

She sobbed as she opened each one and threw them across the room. After a talk with Ashley, Abby took the gifts back to the hospital and got Ben to level with her.

Time passed with Abby and Ben pretending that everything was okay between them. Then Ben suddenly decided he wanted to have another baby, just as Abby was going to end their marriage. Eventually, with both of them in tears, they agreed to divorce. Abby began working closely with Victor, scoring business successes that made her the favored child for Victor to one day hand over his company.

She came up with an idea to create a business incubator to help small businesses get started and share the profits. Victor vetoed the idea, but Abby went ahead and bought a warehouse to convert. Abby had second thoughts about it, and in trying to unload the warehouse, Jack turned out to be the buyer. Jack talked her into selling it to him and becoming partners in the deal.

It became obvious to Abby that Victor didn't trust her after he received a payment while he was gone from 'Proven Success' which she could not explain. He hired Scott Grainger as senior vice president of special projects to advise, and pretty much keep an eye on Abby. Abby got upset when he and other executives were not taking her seriously because of her "Naked Heiress" past. Abby brought Jack their first entrepreneur, Zack Stinnett, a guy with a dating app called DesignDate.

Jack approved and signed him on. After teasing Abby about her first entrepreneurship being a dating app, Scott accepted Abby's challenge over whose project would be most profitable.

Abby and Zack tried out the app using a test date with each other. Abby confessed that she had gone behind his back and started a business incubator to help small businesses get started and share the profits without his consent.

Victor decided it was now a Newman project, and Abby worked it out with Jack. Victor began pitting Abby against Scott, furthering their competition for Victor's favor. Abby and Zack began dating, and Victor actually approved of him. But unknown to Abby, he was just using her to look legitimate, while he used the dating app to run a sex ring, booking Johns for his stable of young girls.

Newly formed company Hamilton-Winters first acquisition turned out to be Abby's grandmother Dina's company, Mergeron Industries, so Dina showed up in town hoping to form a relationship with the children she had abandoned. Ashley refused to forgive her, and was upset that Jack was giving her a chance. Abby sought out her grandmother, and was upset with Ashley for never letting them meet. Under Ravi's advice, Ashley tried letting go of the past, killing Dina with kindness, inviting her to dinner at Abbott Manor.

It turned out well, a family dinner, including Traci, with laughter and reminiscing. When Dina suddenly decided to return to Paris, seemingly under duress from her companion Graham, only Abby was able to convince her to stay.

Jack threw a party for Ashley to celebrate her winning the Innovator of the Year award, something John Abbott had also won in the past. Dina and Graham attended and Graham urged Dina to speak. Ashley interrupted exposing Graham as being Graham Davis who grew up in Genoa City using his mother's maiden name Bloodworth. Dina responded, shocked, "Davis? You are the son of Ashley's father Brent Davis? Ashley accused Graham of stalking and latching on to Dina years ago with the intent to get her trust and her fortune.

Graham told how Dina stole his step father leaving him and his mother penniless, and yes he was out for revenge. Graham made a toast to Ashley the untrue Abbott. Neil helped escort Graham out of the venue, and Jack took Dina back to her hotel room. Traci confronted Ashley, demanding to know why she was just finding this out now after so many years. Ashley explained that it was true, and she had had a nervous breakdown after finding out, and that even John had gone to his grave never knowing the truth.

Later, Ashley visited Dina and found her collapsed on the floor of her suite, having suffered a small stroke. Graham turned up at the hospital with a medical power of attorney, and took a drugged Dina away on a jet. Abby and Zack declared their love and moved in together. Abby was crushed. Then Crystal grabbed the microphone and accused Zack of using the app as a front for the sex trafficking ring from which she had escaped.

Zack hustled Abby to the elevators. He was helping girls like Tessa and Crystal with no future who grew up in his poor neighborhood, taking care of them, and providing a lucrative service. Abby said that was sordid, horrible, and asked to be let out of the car. Zack said it was what he had to do to survive, but reminded her that Abby and Victor were culpable, and hit the accelerator with a maniacal look. Zack said it didn't change what they had. Abby looked terrified, but Zack assured her he would never hurt her.

He suggested they disappear together, that after her own family had publicly screwed her over, no one cared but him. Zack led Abby into a storage rental, he grabbed a fat envelope, and tried to convince Abby that she still loved him.

Scott, who had been following them, confronted Zack. Zack gave her one last chance to come with him, but Abby said no way in hell. Zack shoved them inside and locked the door. They dropped their usual barbed conversation, and Abby helped him work through it. Hugging him led to kissing, and they had sex.

Afterword they were both amazed at what had occurred and vowed to never speak of it again.

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They started digging through the records stored there and found an envelope of the girls' travel visas, a list of properties Zack owned and his dummy corporations. Meanwhile Jack and Victor pooled money to set up a ten million dollar reward for Abby's return, and Sharon went on the Hilary Hour expressing her concern for Scott and Abby. They ended up getting out the next day by starting a fire under the sprinkler system which alerted an attendant who let them out.

Seeing Zack's car still there, Scott insisted on going to Zack's motel room. Zack walked in on them, first begged Abby to run away with him, then accused them of cheating on him. Zack, about to shoot them, was charged by Scott. Zack was shot in the back by Crystal who ran away, and Zack died. Abby and Scott edited the statement infuriating Victoria.

Scott managed to get Hashtag back up and published the full story. Called to Victoria's office, Abby quit her job. Scott had planned to quit too, but because his Hashtag article was trending, Victoria gave Scott a raise and a bonus, and reinstated Hashtag. Abby felt double crossed again.

Melissa Pam Ordway Gaston (born March 31, ) is an American actress and model. She has modeled in many campaigns and acted in such films as 17 Again and on television in Privileged. She currently portrays the character of Abby Newman on the drama series The Young and the Restless. 5 External links. Ordway was born in Atlanta, Georgia, an. Oct 15, † The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Abby Newman (Melissa Ordway) will soon be experiencing some difficulties in her relationship with Nate Hastings (Sean Dominic). As Y&R viewers know, Abby and Nate started dating earlier this year, shortly after her breakup from Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela), and they started out happy together and strong.

When Victor found out, he refused Abby's resignation, told Victoria she was wrong and agreed with Abby that he would have resigned too. Abby agreed to return with stipulations that she report directly to Victor, get an office with theirs, and a bump in title and salary. She let Victoria know that she would never forget that she was willing to let Abby leave while giving Scott a fat bonus. Scott and Abby had a lot of awkward moments filled with sexual tension, and twice ended up in a kiss.

Unfortunately, Faith saw them kissing and suddenly turned on Scott. Mariah got Faith to tell her what was wrong, and she let Scott know he was out of line. Scott and Abby decided to avoid each other, but Victor kept putting them together on various projects.

Scott let Abby know that he and Sharon had declared their love, and Scott had moved in. Abby told Nick it was nothing, but Nick felt he had to tell Sharon. Scott showed Sharon the engagement ring he had intended to give her New Years Eve, but she ground it into the dirt with her heel and asked him to move out.

Sharon ran into Abby at the club and caused a scene with accusations that turned into a cat fight.

Abby newman dating

Abby had to get away and went to work in Paris. Scott followed and confessed that he had feelings for her too. Unhappy with Hashtag being part of Newman Enterprises, Scott hoped to buy it but Lauren refused to bankroll it.

He assured Abby that he would be moving to New York or Europe for job to get out of her hair. Abby had an idea, called and convinced Victor to sell Hashtag to Scott and take payments from its profits. Scott thanked her, but she said she owed him for the sex ring story which had saved her career. Scott discussed relocating to London or Paris to work on a story about jewel thieve rings who target jet setters, and to go undercover, he needed a well-known jet setter like Abby on his arm.

Jack received a frantic call from Dina, who had taken a train to Bordeaux, France, with her nurse where they had gotten separated. Dina did not know where she was, then Jack lost the call. After much worrying, a social worker in London called Jack that Dina had been found there. Dina turned against Ashley, distrusting her even to serve her food, accusing Ashley of poisoning her. Abby, after many successes in Paris, decided to return permanently with Victor's blessing, just in time to witness her mother Ashley being fired from Newman.

Incensed, Abby took it upon herself to find evidence that Jack and Victoria had set Ashley up to appear to be spying for Jabot. Against Ashley's wishes, Abby took it to Victor telling him he had fired the wrong person. Abby began videoing Dina telling stories of her past.

Among them, Dina told how she got bored while John practically lived at the office as he built Jabot, and she admitted to having "multiple affairs with many consequences" like Ashley being fathered by club tennis pro Brent Davis. Dina disclosed another secret, that Jack was not John's son either. She said he was a man from the country club, but she got agitated that she could not remember his name, although she remembered fondly their daily afternoon rendezvous at the Stardust Inn.

Abby told Ashley and showed her the video. Both were shocked, yet with Dina's Alzheimer's, who knew how much of any of it was true. Ashley found it interesting to think that Jack may not be a "blood Abbott" either. Abby hired Charlie Ashby to edit the video, omitting that clip.

When finished, Abby and Ashley prescreened and approved it. A theater was rented, the Abbotts arrived in a limo in formal dress. Victor showed up uninvited, but Dina let him stay. Everyone was enjoying the video titled, "What the mind can't remember, the heart never forgets. Jack was devastated. Victor gave condolences then laughed when Jack turned to leave.

Jack fought the truth for a long time, but finally exited Jabot and Billy was elected CEO, as the only "blood Abbott" aside from Traci, who had declined. Abby convinced him to go to Miami with her for 3 days of fun.

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Then made him buy an expensive suit using her discount for a New Hope charity event. Nikki saw them kiss, and later let Abby know that she and Arturo had just ended an affair. Abby accused Arturo of only wanting another Newman, but he charmed her, and she got past it.

She terrorized Abby some more unnerving her and creating a rift between Abby and Tyler. Tyler went to talk to Mariah and it remains unknown what he said to her, but whatever it was, Tyler and Abby stayed together. Victor showed up Mariah's hotel room and threatened her into staying away from Nick. Scared, Mariah called Ian and was shocked to learn that he was in Genoa City as well. After her talk with Ian, Mariah exited the room and ran into Tyler. Mariah and Tyler argued about Abby, and Mariah followed him and tried to win him back.

Mariah left the room after secretly slipping her bracelet under Abby's bed. Abby ran into Mariah and was horrified when she saw that she was the Cassie look-alike that had terrorized Sharon. Tyler was dismayed that Mariah would do something like that.

Mariah text Tyler and he went to see her in Portland. When Tyler got back, he told Sharon that Mariah had asked for her.

Nate and Abby connect

Sharon left for Portland and got the charges against Mariah dropped. Mariah promised to get a job to pay Sharon back and apologized to Abby and Tyler for trying to break them up. Nick hired Mariah to work at the the Underground, so she could pay Sharon back. Mariah accepted the job, anxious to have a chance to prove herself.

Ian encouraged Mariah to pursue a relationship with Sharon, but Mariah almost gave up when Abby framed her for taking Noah 's wallet.

Mariah was angry with Nick and Noah for automatically accusing her and quit her job. Nick approached Mariah and offered her her job back with some conditions attached. One of them being that Mariah will leave town when she has paid Sharon back.

Noah tried to convince Mariah to give their mom a second chance. Abby came in and started insulting Mariah, so Mariah threw a pitcher of water at Abby, drenching her. Noah snapped at Mariah and told her she was on her own.

Abby hates Ben because he was with Victoria and he hid a secret about murdering his father when he was younger. Ben "Stitch" tells this to Victoria which makes her secretly a little jealous. Stitch agreed much to Abby's dismay who kept trying to convince her mother otherwise. Mariah was very unenthusiastic and flirted with Tyler who was sitting at the bar just to make Abby jealous.

Melissa Ordway

All the girls have been heavily drinking and partying. The guys ended up showing up at crimson Lights as well and also heavily loaded.

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Ashley noticed Abby had been drinking too much. Abby had a couple too many drinks and bashed Sharon for marrying Nick again and going to divorce him again! Mariah picked a fight with Abby. Abby stated that Mariah spits venom about Sharon every day! Once Michael Baldwin got slammed to the floor, a drunken fight broke out. Mariah fought with Abby. Everybody there ended up in jail.

Eventually, they were set free. Abby convinced Victoria to not go on a date with Stitch because he's just trying to stay in her life because of the baby. Stitch sat down with Abby and explained how much he loves Victoria and she doesn't know what love is. Abby learned to give them a chance. Mark Harding tried hitting on Abby at the Athletic Club but she clearly wasn't in the mood. Abby walked in Ashley's office and saw Stitch and gave him a hard time for having to shove him into a cab.

Ashley explained he got drunk and came to work, so she let him sleep here for the night, even though the next day they had a big meeting. Jack walked in and heard the story and fired Stitch. Ashley and Abby both exclaimed "No! Ashley convinced Jack to let Stitch keep his job. All he could say was "Shots, yeah" and Abby was clearly annoyed with him.

At Midnight, Mark Harding kissed Abby and walked off. Ashley found out the new chemist for Jabot, Tobiashad been spying on Ashley's new formula. Ashley left a formula out for Tobias to steal for Victor, which turned out to be the chemical formula for tequila.

Ashley fired Tobias. Abby was shown stealing some of Jabot's love potion a bottle. At first ashley thought it was Stitch going back to Victoria with information, but Stitch stated he would never betray his company. Abby dropped a bottle of formula and Ashley was shocked! Abby apologized and took a spy camera off the side of the desk. Victor confronted Ashley that he wanted to know about the formula. Ashley claimed he can't find out because they're using serum from a rare tropical plant in South America.

Victor called the federal government to shut down the company and raid them of their equipment. Ashley raged at Victor and Jabot got their lab restored. Noah called Abby out on being the one who called them to the cabin, and she admitted it. Abby didn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day.

Abby suggested they play Never have I ever. Summer said" Never have I ever had a crush on a best friend", which Kevin and Mariah looked at each other and drank. The game started as casual fun until Fen said "Never have I ever committed murder, which causes Austin to storm out in anger. Austin comes back and apologizes for storming off like he did, saying that talking about murder made him think of his mom.

Abby wants to continue the game, but Summer and Austin decide to leave. Courtney shows up and says that everyone that has to stay there because there is a bad storm out there. Someone spikes the punch, and everyone loses consciousness after drinking it.

When they regain consciousness, they can't find Austin. Kevin goes out to look for him, but comes back when he can't find him. Kevin opens the closet doors and Austin tumbles out. Courtney tries to revive Austin, but pronounces him dead. Courtney finds blood by Austin's head and tells everyone not to touch the body. Everyone gets scared and starts accusing each other. Noah finds a vial in the garbage, and Fen admits he spiked the punch with a drug that was supposed to loosen everyone up, but he admitted he didn't know what it was and wouldn't say where he was.

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Abby starts yelling at Fen, and Kevin defends him by bringing out up the "Naked Heiress" stunt from Abby's past. Abby defends that it was a publicity stunt and that know one ended up dead. Mariah says that Abby cannot talk about Austin that way. Summer yells at Mariah to not talk about Austin at all, and Mariah screams at Summer that she was looking out for her feelings. Suddenly, Mariah remembers this is like a part from one of Plato Sphere's books. Kevin gets defensive when people start attacking Plato Sphere, and he admits he is Plato Sphere.

Mariah and Fen defend Kevin, but everyone else accuses him of murder. Summer remembers hiding a bloodied bookend under one of the couch cushions of the She finds it and screams in horror. Summer tearfully starts crying that she killed Austin, but Noah and Fen refuse to believe it. Courtney bags the bookend for evidence. Summer starts hyperventilating and Abby, Noah, and Fen try to calm her down. Courtney says Summer couldn't have gotten Austin into the closet, so Kevin implies that someone may have helped her.

Fen snaps at his uncle, and Mariah tells Fen not to get mad at Kevin when this is his fault for drugging them. Abby takes Summer out of the room to calm her down, and Kevin scolds Fen for using drugs again. Courtney says she has to report everything that she hears, but Kevin and Noah say they won't testify about what Summer said.

Y&Rís Melissa Ordway (Abby Newman) to join another daytime show

Courtney tells them to stop it, and says that even though Summer's confession was made under duress; she still has to report it. Kevin and Mariah make up a story about Austin slipping and hitting his head. Courtney is dismayed that they want to cover up Austin's death. Mariah says Summer doesn't deserve to go to jail. Courtney is adamant that they be honest, so Mariah asks Courtney if she wants to tell the police that there was a homicide, and know one remembers what happened because Fen drugged them.

Summer finds the murder weapon, says she did it, and gets arrested.

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Mariah asks Courtney how that version works out for her. Courtney says what they are doing is a felony, and asks Noah to back her up; but Noah sides with Mariah, Kevin, and Fen. Courtney says they could get caught and then all of them would go to prison. Kevin suggests that she use her expertise to cover it up. Noah, Kevin, Mariah, and Fen all agree to the cover up; but Courtney says they are making a mistake.

Noah apologizes to Courtney, and she cries that if she does this then she is no better than the dirty cops that think they are above the law. Noah says he is asking Courtney to save his sister because she can't save herself, so Courtney reluctantly agrees to help them. Mariah remembers seeing Abby and Austin kissing, and privately confronts Abby about what she saw and deduces that Abby and Austin were having an affair behind Summer's back. Abby denied it, but then came clean about it after Mariah said she will ask if anyone else remembers what she saw.

Abby tells her the truth and Mariah is shocked that Abby could do that to Summer behind her back. Abby lays a guilt trip on Mariah about the things she did to her and Sharon. Abby tells Mariah if she says anything, she hands the police the perfect motive: Summer killed Austin because she was cheating on him; Mariah says it is the perfect motive for Abby because he wouldn't leave Summer.

Courtney gets a text saying the roads are clear and the police would be on there way. She asks everyone more time if they are going through with the cover up. Noah says that he would tell the police that he was helping Austin with a ladder to clear snow off the roof, and that's know one else was out there; and that he didn't even see him fall.

Fen goes to set the ladder to set up the cover up. He comes back and announces that Austin's body is gone. Summer is hopeful that Austin may still be alive. Noah goes to look for Austin, and the police arrive and ask what happened. Kevin covers and says he fell off the ladder, but he is fine.

They say Austin went to look for help and never came back. The group is taken back to Genoa City where they give statements. Noah leaves after hearing about a collapse at the Underground. Abby goes as well, and they leave Summer with Kevin, Mariah, and Fen. Abby is upset when rescue workers are unable to locate Victor. Abby, Nikki, Victoria, and Nick go back to the ranch where Nikki pours herself a drink.

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