The 38 year old man dating 25 year old woman history!

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In college I studied Computer Science and forgot how to talk to women. As the only straight woman within reach, I soon became the de facto dating consultant for my male friends, despite my waning expertise. But what I soon realized was that sometimes the best way to date is to go off script. We had more important things to worry about, like the alarming decay rate of our attractiveness. If we graduated without a future husband in tow, the men in our class would forgo us for younger, dumber women. She advised we start the search as early into college as possible. Um, I thought, petting my two-years-younger boyfriend.

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I think she should make a decision based on how she thinks and feels and not how she will be perceived. However, a 15 year age gap is a big difference, growing up at different times, stages of life, etc.

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She is likely established in home and career, where he's just starting out. She's at the end of her reproductive cycle and he's at the age where people are starting to consider long-term relationships, marriage, kids. My ex-husband was 12 years older than me, and although he was young and trendy in spirit, dress, manner, he always felt like the "old guy" around my friends, because he'd 'been there and done that' with a lot of life experiences.

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Love and attraction aren't enough, there has to be more there to sustain a long-term relationship, compatibility on all levels. I, at 40, would never even consider a 25 year old, but that's just me. It does work for some people.

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Location: The cupboard under the sink. I dated someone 16 years younger than me. Based on my experience, no, the age difference doesn't make any difference whatsoever if it's the right person.

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Just take a little extra time to make sure it is actually the right person before throwing everything into it. Many younger folks are still evolving and maturing, and their wants, needs and goals can change much quicker than the older folks.

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The second she starts to slow down in the bedroom or starts losing her looks, he'll start looking elsewhere. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick.

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Not at all, I briefly dated a 44 year old woman when I was And when I was 32 I went out with a 48 year old woman for a while. Both were nice in their own ways, they just had no interest in. I am a 38 year old female who is dating a 19 year old guy. I constantly analyze myself and worry that I am going to lose him. We are very happy and natural together when I let it flow. We talk about a serious future together as we have very compatible. Mar 07,   True, another factor is judgment from other people, who may see a year-old going to dinner with a year-old and make judgments about which one of them is drowning in student loan Julieanne Smolinski.

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Aug 02,   I'm 26 but I'm like a 13 year old when it comes to dating/relationships, Relationships, 85 replies 32 year old man 42 year old woman., Relationships, replies Year 1 all rainbows & unicorns; Year 2 is hey get real, Year 3 is make it or break it, Relationships, 6 replies. Jun 01,   A year-old woman will have better luck messaging a year-old man than a year-old one, according to the data. And a year-old man is more likely to respond to a message from a year-old woman than a message from any other age group. When women make the first move, the age gap dating norm is reversed. May 06,   A 19 year old dating someone significantly older seems doomed, because at 19 you're still growing. Not that people will stop changing later, but they do seem more settled. There's a certain level of maturity that must be reached. Personally I would feel weird about dating someone 18 years old, but not a 38 year old (am 25).

View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. Think about say a 14 year old with a 20 year old?

38 year old man dating 25 year old woman

Now let's take your situation, 25 and I am a 25 year old man with a 38 year old beautiful woman. I can say I truly in love with her, she's really an amazing woman! I don't think the age gap matters at all if both of you really love each other. Age is just a number once you're an adult, it's the connection between the couple that matters.

How do you feel about a 38 year old woman with a 25 year old man?

The main point will be being open and honest with each other and remember people can change over time. When the guy is 38 he could think "why not date a 25 year old girl instead of a 51 year old woman who is almost ready to retire. A 38 year old might be more stable and able to give more guidance, be less needy and focused more on the guy.

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I don't think it would last a long time though. Age means absolutely nothing when we get older. I honestly cant say anything about love in this case because I dont know what kind of relationship they have.

Jan 29,   I am a 25 year old man with a 38 year old beautiful woman. I can say I truly in love with her, she's really an amazing woman! I don't think the age gap matters at all if both of you really love each other. Age is just a number once you're an adult, it's the connection between the couple that matters. Dec 04,   When I was 39 years, 3 months, and 16 days, a girl I had known for about 3 years asked me on a date, she was 18 years, 1 month, and 6 days old. I was her first date, first kiss, etc. 86 days later we moved in together. We were together 5 years, 5. What do you say about the reverse? I mean, I can see why an older man would want to date a younger woman - physically that is, but why would a year-old woman want to date a man 45 or more? Penelope. Dear Penelope, Beats the shit out of me. I can totally understand why older men go for younger women.

I simply believe that if two people like each other and want to spend time together in any capacity then they should regardless of age as long as they are both of legal age. End of story. Im an older woman and I would date a guy younger as long as I felt we had a connection.

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