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Do you think it's ok for an18 year old female to date a 28 year old male? I am 18 and I am considering dating a man that I have known for quite a while. He's 10 years older than me, but we have gone through a lot of the same situations I would like opinions on this. My mom is discouraging me from dating him. Her only excuse is "He's too old for you" The guy and I will make the final decision

Your an adult. Yeah, Mom doesn't like it, but she'll get over it if you both decide to date. I used to date younger men. There is nothing wrong with that either.

Best Wishes, and have fun. No, that is a nice age difference as long as you are mature enough. It is nice to date an older man if he is also mature as his age should indicate. If he is 28 but is immature, then why should anyone date him whose younger. But if he is wise as his age should indicate, that is very nice.

I don't find it strange. My boyfriend is 27 and I'm 20, he'll be 28 while I'm still 20 which is the same as 18 and We have the same interests, both into fitness, the same music and film likes, the same views on a lot of things and are at the same points in our lives (single parents, back at university/college etc). Go for it. I've dated year old girls and there's nothing wrong with it. Biggest thing is the maturity, most were completely obscure doing who knows what in their own world, NO THANK YOU!! Those didn't last long. My current girlfriend was 18 when we started dating (I was 25), and we've been together for 9 months now, she's 19, I'm 26 now. Mar 01,   At 25, your expectations on dating and relationships begin to change. Your standards will get higher and your priorities will shift as things like "tall, dark and handsome" just don't make the cut Author: Bianca Mendez.

Don't let him get you in to anything like drugs, whether street drugs or prescription drugs or orgies or anything like that. Older men can be either a good influence or a positve influence. Guard against bad advice from an older man. Sometimes, they have alot of vices to get you involve with as well. Otherwise, that is a nice age Um, no I don't think so, but I don't know why someone that age would want to date someone that immature, unless the guy is immature too.

There can be love between all age groups, and when you get older it matters less. Historically, older men have been with younger women and had very fruitful relationships. Ok im a 19 year old male and I dont want to sound biased by any means.

But a 28 year old man seeing a 18 year old woman is extremely akward both mentally and socially.

18 dating 25 reddit

I dont want to sound hypocritical because my aunt is married to an older gentleman whose almost 20 years older the she is. But what I noticed from her realtionship is that it doesnt work because of the age gap.

Jun 16,   Do you think it's ok for an18 year old female to date a 28 year old male? I am 18 and I am considering dating a man that I have known for quite a while. He's 10 years older than me, but we have gone through a lot of the same situations so I feel like our maturity levels are quite similar. I would like opinions on this. My mom is discouraging me from dating him. Apr 25,   Top 25 Best NSFW Subs, Description & Subscribers Count /r/gonewild - As the name suggests, GoneWild is a very hot adult sub where open-minded Adult ors exchange their nude bodies for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure. Any type of advertisement in this 18+ sub is strictly prohibited. ONE OF DISCORD'S LARGEST NSFW SERVERS, M & Y is a NSFW, hentai and porn-based 18+ server with over 30k Members! We al Sexy Time is an own content nsfw/community server driven by the people, for the people. Hookups, teases, lewds and m Small gaming community primarily involved with ArmA 3, but welcome all members! We chat about various.

What I also noticed from friends of mine particarlly woman in your age group is that we are inexperienced. Knowing the fact that we obvisally dont have all the answers is the first step into knowing our own reality.


I understand woman mature much greator than men in my age group but thats life. I think that your mother has the best intentions for you. I dont think your mother is trying to discourage you from dating someone, i think however she is trying to stop something bad from happening to you both emotionally and physcially.

Aug 10,   - In the study, men's desirability peaks at age But women's desirability starts high at age 18 and falls throughout their lifespan. How Age Affects Online-Dating Desirability Among. I went on one date with an 18 y/o when I was Obviously, every girl is different, but the girl I went on a date with clearly didn't have much experience dating, and didn't really know how things progress. By midway through the date she was already getting clingy had mentioned that she was happy to have finally found a boyfriend. May 07,   Gone Wild: The best NSFW subs 1) r/GoneWild Gone Wild is the best-kept secret in amateur pornography on the internet. That is if .

No one can answer if he is "Mr. Right" only you can. But your only 18 and at 18 just like im 19 i can tell you for a fact people our age seem to have the "i know it all attitude".

At 18 we dont were becoming adults and learning from our mistakes. Who knows maybe this future realtionship will be a mistake and you will learn from it. But if I were you i would reconsider and reavaluate my surroundings. If this guy is to good to be true, than it possibly is.

An older man intrested in a young 18 year old seems to be a bit farfetched.

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He may only have one intention with you and that may be just sexual. On the contrary my aunt has married a man who was 20 years older than she was and he had a child who is the exact age as she is. They maintain an "abstract" realtionship. In other words she loves him emotionally but they dont seem to connect properly.

Im sorry if this answer did not help you find out weather you two should be together, but your mother obvisally cares for you. If she resents this man you may lose your mother. It seems impossible but it does happen. My mother was an alcoholic and she gave me away to my grandparents case she didnt want to take any responsiblities in upbringing a child.

What Relationships And Dating At 25 Look Like

I was only 4. People seem to forget that parents are people. I would stay friends with this man maybe because in a spirtual level you two are perfect but as for a realtionship it seems a bit stringent.

I think that your uncertainty has made you believe that your mother has no reason for why you two shouldnt be together. People share small clips of the scene where they were present and happened to record the unfortunate event somehow.

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