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Jordanians are defined as residents who have lived east of the Jordan River since before Palestinians are defined as residents whose birthright extends back to areas west of the Jordan River. People of Bedouin descent are considered to be of the purest Arab stock. Ethnic Relations. In deserts with little vegetation and water, Bedouin families have lived in the traditional way for thousands of years. They roam freely and pay little attention to borders. Bedouins form the core of the army, occupying key positions, even though their political influence is diminishing. Palestinians are typically referred to as educated, hard-working people, and their influence in Jordan has resulted in a greater emphasis on education and Jordan the development of a richer, global economy.

L'Annexe Tout Simplement. Synagogue Rachi Troyes.

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Eglise Ste-Madeleine. Get to know the area.

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