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I'm sitting across from Jean at a table outside of a Brooklyn Starbucks that feels way too narrow, like a bodega compared to its imposing neighbor, the Barclays Center. Steve Harvey arranged this date, which has so far exceeded my low expectations. It's a sunny Sunday, but cold enough for a jacket. When I meet Jean, he's wearing a varsity one with the collar slightly turned up. I'm in ripped jeans and camo. On Delightful. He looks cool, attractive, casual.

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Top 3 dating mistakes women make -- STEVE HARVEY

You might also like Kevin Slane. Share Tweet. Making A Profile I started off with one of the most difficult tasks in online dating: picking a profile name. I decided that, as a journalist, I wanted to show ladies I was a big fan of wordplay and had a sense of humor. Sidenote: passwords on Delightful. One of the great things about Delightful is how involved Steve is.

Just look at this grade-A joke he slipped in when I had to give the site my age. Classic Harvey. I didn't know if this was a bug or the result of meager membership, since the site was only a week old. As far as the pickings, they were slim, to say the least. To better widen that pool, Delightful has a partnership with sites like Match.

It is a choice by members to join. We're hoping to bring people over from all of our Match Inc. Most of the guys who "flirted" with me were unable to carry a conversation past "hi.

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One Delightful plus is that, like Tinder, it shows you matches as soon as you log in. When you see these matches, you can click "Yes," "No" or "Maybe. The first day I signed up, I got the below message. But I wasn't thrown by this. Messaging has always felt like the most awkward part of online dating. You either come across too rehearsed, eager or boring, and it really isn't a fair representation of your personality.

Luckily, to help the message-challenged, Delightful has stock email templates, suggesting lines like, "You look like someone I'd like to get to know" and "You deserve a flirt. Since I was trying new things, I decided to be more forward than normal. After all, Steve Harvey had suggested that I make the first move, which I found out from a sidebar that popped up on my page. It's where many connections are made or lost. But it's also a whole lot of fun.

As the CLO - Chief Love Officer, Steve Harvey wants to help women out there find love. So here are 14 questions every woman should ask on a first date. 14 Questions Every Woman Should Ask on the 1st Date 1. WHAT DO YOU VALUE MOST IN . Introducing Delightful - the new dating site from relationship expert Steve Harvey. Meet women that are serious about finding love and get expert dating advice to help you along the way. Find love and keep it on Delightful.

Think about it: you can go from not knowing someone to hitting it off in just a few messages. Here a few ground rules to keep in mind when you're having conversations.

Sending the first message shows that you're interested, not desperate. If you see someone you like, reach out to them. If you wait too long, someone else might swoop in.

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It's hard to have quality conversations when you blast the same message out to everyone. Take the time to make each message unique to that particular person.

As you start to exchange messages, you may feel pressure to try to win them over. Save that for the date. Use your messages as a time to get comfortable with each other. Less than a week into my membership, I started messaging Jean, a pharmacy manager. He seemed sane, so we exchanged info quickly and arranged to meet in Brooklyn. He wanted to take me salsa dancing, but as much as I like the idea of an adventurous first date, that would've made it tough to get to know each other.

At Starbucks, I found we had a lot in common. We're both Libras and shopaholics. He shared a lot of information about his ex, which most relationship experts would advise against, but I didn't mind.

Still, after Jean, I fell into a rut. Most of the men I talked to on Delightful seemed normal, but they chose to initiate contact by using the aforementioned message templates. None seemed smart or funny enough to sustain a virtual conversation. For example, one guy had "science nerd" in his profile. As a lover of science myself, I found my interest piqued. So, after he sent me a stock message "Nice profile!

I'd love to hear from you"I replied:. Him: "hahhahhaahahahahah not really i wish! Me: "Isn't that what's in your profile?

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So here are 14 questions every woman should ask on a first date. The older you are, the more important this is.

This gives insight to income, without asking that and putting the man off, but make sure it is funded by credit card debt. Did I inspire you? Check out match. My father passed.

Steve harvey show dating site

My mom when we do not live together due to controlling and overbearing at times. Financially secured and not struggle as a couple. No hiding things from each other or unexpected surprises. Overcame Victim of Domestic Violence. For 9 years. I have tried some dating on line paid my money for 3 months.

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That did not work. I work, Volunteer in my Community, Usher at my Church. Love to have fun. Out doors. Where is my Mate?

I wouldn't use a Steve Harvey dating site because I know who Steve Harvey is. I would be open to his recommendation for a fish sandwich, but outside of that prism, hell no. This $25 service finds some of the cheapest flight deals on the web for you. Finally, a commuting backpack that looks great with your power suits. You won't believe the price of this luxurious cashmere shawl. Get the benefits of a Sonicare toothbrush without the hefty price tag. This hair tool is the absolute easiest way to get styled hair at. is a niche dating service for single women and single men. Become a member of and learn more about meeting your match online. Dating works better with! - WorldWideWeb pages are copyrighted by People Media.'s webpages and content may not be reproduced in any form without.

Everyone here that approach me is either Married, are in a Relationship, trying to have more than one person and do not know what a woman is worth. Thank you Steve. As a single woman at age 62 I find these very helpful. When I do I will have the right questions. I agree with your 1st date questions because a person can learn a lot and will avoid beening hurt whie getting to know a man because with out it you will never know that person.

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The ability to be affectionate. My relationship with my parents is very loving, giving, and endearing, everything to me. Means the world to me.

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My long term goals are to have someone to share my life, my time with within what I call the final act, retirement, travel, marriage, before the epilogue of my life. I will not tolerate dishonesty within my relationship.

Steve Harvey is notable for having written advice books on dating, gender differences, and relationships (notably, the books Straight Talk, No Chaser, and Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man) and for having regular couples' therapy sessions on his talk show. Delightful is intended to translate the wisdom from his books and talk show into the date 2/10(2). Oct 17,   Steve Harvey is a busy man these days. Between hosting his radio show and getting women to yell "penis!" on "Family Feud," he found time to partner with on launching Delightful, a dating site primarily catering to women "looking to find true love.". As the author of wildly successful relationship advice book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man: What . The syndicated show taped its final episode on Thursday and episodes will air Act Like a Lady, Think Like a ManFamily FeudBernie MacAct Like a Success, Think Lik steve harvey dating show Join and Meet Local Singles in Addison! Welcome to truMingle! We're a full-featured online dating site for singles. No membership fees.

I spend my downtime, relaxing, doing whatever it is that I want to do, be it an evening out with friends, curled up on the sofa with a fun read, sleeping, listening to music, watching a movie, going to dinner and a movie alone, going shopping, sleeping, pampering myself, and I want to travel more. My worst quality would be that in the past I stayed too long, too loyal, in relationships that were not good for and to me.

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Never have been, or will I ever be a grudge holder. My longest relationship was to be for 4years before I ended the relationship. The relationship ended for I had no desire to continue to give more of me to someone who was not worthy of me continuing to give him the best of me.

steve harvey dating show

God has loved and forgiven me through the storms of my life. That I know how I am supposed to be loved because of Gods love and teachings, life lessons have taught me. Hello Mr. Steve, these are some very good questions. Steve, help me with dating or even finding love again. Thank you. Steve, you never say that Rubin has a wife. He is handsome, agile and a sharp dresser. Yes, I am out of the box too.

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I have been hurt in the past but have let it go and has moved on. My children are adults and have there own lives.

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I have 1 granddaughter.

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