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What is wrong with you? Why would someone join a dating website and not post a picture? And know this: there is no picture so bad that it will make you look any worse than what we already imagine. Weird and blue and creepy. This is what I wanna know: does anyone ever write to a profile without pictures?

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Maybe have someone do a sketch. What was she doing there? Looking for vampires? Get over it. Or the mail.

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If he can pull it off, so can you. So please, Daters, in closing, I implore you to get with it. Grab one of the ten thousand devices you have that can take a photo and go to town. Ohh but the sex is good! And he has a nice house!

I Used a Dating Site without a Photo and This Happened

How long do you think it is until he turns that hand on YOU! And then does what,? Believe it or not, not everyone wants to put their photos online for the world to see. What is this, a Facebook mentality?

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Privacy is a very valid reason. Well then just assume people will think your lying.

First photo: Classic Headshot. Most online dating sites only give you a small one-inch square for your main profile picture to lure people onto your page, which is why the perfect headshot is your. Aug 11,   It's no secret that most online dating sites and apps suffer from the same problem: Snap judgments based on profile pictures alone. OKCupid found that this was the case in a couple of those. Oct 01,   People will wonder what you are hiding. so not really. Also, most women feel pretty vulnerable putting themselves out there on the inter web for all to see and judge. and a bare minimum standard is that a man does the same. There are also a lot.

Watch the movie Catfish or the TV series by the same name. Even people with photos create entirely false identities online.

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Even matchmaking agencies take your photo and use it to match you so I do not understand your thought process. Online dating is nearly a complete waste of time. It is not a good thing for anyone. I recently had two different guys contact me. Okay, fair enough.

We exchanged email addresses and I asked if he could send me a photo via email.

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He hemmed and hawed, kept wanting to communicate with me but clammed up whenever I asked if he could send a photo. You can never be too careful in this day and age plus, how would I know whom to look for? Okay, I have your name but should I be looking for a tall or short guy? Tanned or fair-skinned? I mean, what? I can understand some guys not wanting to share until they grow comfortable talking to you, but what if they just NEVER want to give you a photo and leave you guessing what they look like if you meet them in person?

That makes me worry a little bit.

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After fussing at a semi-boyfriend for still having a dating profile up his response was to take his pictures down. I guess the lesson to be learned is stick to your guns when asking your boyfriend to take down his profile. There are plenty of scams women pull with online dating or that scam artists pull who claim they are women.

Because whenever I come across a profile without a picture attached, I assume there's something crazy going on. Like you have two heads, or you have no heads, or you're not actually a person. Maybe you're a scam, like a weird offshoot of that whole Nigerian Prince . Aug 11,   A new dating app called Willow, which comes out this week, is willing to bet you would. Here's how it works, according to the app's description: "Just log in, create your profile, and ask up to. No Picture Dating Site, list of dating sites in singapore zip code, annonces rencontre bulgarie, dating chesapeake white ss/

I am seeing a guy long distance who I met online, saying at the start he was in the middle of a divorce. We communicated via text for many months, after which time he visited a couple of times. After a while I noticed a profile similar to his on the site, with some minor changes in hair color, weight and age, with no photo.

So I create a fake profile and go ahead and message him. Chatted back and forth for a week and sure enough it was him, he gave me his name and phone number to start texting. I even asked him directly after this how his divorce was coming along and he said it was done. He is obviously divorced.

I did not let on that I knew he had this other profile going. What do other people think of this? Why would he say in his profile he is living together, while in the one he used to start talking with me said he was divorced? I am at a total loss about what to do about this guy now.

Feb 12,   If we throw out all the fake and married profiles, these people usually have pics they just aren't willing to share with the general populace (for various reasons small town for example). If they do strike up a conversation that has some merit the. Jul 11,   Twine's taking a risk by taking physical attraction out of the dating picture, at least at first. Keeping faces blurred means it might never achieve the download numbers of the game-like Nina Strochlic. Apr 27,   Dating Online - The man with no photos. Date: April 27, Author: julietjeske. This one is as old as online dating itself, the man with no photos on his profile. I have a firm warning on my profile that I basically don't take a profile without photos seriously. I did try several times on several dating apps using no picture, although.

I have no way of finding out if he does live with someone as I live far away from him. He might have several women going at the same time, it might be why his wife divorced him in the first place. I was married to a man who lied to me from day one and basically had a secret life and history I knew nothing about. You could literally have three or four women messaging him at the same time just to see what he would tell each of you.

My friends in New York City often had the same men sending us emails when we were trying online dating. That would be my 2 cents! Good luck!

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I did realize there was really no point in doing that in the end and gave up, still. I resently meet a nice woman online With no picture about a month into texting. I asked for her picture and she went off on me so I stop talking to her. Four months went by and I received an email from her and she wanted to talk. We spend a whole year talking she was everything I had been looking for and she told me she had feelings for me. I liked her but she would not show her face or let me hear her voice it was all done through texts I never told her I had any feelings for her but when she tried to get me to say it I told her that it would be foolish of me to have feelings for someone that refused to show me her face or let me hear her voice she caused me of not trusting her and we had a discussion that lasted 24 hrs I tried to explain to her what trust was about and she needed to be open with me I had no idea what she did or where she really lived and she knew everything about me because I was wide open for her so after 24 hrs of very long texting I told her that she was not who she said she was and unless she was open I would consider her a liar I had no time for the game so I deleted her blocked her everywhere.

I talked to her for one year and then some she was everything I was looking for but it was a lie. I lied to myself hoping she would open up and show me her face. Just a learning experience be careful with people that are super misterious like that. They may be telling the truth but it makes no sense to wait to show yourself eventually you are going to have to meet right. No picture no chance that goes for all people.

Based on the length of your reply I suggest starting your own blog. With a combination like that, you will definitely receive a ton of proposals and invites. I suggest you do the same and see how it goes.

The Online Dating Problem (2019)

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Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. One of the hardest tasks when setting up an online dating profile is choosing which photo to upload.

So I decided not to use one, and this happened. Where has vanity taken us? It was really rare before to see someone with a camera and just take a picture of himself every single minute.

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Now, we have a lot of people on social media posting photos of themselves every 30 seconds. I thought that we would all get smarter but we took technology and abused it. We made ourselves more vain and we made technology our lives. Nobody wants to see your picture pooping in the bathroom, that shits is private but then a lot of people post themselves shitting.

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I tried that too but made a hefty description of myself. Far off from what I truly am. I over exaggerated a little bit. My profile still blew up though. I was literally being IMed by a lot of horny guys. LOL Too far gone, when I actually went on a date with one of my online pals.

He barfed when he saw me and ran away, got back in his car and left. Never to return again. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.


By Danielle Anne. Share Tweet Pin It. The love letters Trolling without a picture is always fun. Some of the messages went like this: Note: The usernames of the people involved have been redacted to prevent any lawsuits and physical altercations in broad daylight. Probably a beautiful, foxy lady. Fascinating and intriguing at the same time. Smart alecky statement there on your profile.

No picture dating site

Pretty with brains? What more can a man ask for? And some of my personal favorites: A woman with confidence and obvious intellect despite having less than a hundred words on her profile. My take on the matter Those are just a few of the messages I received. Why did these men want to date my faceless profile?

I can neither do nor teach as well as others, but I can try. Aside from being a writer, I am also a physical therapist.

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