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Mothers playing matchmaker for their children is probably as old as humanity itself. After all, when grown kids can't seem to find a mate, what's a yenta, er loving mom to do? Nevertheless, year-old Geri Brin's determination to find the perfect gal for her year-old son Colby is bound to be the stuff of legend. Former fashion publishing executive Brin, who launched her lifestyle website insaw a unique business opportunity in adding a link to it that lets moms post particulars about their sons - or daughters, grandkids, nieces and nephews - in hope of forging a love connection.

While the site may seem like a novel new way for moms to embarrass their kids globally rather than just locally, Brin said she believes she's hit on a winning formula. If the fix-ups don't work out, moms make a convenient scapegoat. Are you lonely?

Looking for a special someone?

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Friends, SuperHarmony is the site for you. And let's face it, it's been a long time coming. Some of these guys and gals have been doing the whole lone-wolf thing since the 40s. After sixty years of the isolation that comes with responsibility, or a life of meaningless sex that only serves to inflate your established sense of power and superiority over other humans, these folks deserve some down time. BeautifulPeople, which as its name clearly states, is a dating site devoted exclusively to good looking people.

The company's latest venture is to create a "virtual sperm and egg bank" in reality a fertility introduction service stocked with donors from the beauty gene pool. Best of all, it's open to ugly folks who want to better their hereditary lines.

A low-tech site, Women Behind Bars offers a place for incarcerated women to potentially find love by becoming a go-between with interested men who have internet access.

For a fee, men receive the mailing address of the gal they are interested in, and they start a penpal relationship on their own if interested. Strangely the site is divvied up by age and racial status in somewhat un-PC terms, with no one over the age of 50 listed. Have An Affair'. With a 'trademarked' greeting like that on the homepage, you can't say the Ashley Madison Agency are shy when it comes to the fact that their dating website caters specifically to married people with a roving eye.

Click and have fun. Remember allmytube is required to download the requested funny video. Fail blog is a part of Cheezburger, which was listed in the funny pictures list. Fail blog section mostly deals with the hilarious videos and was so listed here. Failblog is a famous meme site and was recently coming up with the funny videos. The menu section may confuse you a bit with its unique names. But once clicked, it allows you to select a genre.

Bizarre Dating Funny Humor Internet Odd Online Strange Websites. More From Thought Catalog. The 24 Most Bizarre Dating Sites On The Internet | Thought - Probably the grossest dating site on the list, this one promises no uglies or fatties. How sweet! Darwin Dating Who changes who in this relationship?

Worth to browse and one more it too requires allmytube to import the requested stuff. Wimp collects the best videos from the web on regular basis and I am sure you will find the best trending here. It makes you easy to find the current viral videos.

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In one word wimp is the only source from this list to find the daily base videos from the web. As usual it needs allmytube and adobe flash player to download and stream respectively. Onion video is dynamic video network which allows you download without a third party. One more thing, Onion video is a site which is included with comedy news too. The homepage displays you the drug stuff! Just wait and scroll down to have fun or use the menu bar which is on the top. Videos on social commentary and pop culture reflect the popularity of the onion video.

Finally, if you are bored with routine fun stuff, just go with this site and browse through the comedy news and have fun. VideoBash is a funny video site with a lot of genres and fun was one of them which drive a good number of visitors.

VideoBash also allows you to upload the videos and games too. Videos of all categories are displayed on the screen, what you have to do is just browse to funny videos and please try to laugh slowly. The stats reflect its popularity.

It provides belligerent and timely coverage of breaking news related to all genres. Just browse through the above link and click on the entertainment and have it. This video website is a part of craving online media company. The landing page welcomes you with a clean interface is a bit easy to navigate towards the selected choice.

Similar to the above sites, crave online requires allmytube to import the videos.

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Remember to clear the browsing history after a giant laugh. Every site asks you to register with them, on the landing page itself. The site is owned by an year-old man named Kreskin. The Amazing Kreskin is a new world for the dating connections, and the home page is with some bold stuff.

This was broadcast along Canada and in some states of United States. Browse and have fun, remember it was the first listed dating site ever. You can even invite others who are near to your place to have a shop of some vodka or something in the late nights.

No need to pay a single penny to claim the basic offers from the vampersonals. If you are dreaming big, then have a premium account which provide you hot features.

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Everybody loves a clownLet a clown love you!! Clown dating works to prove the above statement, and it reached the position and was so listed in the third position. Clown dating finds the beautiful the beautiful heart which is beside the white makeup with semi-fun. It offers a community for those who are single to chat and even to plan a date.

You can even plan a date on the community with your selected one. Fill the required fields of search and plan for a date. Not everyone has the luxury. The atlasphere is the one which provides luxury to everyone who browses over through it. You can be included in a large community or you can also be involved in the small community which belongs to your area.

Diaper Mates is the biggest personal community for adult babies and diaper loves!

1. Are They From Another Country, Particularly Nigeria?

The name itself looks stupid! Be sure no one is around you which you are browsing through this section of sites. It offers a chance to talk with the fellow adult babies and other members.

Moreover, you can buy diapers of your size which may be not available in the supermarkets, etc. Think there is no need to feel of shy during online shopping.

Funny fake dating sites

I suggest you not to browse through the photo section. Got it! Star Trek is a branch of trek passion which opens the door of dating. It helps to group the people of similar minded or may be something via chats, messages, and email, etc.

The plan of date etc. It just shows the way, and the rest are related with the ideas of that newly grouped couple. Browse to the star trek from the main landing page to have some fun. The stats reveal usage of singles. If you are busy with thousands of tasks and if you are feeling with no time, then just click on the above-provided link, and they will establish a connection, and the date is up to the couple.

I hope everyone loves date, and I think you got it right.

40+ Funny Websites Collection ( Top Dating, Jokes, Pictures, Fake Sites)

Scroll down to the home page and go for a date with your selection. This is a public dating site to find the partner of your taste. You may be not got impressed in the single meetings, and so this provides the meeting a person of same ideas and makes you to be sticked.

SWFA singles with food allergies helps to blossom a new relation between two unknown people. Just read the selected profile carefully and get connected to the people, similar to you. It is organized under several domain extensions and here is one of them.

Darwin dating is only for those who strictly want to find a beautiful partner. If you are still interested then just click on t he provided click and just clear your browsing history and delete the saved images from the Darwin dating.

This is the last one from our funny dating sites list.

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Searching for a partner is dramatic and time taking. This ugly dating websites speed up the process and makes you to say bye to your solo life.

Just land on its home page and fill the bio and start searching to find your best partner for the date. This is the trend of prank websites?

So here is the top list of websites to prank your friends.

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So,Peteranswers was listed top in our funny wired websites list with its answers. We love to speak and hear fun answers for some of the serious questions and in the same way, the Peter answers are one of the sites which makes fun by displaying the answers.

Click on the provided link and you will the directed to the site which welcomes you with a two empty boxes where you need to provide your question. You can fool your buddies with by answering their questions by peter answers.

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I am sure you will be afraid by having a look at its homepage. They effect the normal functioning of that selected thing. For example, if you go with the website it just tries to add some of the code to the existing to make you boom.

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Most used a phrase by us. We often love to call and fool our buddies by some unknown numbers and bored is of such kind. Bored is a website with complete fun content and is included with the special feature of calling.

A person can call three times per day using his account, and the call duration is not limited. CallFooland has some memories.

How to use such kind of games website to fool my friends. They provide the appropriate codes in order to hack the game and so the game will not be completed forever. Fool your buddies by making tons of scores in any PC game. This is the last one from our prank websites list. The photo is the one of the things which creates a lot of fun.

" Dating Profile Names Guaranteed To Get You A Date, Bro Bro" - I just hope, more than anything, someone is now using one of these. This is the last one from our funny dating sites saporiviafrancigena.com's a popular ugly dating website which combine the single saporiviafrancigena.coming for a partner is dramatic and time taking. This ugly dating websites speed up the process and makes you to say bye to your solo saporiviafrancigena.com one word, ugly schmucks is a wired setup, with sweet relations. Nov 10,   Have you ever noticed on these website's adverts? There's always a picture of an extremely attractive woman (or man) and you ask yourself can someone that looks like that really be single? The truth is that woman (or man) is not on that site and n.

Amazing photo effects add some more fun to the existed photos. Just place some of your friend image on the site that mean just upload the pic and do the necessary editions which make you laugh and similarly makes him cry. There is no need of any photo editing skills. What you need a pic to upload after clicking the provided link. The homepage welcomes you with colorfully edited pics. News, Which attracts a lot of audiences. What, if the news is a bit funny.

Surprising, just Give it a try with following funny news websites. The onion which we discussed above is completely different; this one is a purely news oriented.

Moreover, its releases an edition per every month and they are widely in the US market. Spoof, the name itself says about the site. The pages welcomes you with the spoof news and headlines and the space is smartly used by adding breaking news in the side bar.

Apart from many websites, such as onion too offers the same kind of stuff which was not ated regularly. In one word, sports pickle is the best website for sports spoof. Recent and favorite stories are also included on the homepage itself.

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The thing you have to do while browsing is just to stop your laughs. The name is itself wired! News of future is a news publication website which displays the future of the world.

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