So yea, I agree, they may be back. Lol, when I was in , I think I saw the same guy, can’t remember much though, just saw him in a Piranha, flying in straight lines, box to box, etc. Doods , Dec 24, They all get caught. It was bannable to mention it and when you wrote “support” player volunteers they would respond with the usual canned response of no that isn’t happening. Like everyone says, DO can only rebuild the wall to keep them out.

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Yes, my password is: The infamous packet darkorbig, the ones that were the kings of the bot scene for 3 years and made thousands from it have actually shut down, their websites no longer exist. DoodsDec 24, Lest you forget BP denied the existence of bots for years.

Boxy bot darkorbit 07/2012 download

Its hard to defend BP in anyway. Second spaceball i’m playing that same guy got me on lock in no time while flying in cloak. Even as player mods, they dont value you actually reporting bad mods or pointing out flaws. Yeah me and a buddy were whipping out the other night so I could get the rest of my rank points to rank up I did Some of the players I thought was weird they got strong in a week ended up darkorbit bot hack bonusbox 2012 locks we got, and what did they do?


They were never gone i think. Not that base would of helped them, I popped 5 people in it: They all get caught. So watch for the signs of these cheap clowns.

People that hack can always find loop holes and windows to plant their code, no matter how secure the data is. Dark Orbit can try as hard as they can, but they can never permanently get rid of botters forever. One thing more When I 1st started playing if I joined a company or got to close to a group the lag was so bad I could not play the game.

Your name or email address: And about the box bots i guess they were never gone either.

Darkorbit Bot Hack Bonusbox Download Free (Video) |

Went straight to box to box to box. Send war to the clan and explain that you are only targeting their one player or however many there are botting. Like everyone says, DO can only rebuild the wall to keep them out. Figure if you don’t wish to talk to me why join up.

box bots back? | DarkOrbit

Its seams to not happen any more but it stopped me from joining a company for a while. Pop them until your out of ammo. Every time i’m online i see them, if i trow emp on them they instant use cloak again. I do not join in on company’s unless they talk to me first in the chat window.


I haven’t really noticed darkorbit bot hack bonusbox 2012 box bot using. But he still has 65 LF-4’s, all 10 drones, all havoc’s drakorbit hurc’s. Darokrbit must log in or sign up to reply here.

I feel they have cheated me and the rest of the legitimate community out of a once awesome game. Then we have those day’s when the bt window does not work. So hhack, I agree, they may be back. I have an acquaintance on this game who used a bot the past 2 years before they where banned.

Even when I’m shooting npc’s. Remember, this is only one player I have mentioned here, I know of many!! Also explains how their going from noobs to hitting 20k more x4 in a darkorbit bot hack bonusbox 2012. They just made way for the pixel bots which are much less efficient and can’t do anything near as much as packet programs could do due to them being pixel based.

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