I’ve used your sprites on my first game, they were very important in the process and I’d be very glad if you could check it out and give me your opinion! Hopefully you can begin to see how important instance variables are for controlling instances independently – they don’t all have to be doing exactly the same thing as each other! I used the because it said to use it but most of the artists don’t use them so I will drop them too. We can then use sub-events to test whether the player is jumping on top or running in from the side. If instead of ‘else’ we said ‘action equal to “left”‘, notice the previous event would have just set it to that.

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Share it now with your friends! But we’ve got the detection set up of whether they jumped on top or ran in to the side. December 17, Add to Cart Buy Now. I love your art Kenny! Construct 2 jungle platformer sprites the way, I think you don’t need to put ” ” infront of tags.

Notice they control themselves individually, since they each have their own individual action consfruct variable holding their current state. The snail also needs platfogmer know which way it is currently moving – either left or right.


Jungle Platformer

How to make a plaform game – Page 7. Log in or register to post comments. We should also test the player is actually above the enemy. Don’t have an account? Adding an enemy Hopefully you’re familiar with the process of adding sprites and animations now.

Make the Player Flash Select the player and add the Flash behavior. These are simply numbers or text stored in each instance of the object.

Jungle Platformer Characters – 2D Characters Sprites – 2D Game Art

Brash Monkey Spriter free version. Y The Y axis increases downwards, so if the player’s Y co-ordinate is lower than the snail’s, they are above it. Tio Aimar joined 4 years 2 months ago.

If instead of ‘else’ we said ‘action equal to “left”‘, notice the previous event would have just set it to that. Adobe Illustrator CS or more To edit the animations: Though it would be platfirmer if the site handled ” 2d” and “2d” as the same tag since there are other people using hash tags instead of tags.

I like your style. In this event, add the action: JWK5 Over 7, assets, completely free to use in your projects.


Please try after clear your browser Cookies cache. Right-click the ‘Is falling’ condition and select ‘Add another condition’. You are one of the most talented graphic maker in Opengameart. Create new account Request new password. Just a heads up I’m going to be using your background constduct for my 2D platformer presentation.

Looking for Jungle Platformer sprites :: Construct 2 Free General Discussions

Hi Tio Aimar and everybody else! Jungle Platformer Characters pack is the best for jumping, side scrolling, action, adventure and all kind of platform 2D mobile and web games. Used your background sprites because it suited our 2D Platformers Style. December 12, So it’d just set it right back again, having no overall effect.

Jungle Platformer Characters

Over the last couple of months I’ve created over 7, assets which are all licensed CC0 public domain. We don’t want the player to control the SnailEnemy – we want to automatically control it. Your assets are great, I use them for personal platforrmer all the time.