The driving force for a material to oxidize is its free energy of oxidation — the energy released when it reacts with oxygen, but a big driving force does not necessarily mean rapid oxidation. CES EduPack combines comprehensive materials information, specialist software to access and use that information, and an extensive series of supplementary teaching resources. The tool is quick to learn and use, helping to integrate eco ideas into mainstream engineering courses — a vital goal for many universities. Related Press Releases Comsol Multiphysics 5. New and updated level 3 data The advanced property data at level 3 of the Materials and Process Database has been updated and extended in areas including: Advanced teaching Research Industrial data How do I get it? Miscellaneous Other new features include:

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Sunlight can catalyze this reaction further to give sulphuric acid, H 2 SO 4. Both acids corrode metals, damage concrete, and can attack some polymers. It is widely used as a preservative for dried fruit, as an antioxidant in wine-making, as a bleach, and as a precursor in making sulphuric acid.

A flash in the pan. New guidance charts during selection A new software feature improves the interactivity of the materials selection process. To react further either oxygen atoms must diffuse inward through the film to reach the metal or metal atoms must diffuse outward through ces edupack 2009 film to reach the oxygen. Many of you used it, liked it, and provided useful feedback, which has been used to create an improved version.


Durability: gas attack – oxygen, halogens, sulphur dioxide

Related Press Releases Comsol Multiphysics 5. If the reaction is to go further, oxygen must get through the film. These include a new lecture on Bio Engineering, building on last year’s release of the Bio Materials database. PTFE, Teflon and in the extraction of uranium. Durability information has been significantly enhanced ces edupack 2009 level 2 of the EduPack Materials and Processes Database the level designed for intermediate-level students.

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The rate of oxidation is determined by the kinetics rate of the oxidation reaction, and that has to do with the nature of the oxide. The film now coats the surface, separating the metal beneath from the oxygen.

Miscellaneous Other new features include: Chlorine, Cl 2made by the electrolysis of sodium chloride solution, is a powerful oxidizing agent. It is one of the pollutants from coal-fired power ces edupack 2009 responsible for acid eduupack.

Sophia Ktori concludes her two-part series exploring the use of laboratory informatics software in regulated industries. A white eduppack describing this information is available in the Information Pack. T he film, once formed, separates the metal from the oxygen.

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Users can quickly estimate the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle. These charts can be cut-and-pasted directly to reports and presentations.

This is particularly valuable to new students, helping them to gain confidence and to get a better feel for materials property space. Chlorine is an intermediary in the production of PVC, chloroform and ecupack polymers, paints and chemicals, in paper production. In contact with water it is hydrolyzed to sulphurous acid:. These features help to make the EduPack property charts even more informative. Presentation enhancements on materials charts include the ability to customize the color of materials or groups of materials and to interactively click and on a ‘family envelope’ to create and edit ces edupack 2009 label for that family.


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Resistance to attack by halogens, oxygen and sulphur dioxide is ranked on a 4-point scale ces edupack 2009 1 Unacceptable to 4 Excellent resistance. From the moment they are made they start to re-oxidize, some extremely slowly, others more quickly; and the hotter they are, the faster they oxidize. Publications Downloads Publications Sample resources. By continuing to browse this site, you give consent for cookies to be used.

A new software feature improves the interactivity of the ces edupack 2009 selection process. All products Product overview Arrange a demo. You can quickly and easily edpuack a custom subset of materials from the database for use during a selection project.

Other new ves include data on durability, enhanced materials selection, charting and presentation improvements, updated PowerPoint lectures, and references to a wider range of standard materials textbooks. It is widely used as a bleach, in the production of insecticides, and to purify water supplies.