There’s so much shitty freeware out there, there has to be some rules in place to limit what ends up on Giant Bomb. I agree, but what if I extend that further: But then again, editors with tens of thousands of points thought it was okay. I think the real subjectivity we should be talking about here is where the real difference between browser games and free desktop games not free-to-play is. Regardless of what the final opinion becomes on this particular game, I have one main question that I’d like a staff member or a moderator to objectively answer:

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Here’s a screenshot of the game, in any case. Snail Follow Forum Posts: Also the game has had a few reviews on other sites though mostly foreign and has a MobyGames entry, so then you arrive at the question of exactly how much coverage is enough? Staff input on this would be great.

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There are a lot of free games, and we cannot have them all in the website. I am adn out the infringement you mentioned so other people don’t have to go looking themselves. Now, he’s not in the database yet but if you really want me to add him I can. Including hentai parodies, if you really want all free games ever made to be in this website.

I’m just wondering if we want to have a shady unofficial release like this on the database, simply because it was available for download instead of being playable on newgrounds. And when you and they meet? I’m not convinced of either side. And as far as blip and blop 2 infringement goes, liken this to SNL when they remix shows, movies and trailer with their own spliced in footage or just dubs.


He should probably be in the database, but I’m still not convinced this game should be. Don’t worry, it is, and always has been, freeware. I don’t think this website should have all freeware ever released.

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I’m not sure what site rule you propose this infringes. Also, even if “most” of the copyright infringing content was re-drawn as opposed to directly “lifted” from other games, that doesn’t necessarily keep it from being copyright infringement.

As for this game, I think that one day the wiki will develop into a platform that can harbor this sort of software into its own niche section and make it easily accessible for those who are andd blip and blop 2 it.

This game doesn’t seem to even have an official release date. And if you have trouble running it, set it to XP compatibility mode. Not that it matters really, this is an obscure, derivative browser game and does not belong in the wiki database.

And I swear that at one point there were rules for games like this.

DELETE: Blip & Blop Balls of Steel; LOADED studio.

Please Log In to post. Also regarding copyright infringement, feast your eyes. Finally, regarding the subjectivity of copyright infringement, I strongly believe that had this gotten any more blip and blop 2 or been blkp paid release it would’ve been “taken to court”. I also don’t think alleged copyright infringement matters.


Games that have been discussed in an editorial capacity Games that have been developed by designers already included in the Giant Bomb database for their work on other, more traditional platforms. LordAndrew Follow Forum Posts: I’m not entirely convinced of either side.

I’d also like someone from the staff to comment on my other thread regarding Linux as a platform or Linux support as a concept but that’s a whole different topic. The thing is that you need to draw a line somewhere. Well, the game has slipped into obscurity along the way, around the time when HotU went belly up. Feeling pretty dumb about this. Games like Liero and Soldat which I previously mentioned have escaped this fate by being continually upgraded along the way, but this game was done and needed no updates and therefore people moved on.

Besides, most of the graphics, with only blip and blop 2 few exceptions, are not lifts from other games but redrawn and all of the soundtrack is original. According to this pagethe rules that I listed above should definitely mark this game for deletion if it was a browser game. The wiki is a database of games, even bad ones.