Rise of Sin Tzu, Batman faces a new enemy unlike any he has ever faced before. The best thing going for it is the very well done graphical style. Mystery of the Batwoman Batman and Harley Quinn. Single-player , cooperative gameplay. Rise of Sin Tzu. Archived from the original on

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Rise of Sin Tzu – Review”.

Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu – Wikipedia

Batman weakens Clayface via electricity, neutralizing him in the process. Arriving at the harbor, Batman hijacks the cargo ship carrying the weapon and takes it to the Batcave, just as Sin Tzu predicted.

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Finding Sin Tzu in a batman rise of sin tzu gba, Batman and the former engage in a lengthy fight. Off faceless foe plunges Gotham City into chaos on the night of the anniversary of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder.

If from the original on 21 June Archived from the original on Archived from the original on 18 May Perhaps the biggest change is the smooth, clear graphics. The hero reminisces on the vows that have to be honored to the living and the dead reminding himself of his parents’ murder having a profound effect on his lifeand the game ends with Batman looking over Gotham City.


This new character, Sin Tzu, was created by comic artist Jim Lee. Electronic Gaming Monthly Rushing over to the sim, Batman sees Gordon affected by the toxin and Scarecrow appears. The story mode, which forms the bulk of the game, can be played either alone or co-operatively, and rewards players for completing levels not only by continuing the story, but also with an upgrades system.

The truth will be revealed In Batman: The gameplay is disappointing, though, and isn’t even much fun in a mindless, rrise sort-of way. Who is responsible for unleashing tise on Gotham City? He taunts the hero, claiming that Batman will soon give in to fear. Batman soundly defeats Bane. Gordon recovers and agrees to keep watch on Batmxn whilst Batman leaves. Archived from the original on batman rise of sin tzu gba February Rise of Sin Tzu for PlayStation 2″.

All this publication’s reviews Read full review. Gordon tells Batman to head to the harbor to disarm the doomsday weapon. Archived from the original on 18 September Hector Elizondo – Bane. Rise of Sin Tzu PS2 “.


Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa – Sin Tzu. Interactive Entertainment and DC Comics. Just as he finishes saving civilians and defeating their captors, both Arkham Asylum and Stonegate Prison experience a massive prison breakout. sih

A novel based on the game with the same name was released around the same time of the games release date. Archived from the original on 14 September Rise of Sin Tzu GC “.