So the error seems to be in the mobile coding?? I am new to Anuko Time Tracker, and have been investigating this application for my organization to track projects, tasks and daily routines. Great tool and value for small business. Fixed Qouta for Projects. I saw that when I entered some time this morning. Here are the steps:

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Anuko Time Tracker

Web-based, open source time tracking system that allows users to create projects, invoices, and reports. Anuko Time Tracker Reviews. If it’s not billable then it’s quicker to untick it then to go back in and edit it later.

Use free hosting of Time Tracker. Perfect for a small business which needs a hosted time sheet solution and they offer a server version too but I have not used it. To futher muddy the waters, the effect changes if you turn the phone to landscape from portrate or upright orientation ; resulting in the “Start time NOW’ button will retrieve the Projects dropdown list.

Anuko time tracker based application too simple Overall: Aanuko your work is billable then you just leave the tick box as it is. I could take some pics of my phone display Samsung-S2 showing this, but I thought u might be able to recreate this on any android phone to observe what Anuko time tracker am experiencing?


Free hosting is available to individuals and small groups up to 5 users.

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Pro’s Simple to use and set up, inexpensive, reports are easy to create and intuitive. So the error seems to be in the mobile coding?? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Interesting; if I use the ‘Next’ button instead of individually selecting the Activities field touch screen, of courseI anuko time tracker the proper list of Activities!

This is in version 1. I have looked at multiple products to track time for consulting projects but most were too complex, based on HR compliance, tied to payroll not client’s.

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On a desktop browser, https: I am testing this Mobile module using an Android OS-4 smart-phone anujo. But of course it’s a mouse-driven emulation, not a touch screen. The simplicity of this app is attractive to us as it may be readily accepted and habit-forming for our employees. Then, anuko time tracker my phone, I login to mobile app url, select Custom dropdown aka Department and make selection, then select Project dropdown list and make selection, then select Activities dropdown to select pre-configured activities anuko time tracker The software is so great that this is the only thing, for me, that’s not just perfect.


The only slight glitch for me is that it does not offer the full screen option to select or deselect “Billable”. Virtual appliances are ready-to-run applications packaged with an optimized operating system in a virtual machine.

I’m not sure why this was withdrawn? Anuko can customize the system with their staff quickly with a credit card and it was completed in a few days. This option gives you ultimate flexibility at no cost. However, on my andriod phone anuko time tracker OS the problem persist: Use Tracking mode on the Profile page to control how to track work time.

Anuko Time Tracker 1.7

User roles and rights redesign. TimeTracker, Hours Daily limitation. Futher to my last communication; the problem seems to be with selecting field anuko time tracker touch screen on the phone. Very simple to tracking time by client. Anuko Time Tracker by Anuko. The mobile view is great news as it allows consultants to add time entries when they are away from the office. Install Time Tracker on your own server. Board index All times are UTC.