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Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day! A post shared by thefoxxyone thefoxxyone on Dec 9, at pm PST. My forever friend. Bayley may seem like a huggable and innocent figure inside of the ring, but when you take the time to watch her, she really does come across as a beautiful individual in every sense of the word.

Thankfully, after this entry, we can all go back to focusing on what really matters where Paige is concerned: her blossoming in-ring career.

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As we all know they had quite a poisonous connection in many ways, with both fans and those close to her desperately pleading with Paige to cut all ties with the former WWE champion. When you see them together they do make a cute couple, although many people feel as if Sasha is way out of his league.

Come to the home of WWE Superstars past and present - see their career highlights, videos, news, photos and much more! has a list of Superstars/divas that legit twitter pages. If they are listed on then they are posers, and there are alot of fake accounts. Asked in WWE World Wrestling Entertainment. Aug 28, † 10 real life WWE couples outside the realm of Total Divas. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella tied the knot after dating for a long time, and that was the biggest talking point of Author: Renjith Ravindran.

As harsh as that sounds, Banks and Ton will be the ones laughing at the end of the day, as they continue to build a life together as a married couple.

From all of us here at TheSportsterkudos, Mikaze.

Wwe superstars and divas dating

Wow Although many fans feel as if she has yet to earn her position on the main roster, nobody can deny that the introduction of Sonya Deville to the Absolution trio has certainly shaken things up on Monday Night Raw.

In regards to her sexuality, Sonya is actually the first openly gay female wrestler in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Happy birthday to my ridiculously handsome, pug daddy, funny, total beast of a man coolhandmma! You can call her the ultimate girl next door or you could call her The Lasskicker, but either way, you need to stand up and appreciate the magnificence of Becky Lynch.

10 real life WWE couples outside the realm of Total Divas

Away from the ring Lynch, who likes to keep a lid on her private life most of the time, is in a relationship with UFC fighter Luke Sanders.

The pro fighter seems to be perfect for Becky, especially given that she tends to use quite a few MMA-like moves in her own arsenal.

So for those of you out there planning a spontaneous proposal at the next house show, you can stop now. Recent evidence has suggested that the two have broken up, with Carmella deleting all of their pictures together off of her social media accounts. If social media is to be believed then she is currently single, which may be the best thing for her as she continues to cement herself as one of the greatest female superstars in the history of professional wrestling. Rumors suggest that the company tried to break them up by separating them in the draft.

Paige went on the defense trashing the WWE for their handling of the situation. This isn't going to end well.

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Hanging out in Springfield with zryder85 universalorlando! Ryder is a loveable underdog that never seems to get a legitimate push that lasts beyond a couple of weeks.

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She is currently on the injured list and scheduled to return soon under the new name of "Emmalina. Ryder and Emma have been an item for over the past year.

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They have been spotted with other wrestling couples such as Cody and Brandi Rhodes at various theme parks on double dates. The brand split is a good thing for opening up new career opportunities for the two talents, but it can hurt them as well, by splitting up a couple that no longer travels together. It is a catch 22, but both Ryder and Emma are likely happy with their situation nonetheless. We have witnessed Banks team with Enzo Amore and Roman Reigns on television, but her tag partner in real life is Mikaze.

Not many know of Mikaze despite his wrestling career on - scene for many years.

Current Superstars Mickie James - Was previously engaged to Kenny Dykstra and had a brief relationship with Adam Birch (Joey Mercury). Kelly Kelly Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella began dating while they were both working for the WWE in On Total Divas & Total Bellas, the couple's relationship has been documented in full. April 11th, was their wedding day and they have a daughter together. Here is a clip from Total Divas where the couple shared their wedding vows with one another.

The couple met on - scene and remained together into the WWE. Banks and Mikaze recently got married, proving they believe they can last together in the wrestling world. Tonight's the night!!!

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Dean Ambrose has progressed into a top face on the SmackDown brand and played a huge role in the brand split as the only World Champion during the draft. The two have been together for a couple of years and Young finally went public with it a couple of months ago.

Young ranted in an interview about some members of the Ambrose fan base sending her rude messages due to her relationship with their favorite wrestler. Ambrose rarely speaks about the relationship, choosing to keep that side of his life on the down low. Renee is a new member of the Total Divas cast and Ambrose will be forced to have his love life out in the open.

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Lesnar met Sable during her second run in the company in and the two hit it off despite the ten year age gap. Brock decided to leave WWE due to his hatred for the travel and Sable joined him a couple of months later.

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The two continued their relationship and eventually got married in Sable and Lesnar have a couple of kids together and have remained married as of this writing. They currently live a secluded life on a farm in Saskatchewan, Canada. Lesnar rarely talks about his personal life and Sable is completely out of the public spotlight.

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They try to keep their relationship as private as possible. Share Tweet Email Comment Share. Related Topics Wrestling.

10 WWE Superstars You Didnít Know Were CRIMINALS

Wiki User Booker T - Is married to Sharmell. I believe Kelly Kelly and Justin Gabriel are dating.

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And of course Jomo and Melina. Ask the wwe superstars or divas.

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They are found under the Superstars tab on the homepage. To view the full list of WWE employees see related link. Jim Johnston writes and sometimes performs many of the theme songs for WWE superstars and divas. The Divas and Superstars do not give out the phone numbers to the public.

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