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While it's fun to reminisce on the Attitude Era and even some of the R-rated cts of it in its portrayal of women, there's no denying the business is better for its increased inclusion of women. When given a chance, the women of the WWE have not only proven they can keep up with the men in the ring, but also in regard to overall popularity. During the Attitude Era, divas were sideshows, but now they're stars of the show and have even main evented pay per views. In fact, it's even commonplace for them to main event Raw or SmackDown Live, whereas it was an incredibly big deal when Lita and Trish Stratus did so nearly 20 years ago. The women of the WWE are not only similar to the men in terms of talent, but also just as diverse in regard to character and willingness to interact with fans. In the true spirit of equality and diversity, there's plenty of pleasant female superstars on the roster, but there's also a few who you likely wouldn't want to ask for an autograph outside of a scheduled signing session.

The life of a professional wrestler is gruelling.

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Wrestlers are often tired, working for almost days a year and hardly get time to spend with their family. However, there have been a few lucky ones that have found their soul mate in the wrestling business. We take a look at the most renowned and prominent WWE couples.

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Jimmy Uso and Naomi tied the knot in January They have been a prominent feature of the reality show Total Divas. Jimmy, along with brother Jey, forms one of the better tag teams in the WWE. They have held tag team gold a couple of times in the company. Naomi, on the other hand, debuted as one-half on the Funkadactyls cheerleading for Brodus Clay.

Also read: The hottest WWE divas of all time. Kidd was the last graduate of the infamous Hart Dungeon. They were married in and their wedding was featured on Total Divas. Also read: 10 WWE kisses that shocked the world.

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Edge and Beth Phoenix are retired profession wrestlers. The two were dating since Despite the vast age difference of 15 years, the WWE couple seems to be happy. It has been a promising start, but that could change when she's champion. You could almost go either way in your assessment of Nikki Bella's character, but we're inclined to believe she's actually surprisingly nice, at least in contrast to the popular perception of her character.

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She plays a great heel on WWE TV and she can come across a bit demanding, childish, and angry on Total Bellas or Total Divas, but keep in mind that's a show that's supposed to be dramatic. It isn't even reality; in fact, it's completely possible that her breakup with John Cena is a work to drive ratings for this season of Total Bellas - the timing is curious, to say the least.

You might think she's a bit of a jerk, but the Bella Army is so big and expansive for a reason. Nikki, despite what you might think of her, is a role model to young girls worldwide and she consistently puts in the time to maintain that image.

The Fearless tag line not only applies to Nikki because she's willing to do whatever it takes in the ring, in the gym, or on the rehab trail, but also because she doesn't filter herself when she speaks, which often leads to some cringeworthy moments on Total Bellas.

She might be a bit ditzy, but she seems genuine in her actions and that's all you can ask for out of a "nice" superstar. WWE fans seem pretty split on Carmella as a champion, but there's no denying her value as a true heel - someone you can easily hate while also respecting their ability on the mic.

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She may not be the best in-ring performer or even one of the top 10 best, but she's doing her job quite well. She's annoying, over-the-top, and has the perfect bratty shriek. Outside of the ring, however, Mella is about more than just money. While she seemed to get her back up in a dramatic moment during the last season finale of Total Divasshe's genuinely liked by the rest of the roster and isn't likely someone you're going to see at the center of backstage drama. While she has no trouble roasting trolls on Twitter - she recently responded to a fan stating he'd be surprised if she held the SmackDown Women's Championship for more than two months by answering she'd be surprised if he maintained a relationship for more than two weeks - she's always pleasant with fans in real life, as evidenced by the lack of negative press surrounding her.

The Princess of Staten Island may be super annoying on the mic, but she's a genuine nice person outside of it.

I could have quit after WWE. I worked my ass off. My house was foreclosed on in My reality show got dropped. I kept working. So, I graduated with honors with a bachelors degree. My husband had a drug addiction.

Aug 28,   10 real life WWE couples outside the realm of Total Divas. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella tied the knot after dating for a long time, and that was the biggest talking point of Total Renjith Ravindran. Complete List of WWE Wrestlers Dating Other WWE Wrestlers | Heavy.c. Wwe superstars and divas dating in real life - Is the number one destination for online dating with more marriages than any other dating or personals site. Rich woman looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps.

So, I fought for my marriage. I got pregnant. So, I started a business. I had a baby I love wrestling.

Feb 21,   In this video we Look at 5 WWE Wrestlers Who Are In A Relationship With Another WWE Wrestler. Topics Discussed in this video. 1. wwe wrestlers married to other wrestlers. 2. real life wives of WWE Author: Wrestlelamia. Michelle McCool wrestled in the WWE from until She is a former 2x WWE Women's Champion and a 2x WWE Divas champion. The Undertaker is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots and has had a legendary career. The couple married on June 26th, in Houston, Texas. If you are a follower of Michelle's Instagram. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella began dating while they were both working for the WWE in On Total Divas & Total Bellas, the couple's relationship has been documented in full. April 11th, was their wedding day and they have a daughter together. Here is a clip from Total Divas where the couple shared their wedding vows with one another.

I love managing. You could almost go either way in regard to Maria Kanellis, but she's not as genuine and nice as you might think.

12 WWE couples who are/were together in real life

Few superstars are immune to having absolutely no bad fan interactions, but there are more than a few who have shared negative memories with Kanellis. While that's completely within her right, the timing was a bit odd given it seemed as though Bennett might receive a bit of a push upon his debut, but he was essentially pushed off TV after Kanellis took her maternity leave.

She had a few poor interactions with fans when the reason for her absence was announced, and it wasn't the first time she used Twitter to criticize others.

Back during the debut of Total Diva s inshe took to the social media platform to slam the Bellas, who she believed were responsible from holding back a potential return for her in WWE. Another fan asked if the Bellas are talented at anything and she replied, "Yes. Can you guess what? A recent Instagram rant once again showed her true colors pertaining to how she feels about the fans.

If you've ever watched Total Divas admit it, you do, and not only because your girlfriend wants to then it's likely you can't help but admire the chemistry between Jimmy Uso and Naomi.

Wwe superstars and divas dating in real life

The couple clearly has the most fun on the show and refuse to take anything too serious. While a lot of the show revolves around orchestrated drama, it's obvious the two lovebirds even have fun pretending to be mad at each other. If her relationship with her husband and its portrayal on Total Divas isn't enough to make you a believer in Naomi's good-natured soul, look no further to the fan reaction from her winning the SmackDown Women's Championship last year.

It's hard to remember a "You deserve it" chant that was as genuine and emotional as the one she received. That's because, not only is she talented, but she has always been willing to go the extra mile in dealing with fans and making herself available at fan events and autograph signings.

She's also one of the few WWE superstars who really doesn't have any backstage beef as she is almost universally revered by all of her fans and peers alike.

10 WWE Divas and Married Wrestlers Who Are Closer Than You Thought in Real Life

Everybody is feeling the glow. Happy NationalSiblingDay to the best brothers a girl could ask for! My biggest supporters and best friends! I love them beyond words.

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It might not be as surprising now that she's a babyface promoting a message of inclusion and anti-bullying, but Nia Jax is another WWE female superstar who comes across as a genuinely nice person in all of her dealings with fans and fellow superstars.

On multiple occasions while filming Total Divasshe has consoled fellow female superstars, including Lana, who almost always comes across as an irredeemable jerk, but that doesn't matter for Jax.

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You might think the bullying storyline between her and Alexa Bliss was managed poorly and it's definitely true that some of her promos have been cringeworthy, but her message is something that has inspired confidence in young people who feel different. She's also very passionate about making a difference:.

1) Tyson Kidd and Natalya Neidhart

You should always stand up for yourself. So I think it's amazing," she said of the storyline during an interview prior to WrestleMania Speaking of Lana. The Ravishing Russian is one of the most beloved female talents on the roster among fans, but it's not for her in-ring ability or good personality.

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She's great on the mic which she doesn't mind reminding people, like Natalya, of on Total Divas and is, as her nickname suggests, quite beautiful. But she is far from the friendliest and most personal female superstar on the roster and her role on Total Divas has helped shine a light on that fact. It's true that the show's drama is often semi-scripted or, at the very least, orchestrated, but it's not hard to tell Lana is in her natural element while on the show.

Being rude and mean comes quite easy for her and she's often at the center of the drama on the show. That she feels superior to Natalya because she can cut a promo speaks volumes to her ego given she's incapable of wrestling an entertaining match if her life depended on it. She is completely full of herself and those type of people aren't often generous with their time, which is likely the reason there's few fan accounts of positive interactions with Lana.

That isn't a recipe for longevity. If we're going to criticize Lana for her interactions with Natalya on Total Divaswe'd be remiss if we ignored the fact that Natalya went a little overboard in their feud, even once throwing Lana's phone over a cliff and onto the beach during a night of heavy drinking.

But hey, who hasn't done regrettable things while drinking? If that excused someone from being a good person, there might not be a single good person on this planet.

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Aside from that moment, which was probably pushed by producers of the show in the first place, Natalya is one of the most respected women in the WWE given her extensive experience and willingness to help others. She doesn't complain at least not too much about her lack of pushes or awful storylines and instead helps other women advance by offering to train them. She could be attempting to further her own career, but instead she volunteers to help the likes of Mandy Rose, Lana, and, of course, Ronda Rousey, who wrote a touching tribute to Natalya on Instagram thanking her for all her help in training.

The Queen of Hearts also has a devoted fan base of young women thanks to countless positive interactions.

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