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I was talking to a group of my girlfriends the other day and the topic of dating came up. These women were deleting their dating apps because they were tired. Curious to find out if anyone else had hit a wall in their online search for love, I polled a selection of singles who were actively dating and learned that all of them had deleted their dating apps recently, and most commonly, have deleted and reactivated their apps over and over again. The reason for deleting their dating apps all seemed to boil down to either time consuming, frustrating, or boring. I usually delete Tinder because I get no messages or matches.

We get it, and we come bearing comedic relief.

Every time a dude starts a conversation with me on a dating app and then stops answering mid conversation I grow stronger and more powerful. Friend: How was your date last night? Me: great, I totally got lucky Friend: Oh yeah?

How about a dating app that tells us how long you celebrate your birthday for? Gonna pass. My dating app just suggested I switch to the "find friends" setting.

Not sure what it's trying to say, but, fair. Someone on tinder just unmatched me mid-conversation because I said I liked ketchup so yes it's going great. Every time I go to the restaurant where I've brought so many bad dates, the waitresses ask me about my dating and if I'm talking to any of the guys still.

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They also loop in the new staff to the stories Just normal stuff. Before online dating, joining a kickball league was the original sad way to meet new people. My taste in men is so bad, the walk of shame for me is when I'm on my way to a date.

Is there nobody for me out there? I believe I am a good person. I know I am honest. I know that I have a good heart and I was raised to be a good woman. As much as possible, I keep away from hurting other people, even to the extent of sacrificing how I feel just so I could spare them from possible hurt feelings. I may not the best, but I am also far from being worst.

Sick and tired of online dating

Here I am, still alone, only wanted when friends need something from me. I do not feel like I am remembered or regarded by them, the way I do for them. How I wish I would have someone who would see me in a different waysomeone special. But then I realized that if I wallow in that feeling of longing to belong to someone, I might end up losing even my own self.

So I decided not to depend my happiness on others, I told myself that I have to be happy even when I am alone and love myself even more so that when someone comes along, I can share love freely because I have loved myself enough.

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And being alone is my reality so I should face it and live through it everyday with a smile. Just trust Him. Massive ego boost for women? No way. Unfortunately, I think any sensitive person m or f who is looking for something real is going to have a hard time with online dating.

For me, I have started tracing this back to patterns with my mom. So lots of emotional ups and downs. All the time. So in some way, I think I have started equating emotional waves and tumultuousness with connection, love and passion. I think I just want the connection again. Smurfette, when it comes to other people, I will speak my mind if something is bothering me.

I know that I can share love with the people closet to me. My kids, family, and friends know that I love them. I do know that they get a lot of messages and some must get a swelled head from all the attention.

Also, I understand that a lot of women get crude sexual proposals for men on those sites, and scumbags like that help ruin it for guys who want to try to build a meaningful relationship. Is that why you went off after such a short time or did you just not want to be there?

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Yesterday, I said that women complained about not wanting cheaters, liars, creeps ,and addicts. I use to have a friend like that. He would put his profile up, be interested in a woman, get her to sleep with him, find something wrong with her, and then be so aloof with her that she finally gave up on him.

When I knew him, he did this over and over for years.

I use to be hopeful about what could happen with someone. I was hopeful when I found success with the women I dated in summer and early fall.

By Alexandra Eitel, LP. Online dating is the norm these days, as it promises nearly endless choices, computer assisted matching, and seamless email contacts. Despite all this, it has not solved. Dec 17,   Home>Forums>Relationships>Done with online dating. Tired of non-stop rejection New Reply This topic contains 36 replies, has 12 voices, and was last ated by Anonymous 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total) 1 2 3 > Author Posts December 15, at pm # Anonymous After roughly two and a half months since a woman I was seeing broke it . Yes, I deleted all of my apps today after just 6 months of online dating. I feel like I couldn't be the real me for fear of being unmatched or ghosted. I tired of trying to being fun and interesting for strange men who most likely are looking for meaningless hookups instead of a true connections.

Maybe shift the focus a bit? Instead of looking for a connection, just meet people and see if something develops organically. I can understand your frustration because every man have been rejected by a woman at some stage in our lives.

Dating feels like it's dying. It sometimes feel like dating is dead and buried. You meet a cute guy at the supermarket or online and get chatting. Instead of wanting to go on a date, he's asking you to go to his place or sending you penis pictures. Booty calls have killed the offer to buy dinner. RIP, dating. We're going to miss you. 28 Tweets For People Who Are Sick And Tired Of Online Dating Before online dating, joining a kickball league was the original sad way to meet new people. - mark normand (@marknorm) June 5, My taste in men is so bad, the walk of shame for me is when I'm on my way to a date. Apr 26,   It's rare to hear someone who doesn't do online dating ever complain about dating. "Uggh, I'm so tired of living my authentic life and being pleasantly surprised by people hitting on me Author: Madison Vanderberg.

The truth is, dating is different for men and women in that women are likely to get more attention especially on the Internet but they have their own set of challenges to deal with as well.

Or the last time someone lied to you purely to get you in bed and make you feel used the next day? Or becoming pregnant because of a one night stand? Sure rejections sting but they are nothing compare to problems women face when they are romantically involved with someone. I also agree with Anne, in that instead of looking for a relationship, just meet people and let things develop organically. Dating is supposed to be fun and it puts a lot of pressure on the relationship and yourself if you are always looking for an outcome.

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The first time was fun. The women I dated and I had a good time together, and I just wanted to get to know them better. I never went in with a plan.

When I messaged women recently, I was general and said something about their profile. I never once said anything about having a connection and I know that you need time to see if anything happens. Yue, you mentioned a lot of situations that women face in the dating world. They are foreign to me and I think that lowlifes do stuff like that. I have never done anything that you mentioned to any woman. They have to want to be with me because we like each other enough. Just to let you know, the last woman I met with before this big drought happened was very sexually aggressive.

I would have still been dating that woman, if things worked out. This another woman, I met once for a few hours, and she was a little obsessive. Yue, I just wanted you to know one more thing. I know exactly what it is like to be used by someone and lied to constantly. For at least a year, I was the only person making sure that my kids got to all their doctors appointments, lessons, and activities. I made sure my home was taken care of, the bills were paid, groceries were bought, and we had a enough money coming in.

I had to do this because the lowlife I married was too busy and preoccupied with having an affair to care about what we had for 19 years. I felt used for a long time after that because all I was good for was the work and the money.

Darn those creatures. It happens to a lot of us. But it must have been terrible, so you deserve credit for making it through. Remember though, not all women are the same. Just like not all guys are disloyal pricks on steroids as many women complain.

'Thank U, Next': Are dating apps messing with our heads? (Like Minds Series 2 Ep 2) BBC Stories

You need to remember how a dating site works. And some girls love the attention. They need it to fill the emptiness inside their soul. I had similar problems for a long time on a dating site. I went on a lot of dates last year. And a few this year.

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Some girls I messaged blanked me too. Maybe an 8 out of Things did work out for me, but I had to be patient and was very close to giving up.

9 Reasons I Am Absolutely Done With Modern Dating

A lot of girls are vain. I mean, everyone is shallow to a degree. If I ever got messaged first, it was from well, dogs, frankly. The hot girls get a lot of messages though. Friends I hung out with at work at the time - girls - would sometimes get 50 messages a day.

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Albeit, that was when they were new to the site Plenty of Fish. They probably have the option to pick and choose and some will choose abs over personality.

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And then complain in 3 months when their man cheats on them in a club. To cut this short, you win some and lose some. You have to be prepared to accept being messed around.

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Nobody got time for that! There were several reasons I hopped off after such a short time. I never got any really nasty messages, but definitely some where I could tell the guy was just throwing out lines at everyone.

I need some time on my own to feel really ok with being alone. I think in the past I put everything into relationships and then get terrified that they will end, so I end up smothering and killing it. I think the last thing you should do is give up hope, Steve. And there are a lot of good ones.

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You just have to have faith that the love you have is meant to be shared with someone who deserves it. I like being a part of a couple too. I can tell you from my short time on the site, I could spot the guys who were jaded and bitter, and I wanted nothing to do with them. I was looking for someone happy in his own life. You can do this for FREE by picking stuff up from the library.

Besides your two sons and finding a special someone, do you have any other passion that you can immerse yourself into?

You are most attractive when you are happy being just you, and enjoying life and your own passions besides spending time with another.

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