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By Jaclyn Hendricks. During the season finale, things take a turn for the unexpected when the two kiss on her front porch after an intimate conversation. Or so we think. Unfortunately for Damon, his dream-come-true is actually a nightmare in disguise - in the form of his supposedly dead ex, Katherine also played by Nina Dobrev , in fact. With his final moments looming, Elena curls up to the dying Damon and kisses him gently. He survives, thanks to an impeccably timed appearance by Katherine, who arrives with a cure to save his life.

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The Made in Chelsea heart-throb struggled to make a decision after meeting a second girl. After previous series and reams of clients coming through the doors, Eden and Nadia probably think they have seen it all. Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson was frustrated by his problem of fancying two girls at the same time. He got on well with Emilia to start off, then found himself enjoying the company of Tamira at the masked ball. So when he visited Eden and Nadia, they were unimpressed by his predicament and wanted him to be honest and open up to the girls. He mimed: "In your dreams! The gurus tried to explain about bigamy which is not a rapper, according to Eden and said they looked forward to his double wedding.

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